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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Nike | Find Your Fast

posted by on 02/07/2015

Using brand ambassadors and an ad campaign getting consumers involved, Nike is talking all things fast. Nike is urging the Nike+ community to focus on a summer of speed, as they invite everyone to get on board with Nike Run Club to up your speed and prepare to run your fastest mile on August 30th. You can take part in a Find Your Fast challenge to train through the apps, products and live experiences this summer. To go alongside the campaign is a spot that launched today with a star-studded lineup. It feels fast, and involves some of the fastest Nike ambassadors in their respective sports. Check the ad after the cut and see how you can get involved with it all. Also, watch closely for a cameo appearance from a famous magician

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The Relentless Pursuit | Yoji Tokuyoshi

posted by on 25/06/2015

This is the type of content we love to see brands produce. It’s beautifully made, has real substance and doesn’t force a product down your throat. Not only is Yoji Tokuyoshi’s story of moving from Japan to Italy and developing into a master of his craft captivating, it is also very similar to the story of Red Wing Heritage and it’s development. It’s easy to see why they chose to tell it, his passion for quality and hard work is a true reflection of the brands personal ethos. We produced a feature on the brand a couple of months ago, so you already know we’re big fans! Check out the video after the cut.

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Chaz Bundick (Toro y Moi) | Sketch to Screen

posted by on 23/06/2015

There’s not much Chaz Bundick can’t do. An inspiration to many out there, the singer (better known as Toro y Moi), producer, illustrator, designer and entrepreneur is just too-cool-for-school. This time around, he collaborates with LA-based platform Yours Truly to create this awesome little short film about how his graphics and illustration meets with his music. His quirkiness shines through, as he showcases his cool sketches and prints them on to t-shirts. I mean, if anything, it’s inspired me to do the same and avoid the bullsh*t prices we have to put up with from brands these days. But hey, that’s another conversation to be had. In the meantime, check this great little video after the cut and wish how you were Chaz’s friend.

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See What Others Do Not – #WingIt for the Weekend

posted by on 21/06/2015

Don’t go to the Louvre, forget the Champs-Élysées and definitely ignore the Eiffel Tower. Ok, I’m exaggerating, however there’s definitely far more to this stunning city than these iconic landmarks. They’re staggered with history and beauty, and they’re most certainly worth a visit but don’t let them consume all your time, the rest of Paris is just as wonderful and seeing it will go hand in hand with your new flair for being more spontaneous. More after the cut.

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Be More Spontaneous – #WingIt for the Weekend

posted by on 21/06/2015

I’m going to order my meal in another language; I’m going to eat something I’ve never eaten before; I’m going to pick something from the menu that I can’t read or translate; I’m going to point to something someone else is eating and say I want that! Or here’s a game someone told me about recently, one person picks an area in a city, the other picks a street, when you arrive you have to find somewhere to eat on that street. Less decisions to make and a little spontaneity added to lunch. Following yesterdays post on How To Travel Last Minute are some little tricks for being spontaneous while you travel. More after the cut.

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How to Travel Last Minute – #WingIt For the Weekend

posted by on 20/06/2015

A good traveller has no fixed plans, he is not intent on arriving.” For me, travelling with as little planned as possible is the most fulfilling and exciting way to travel. Living for a weekend, a few weeks or a year and never knowing what’s around the next corner is an adventure that can’t be replicated. Serendipitous pit stops span the potentially endless journey, with unlimited opportunities to meet the nicest, wackiest and most interesting people, lifetime friends are guaranteed, fleeting romances are likely. And despite preconceptions, it’s easy! So when and Time Out challenged us to wing it this weekend, I jumped at their offer. The story so far and travel tips after the cut.

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i-D Magazine x Microsoft | “A Beautiful Collaboration”

posted by on 15/06/2015

i-D magazine’s latest effort sees them pay homage to decades of subcultures. As this year sees i-D Magazine celebrate 30 years of beauty, they collaborate with Microsoft on the “Beautiful Collaborations” project. A visual journey that explores subcultures and how they’ve changed and evolved over the decades gone by. You saw all the action on set, now feast your eyes on the end product and how i-D and Microsoft have married of beauty, craft and technology. Watch after the cut

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Nike x Jordan | Quai 54 World Streetball Championship

posted by on 12/06/2015

Basketball is a global sport. Long gone are the days of the sport having a sole presence in the US. Not only are there a growing number of international players in the NBA, but there are also plenty of global basketball events. If you know anything about basketball, you should be familiar with Quai 54 – a streetball tournament held in Paris where players from all around the world come to win. Today marks the start of the 3-day tournament situated in the picturesque Place de la Concorde, right in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower. I’ll be there to shoot the event and hopefully play a little too! So keep an eye out on our social channels and for a full feature soon. To celebrate this years event, along with the 30th birthday of Jordan brand, Nike and Jordan have released some Europe exclusive kicks. Can’t say I’m a fan of any of them to be honest, but they may tickle the fancy of some people. Check out more on Q54 after the cut, and some info on these new drops.

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Open Air | Rare Images of Michael Jordan

posted by on 11/06/2015

Jordan brand turns 30. A hugely successful basketball apparel brand, the clothing was designed, owned and produced for Michael Jordan – arguably one of the greatest sportsman to ever live. In celebration of this, and my love for the sport in general, we’re going to be all basketball these next two days. To kick us off, I’m sharing an awesome collection of images I came across recently on The Players’ Tribune (a fantastic sports blog written by those involved the most – players, coaches, everything). The images are on display in Chicago, and were taken by photographer Walter Iooss Jr. Walter says it was impossible to take a bad picture of Michael Jordan, and these images are a gift to the city of Chicago, much like Michael was all them years ago. Click through to see some of these stunning shots.

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Writing Essay Love

posted by on 08/06/2015

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