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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]


posted by on 09/04/2014

Everything seems to be getting easier and quicker in the world of technology, so it comes as no surprise that Amazon’s latest gadgetry introduction aims to make the shopping experience easy and quick. Amazon Dash lets you order whatever you want from anywhere in the home simply by allowing to scan an items barcode or alternatively requesting an item by voice. All orders processed should arrive the next day following payment via the Amazon site or app. Unfortunately Amazon Dash is only compatible with AmazonFresh which is only available for people in Southern California, San Francisco, and Seattle. The idea is good and should it work for the residents of those cities then I presume Amazon will roll out AmazonFresh to more territories. Peep the short video explaining how Amazon Dash works when you read on.

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Google Reveal Android Wear OS

posted by on 19/03/2014

Everybody and their grandmother in the tech world is jumping on the wearable technology hype. Most of what we have seen from that corner of the market has been the introduction and endless speculation about Smart Watches. Samsung have already released their Smart Watch to the world as have some other brands but the one many are looking forward to is the inevitable release of Apple‘s currently mythical variation dubbed ‘iWatch’. With talk suggesting that the iWatch is set to be revolutionary Google, not to be outdone, may have pipped Apple to the post with the unveiling of their new operation system specifically designed for Smart Watches and other possible wearable technologies called Android Wear. Peep the short video they have release showcasing what Android Wear can do.

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Making a Sigma Lens

posted by on 19/02/2014

An art? A Science? A magnificent feat of engineering? Check, check, check. We rarely stop to think what goes into objects we may use everyday. We take for granted the attention to detail, precision and extensive work that is put into, what we now consider, essential items. This is the result of such a fast paced modern existence, however Sigma have created an enchanting short film that briefly slows everything down with some soothing music and documents the fidelity of building a Sigma lens. Check out the video and you’ll definitely think twice before throwing your lenses around in the future!

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Eye Piece

posted by on 17/02/2014

Mind. Blown. I do not know enough about computer-generated imagery to fully understand how this was made or where it could be applied. Nonetheless, this is stunning, is this the future of gaming and film graphics? How much more realistic can we get? So many questions! Check out Chris Jones‘ video in the post.

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Brendan Dawes – Kennedy App

posted by on 05/01/2014

Good timing with the start of the year. The Kennedy app allows you to capture the now in a new way without having a dear diary type note. I tried Day One app for a while and it did the trick for about 6 months till I lost interest – why? Obviously in this always connected world, my brain just couldn’t handle inputting one line a day. That’s where I think Kennedy comes into play – with one-tap it’ll will capture your location, the date and time, the current weather conditions, the latest world news headlines together with what music you’re listening to at the time. You can also add a note or a photo and then save it to the archive of captured moments. If you’re like me and easily forget what you did last week, heck yesterday then this may be the app for you.

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Alexander Wang x Beats By Dr. Dre

posted by on 07/12/2013

Alexander Wang has partnered up with Beats By Dr Dre to produce a limited edition collection. The collection will see the new Beats Studio Headphones, the Beats Pill and the Urbeats Earbuds given the signature Alexander Wang touch. His familiar pale gold accents will be brought to life against the matte black housing. I can safely safe that I think that these are the sexiest Beats i’ve seen on the market to date. Christmas is around the corner so if anyone wants to get me a gift then these new Alexander Wang Studio Beats will be the perfect gift. Thank you in advance. The collection will be available to the general public starting December 16 at and Red on to see a pic of the full collection.

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Turtle Beach iSeries Headphones

posted by on 02/12/2013

Much to most gamers’  and Apple fiends delight, Turtle Beach have launched their latest line of headphones, the iSeries featuring the i30 and i60. The wireless high quality headphones which have been engineered to compliment Apple products, come in a glossy white, red, silver and black colourway. With powerful noise cancelling , ultra clear 6-channel surround sound and priced at £250/£350 respectively, these Turtle Beaches are probably better than your beats…More after the break.

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Pencil by FiftyThree | iPad Stylus

posted by on 22/11/2013

Pencil. Yes! FiftyThree are always innovating their market and it’s one that has been yearning for a product like this. I’ve actually been on the hunt for a quality stylus for the past few weeks, none stood out for me even though I was recommended many by various different artists. In terms of design, Pencil is a cut above the rest with it’s carpenter’s inspired design. Each Pencil is milled from a single, solid piece of sustainable wood. More on the reverse.

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BBC Announce Changes

posted by on 10/10/2013

New BBC Director General Tony Hall has announced plans to introduce a new BBC One + 1 channel and changes to the BBC iPlayer service. The announced changes included a revamped, personalised iPlayer, offering a 30-day catch-up period, in addition the service will also allow users to watch shows before they are broadcast. A new initiative dubbed the BBC Store will be launched, offering people in the UK the chance to buy BBC shows to watch and keep along with the new BBC Playlister. The playlister will allow audiences to tag any piece of music they hear on the BBC and listen to it later, via streaming services like Spotify, YouTube and Deezer.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Viral Ads

posted by on 08/10/2013

“After all these years, it’s finally here” says Samsung as they tease their impending release of the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch by unveiling a couple of cleverly conceptualised viral videos. Taking us through the a-z of sci-fi films ‘Evolution and ‘Long Time Coming’ were quite clearly designed to arouse nostalgia; it features early incarnations of the infamous smartwatch from the likes of Power Rangers, The Jetsons and Knight Rider. I like the ad but I’m not fussed about the watch as its very impractical, do you really need a watch with all those extra “features”? I mean, all the while clutching an iPhone, iPad and Macbook?! #Longforman  I definitely begged for a Power Rangers watch when I was kid though…. And on that note, ads after the break.

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