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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Skullcandy x Roc-Nation Aviator Headphones

posted by on 12/06/2010

No this is not going to be a post containing mouth-watering semi-naked photos of Rita Ora but of the headphones she’s wearing. Skullcandy strikes an aural coup and a unique partnership with Jay-Z‘s label Roc Nation, advancing the headphones audio experience. Personally I won’t be buying these headphones, I have Dr.Dre Studio Beats and I’m pretty sure they beat these on audio performance. My bank account is still recovering from them but if I had to go for something cheaper, they’d be Skull Candy. More info and photos after the cut.

iPhone 4 – so what's new?

posted by on 08/06/2010

Mayn, I’m tired as hell. Just got in from Wired at Shoreditch House but I felt the need to post up info on the new iPhone. I’ve owned a blackberry for about 6 months now and I can honestly say it’s an average phone if it wasn’t for BBM. iPhone is slick, stylish, has a lot more applications and is manufactured by my favourite company, Apple. Everything they create is DOPE, all their products have got great form and function. View photos and information on this latest offering after the cut.

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My Macbook Pro x Ghetto Snow White Decal

posted by on 28/04/2010

I think it was a few months ago when I was reading up on tech news on Gizmodo when I came across a post on this ill selection of decals for your Macbook/Macbook Pro. At that time it was only available on one site and it sold out straight away. Luckily a few months later they became available on Ebay. It took a whole damn month or so to arrive in the damn post though, worth the wait. My Macbook Pro is now guarded by a ghetto Snow White, she’s a bad bitch. More photos after the cut.

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Usain Bolt Gold iPod

posted by on 21/04/2010

If you’re a sports fiend like me and love Usain Bolt now you can sport him everywhere you go while jamming out on our iPod. Usain Bolt and Gold Genie have teamed up to make the  Usain Bolt Gold iPod Touch. The limited edition Usain Bolt Gold iPod  is embellished in 24ct. Gold and was made to note the 100m and 200m Olympic Gold medalists achievements in Track and Field. The 24ct. hardened gold each iPod Touch is covered with a complete  LIFETIME WARRANTY against scratching or fading. Only 500 pieces were made. View more images and info on how to purchase after the cut.

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New 4th Generation iPhone Revealed

posted by on 19/04/2010

Ok so as you may have noticed the girls have been the only one’s posting these past few days and we have a good excuse -  a 2500 word essay due tomorrow. Back to the post, Gizmodo managed to get their hands on the newest iPhone which is set to drop in June. The obvious physical change is the curvy backplate is no longer curvy, it’s flat. The design at first glance reminds me of my Macbook Pro’s side panel and I kinda dig it. More technical details and photos after the cut.

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Lee Won-Jun: Jewellery Like MP3 Player Concept

posted by on 18/04/2010

Who knew you could look stylish while listening to music. Designer Lee Won-Jun obviously thinks so. Now there’s not a lot of mp3 players out there that are subtle and discreet. The mp3 player comes with the cutest little loop earring that goes into the ear as headphones. To be quite honestly I would probably wear the little piece alone. It’s just so cute. Unfortunately it’s not commercialized yet. Someone really needs to pick up this invention. It’s way too cool not to be picked up. Cartier? Tiffany? Where are you guys? View more images after the cut.

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Crooks & Castles AK-47 Bullet Shaped USBs

posted by on 15/04/2010

These are dope. Guns are not cool but bullets are (duh!), imagine carrying your university work in one.  Well that’s exactly what you can do with one of these. I’ll have to pass on purchasing one seeing as that I’ve manage to lose 3 USB sticks in the past 6 months. FML. These 2GB USB flash drives are now available from the Crooks & Castles online shop. Reload!

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iPhone App "Stalking At The Touch Of A Screen"

posted by on 15/04/2010

As if these celebs do not get hounded enough as it is by the public but you can now track their locations too! A clever iPhone app has been designed by the paps’ themselves to update the user on celebrities location in London . The app is updated on a regular basis with information on where all the best places to wine & dine or get pissed; the paparazzi aren’t all bad, in fact these lot should count their lucky stars (get it?) as all information on their whereabouts will be 12 hours behind for their protection, read on..

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