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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Happy Birthday Tara

posted by on 14/11/2012

On behalf of the whole family I would like to wish our Y&Y sis Tara a very Happy Birthday. She is one year closer to being placed in a home but until that day comes I think she has a lot of living to do. Especially tonight/this weekend. Got out get smashed and then try to figure what happened the day after, you officially have the weekend off from Y&Y duties lol. For real though what ever you do decide to do we hope you have a great time and enjoy it to the fullest. Luv ya xx

#CrackTheCase | The Heineken Experience

posted by on 28/10/2012

Last week we were invited to take part in Heineken’s Crack the Case experience, as part of their huge campaign in support of the new 007 film Skyfall. The experience included 007-esque secret agent challenges, a bespoke suit fitting by Roberto Revilla, a helicopter ride (which was postponed) and of course a pre-screening of the film. Read about the experience along with visuals after the break. Just so you know, this one’s lengthy!

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Cool Runnings | Nike Run To The Beat Training

posted by on 16/10/2012

Nike Training Run-A-0459

Just under two weeks from Nike Run To The Beat (which I’ll be running with Derek & Candice), and five days away from my race in Amsterdam’s half-marathon, training has gotten real. I’ve been running for a while now, long enough that I should in theory – feel like a ‘real’ runner. However, I’ve constantly had that feeling of someone who is sort of…faking it. Read on to find out how last week I attempted to defy that feeling with my first consistent 10 miler since training has started and a 6 miler around EC London with Nike Running Club.

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The Workout – Virgin Active | #BeYourPersonalBest

posted by on 29/09/2012

Well well well, here I am posting about another self-improvement scheme that I’ve registered up for. The last one, the British 10k didn’t workout due to illness, lack of time and excuses. To see a vision through, you need to make sacrifices and that I wasn’t willing to do so with the 10k so that was just a daydream. Why? I placed the site, spending time with family/other half and photography above training. That’s where my passion lies. Fitness? Nah, never enjoyed it. So when someone from Virgin Active hit me up about stepping up to train for an indoor triathlon challenge….continues after the cut.

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Y&Y Run Jamaica | Reggae Marathon 2012 Preview

posted by on 25/09/2012

Negril Reggae Marathon

For a while I’ve been documenting my running journey on the site. Still something very new and somewhat alien to me, the challenge of learning to run and the determination of persisting with the form has been seminal for me in the past year, as it’s informed an attitude change in other areas of my life too. Last December, I celebrated my first ‘steps’ towards being a ‘runner’ by visiting Jamaica, the land of my heritage and running 10K in the Reggae Marathon. Easily my best race experience thus far, the only thing I did wrong was not write about it. This time I’m not making that mistake; I’m taking on 13.1 miles (the half-marathon) at Reggae Marathon 2012 this December and I’m keeping the Y&Y readers very much in the know as I run Jamaica! That’s right, I’m taking Y&Y’s running crew Cool Runnings international…

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Y&Y 30 Seconds – Annabel

posted by on 03/09/2012

Happy Monday everyone! time to introduce Y&Y’s real Japanese (Ninja Derek doesn’t count) family member, Annabel. She’s the only member of that doesn’t like religiously enjoy Hip-Hop, shocking right? We’re all about diversity and she certainly brings that to the team with her eclectic tastes in women’s fashion, architecture and design. She’s just about to start an internship at a popular architecture and design magazine, wish her luck! Find out more about what inspires her about London after the cut.

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Y&Y 30 Seconds | Derek

posted by on 30/08/2012

What can I say about young Derek-san? He’s the first black Japanese dude I’ve ever come across. The first time I met him, we spoke for about 4 hours about all things Japan, fashion, style, photography, art – basically everything Y&Y stands for and that’s how I knew he’d fit right into the family. In the past few months, he’s travelled from fashion week to NYC to Japan and more, an inspiring journey of self-discovery that many would envy. Hop on after the cut for 30 seconds; find out what about London inspires him and more.

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Cool Runnings pt 2: Nike Run To The Beat

posted by on 22/08/2012


We’re at it again. Seems like the Nike British 10K wasn’t enough for us; Candice, Derek and I are taking on more than double the distance with Nike’s Run To The Beat music half-marathon on October 28th. With Candice running a full marathon just a week before in Amsterdam, and me doing the Amsterdam half-marathon at the same time, and Derek running his first ever half-mara, it will be a massive challenge for us all.

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Happy Birthday Yin

posted by on 30/07/2012

I would personally and on behalf of the whole Y&Y family like shout out a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dawg Yin. Honestly he is one of the most tangible inspiring individuals in my life right now (if that even made sense). Keep on doing you my brother! Have a great day and even though it may be your birthday I would kindly like to remind you while you are on your holiday, bring me something back muthaf*cker :). P.S I won’t disclose your age because I don’t want to ruin the illusion of youth you have going on right now #ZimmerFrame.

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posted by on 25/07/2012

I wrote this post whilst 30,000 feet in the air, stewardess complimenting me on my green eyes, if I could – I’ll stop there as my other half is sat next to me haha. Kendrick is my soundtrack for this part of my escape, en-route to LA via Houston (10 hours + a further 3 hours) – what a journey but I’m glad to get away and take a break from the system. Unlike YiNYC, this trip won’t be documented in a similar way as it’s more of a holiday and a getaway from my usual lifestyle. So no Y&Y all day/everyday for the next 21 days as I tour the west coast of America. See you guys soon. Don’t worry I’ll still be posting photographs when I can…

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