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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Twitter #Music

posted by on 24/04/2013

Twitter #Music is a new music recommendation & sharing service brought to the masses by the forces behind the music loved social media app Twitter. Provided in the forms of an app and  website the app is designed to help users discover new music. The service scans Twitter conversations and detects talked-about tracks, organising them into four navigation tabs – Popular, Emerging, Suggested and #NowPlaying. In addition to those four categories there is also a ‘Me’ section which displays artists that you follow. The #Music’s charts are created from daily Twitter activity emphasising the idea that ideas need to tweet to be heard however unfortunately only verified artists can be heard as the app doesn’t allow users to listen to music by those who are unverified. More on the reverse.

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Yahoo! Weather iOS app

posted by on 23/04/2013

Yahoo! Who even uses the search engine anymore? I’ve got an account just to use Flickr, which is still the best gallery space for photographers. Marissa Mayer‘s company have been under going a complete shift since she took over as CEO in September 2012. As you already know, Apple’s native weather app is quite restrictive and doesn’t give you much apart from the temperature. iPhones have been using Yahoo‘s data for their weather, stocks and Siri data for the a while and now they’ve decided to release this beautiful app for the world weather buffs. It’s possibly the most elegant app I’ve seen in a while, wonderful UI that utilises crowd-sourced Flickr imagery for the backgrounds combined with wonderful typography and weather pictograms. It’s already made it to the first screen of my iPhone – screenshots after the cut.

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Nike – PHOTOiD

posted by on 18/04/2013

Boom. This is swish, Nike who were named most innovative company of 2013 by FastCo unveiled their latest creation, PHOTOiD. An evolved version of their 2009 version which now utilises the Instagram API. It allows users to create a unique iD colour way of the Nike Air Max silhouettes by simply picking a photograph from their profile. It’s simple process with a straight forward user experience, try it out after the cut. Be warned – it’s slightly addictive.

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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H3 & H6 Headphones

posted by on 11/04/2013

Stylish headphones have become all the rage in recent months, I feel like the trend really started to boom following the rise to prominence of Beats by Dre. I may be wrong with my feeling but I have personally noticed many brands introducing or placing focus on their own headphones in a bid to steal market share from Beats. Bang & Olufsen are the latest brand to bring attention to their headphone offering.

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Canon To Release New DSLR’s

posted by on 26/03/2013

Photography fanatics will like the news that Canon will introduce two new DSLR’s onto the market next month with one claiming to be the worlds smallest and lightest DSLR ever. The new offerings are set to join and expand their well established EOS range, please welcome the new Canon EOS 100D + the new Canon EOS 700D. Read on for more details.

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Google Keep

posted by on 25/03/2013

Make note and lose them? make notes and don’t read them? Yep that’s me. Google Keep is here to save us all, it’s a brand new application, which is set to replace Google Reader, aimed housing all notes and lists a person chooses to make. Whats is even greater is that the app will transcribe recorded voice notes, thats a bonus for all us lazy people out there. Peep the short video explaining Google Keep and it’s functions after the cut.

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WWF Together iPad App

posted by on 16/01/2013

WWF Together iPad App

Just beautiful. I’m a big fan of clean interface design and when it’s done properly it’ll smooth as effortlessly as this. WWF‘s latest app for the iPad is flawless, the typography, minimalist design and transitions are wonderful. It’s certainly the best bit of UI design that I’ve seen so far in 2013 – the interactive experience brings you closer to the stories of endangered animals such as elephants, whales, rhinos, tigers and other species. You’ll be able to discover their lives and the unique work of the World  in a new engaging way that you’ve never seen before. More on the flipside.

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posted by on 13/01/2013

Headspace App Meditation

Here at Yin&Yang we’re big fans of London. You know that already. But that isn’t without saying that we can’t empathize with the stress London can sometimes bring. Everyone knows that feeling when you’re in a rush and you need to get somewhere fast and yet, when you arrive at the tube you don’t actually get on the tube until you’ve elbowed and ducked your way to the front of the crowd having already watched three trains come and go. The city can be tiring. It was on an evening after a day similar to this that I decided to give the Headspace app a try. I’m not big on meditation and I’ve often thought of it as something my small amount of patience can’t quite handle but actually, my experience with this nice little app was surprisingly good. Skip forward to read the break down.

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Fuel Challenge | FuelStory: Yang

posted by on 08/01/2013

fuelband 5

I’m a newbie to these Nike Fuel bands, but doing the Nike Fuel Challenge has encouraged me to make a few small changes throughout my day and I do not mean waving my arms about at every opportunity!! My activity over the last few days has been quite varied; between working, going to the gym, chilling at home and Azonto’ing on Friday night; I would say the latter raked in the most points. Read more after the break.

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The Memoto Lifelogging Camera

posted by on 07/01/2013


Life is fully of memories. Memories that we think of from the past or memories that we are currently in the process of making never the less memories play a huge part in our lives. The trouble is that we create so many memories or have so many interactions throughout the day let alone the years that we can often forget about things. For a forgetful person like myself (think Dory from Finding Nemo) the Memoto Camera is a great way to capture memories on a daily basis taking away the need for me not to have a memory of a bloody fish.

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