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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

posted by on 11/06/2012

Dell recently launched one of the lightest ultrabooks on the market, the XPS 13 with a 13 inch screen, solid state drive and an eye popping slimeline appearance has gone down a storm- our friends over at Dell sent us one to test out! Now… I know Dell products haven’t really identified as slick portable machines in the past but it seems the brand is determined to switch things up with this one (and others to come that I can’t talk about) *awkward silence* More after the break.

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As You Like It @ Space Theatre

posted by on 22/05/2012

Fleeing from the hustle and bustle of the forever-moving rat race, Rosalind, along with her cousin Celia must seek salvation in order to avoid the prospect of Rosalind being persecuted by her wrathful uncle. Finding themselves seeking refuge in an enchanted forest, what could possibly happen? More after the break

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LTD Watches | Ceramic Chrono Collection

posted by on 18/05/2012

A couple of days ago, you saw the collection from Black Dice, here we have the LTD Ceramic Chrono watch. LTD have only been around since 2009 and within 3 years, they have made a good impression- taking classic timepieces and upgrading them with glossy accents and bold colouring that are always trendy. More after the break

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Black Dice Industries | The 'Slick' Collection

posted by on 16/05/2012

If you’re into your watches then you might know of Black Dice Industries and LTD Watches; two relevant sources of good quality yet stylish timepieces. Our friends over at Zeon, one of the UK’s biggest watch distributors, dropped us a couple of gems for your visual pleasure. Read up on Black Dice after the break and keep an eye out for LTD tomorrow.

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King Lear @ The Space Theatre

posted by on 11/05/2012

King Lear is the most powerful individual in the Kingdom looking to retire from his royal duties. In order for his Kingdom to thrive long after his reign, he takes it upon himself to determine who will gain the majority of his Estate. However, in order for King Lear to do so, he must see which of his three ‘devoted’ daughters is the most deserving. They must all pit against each other to declare which of the three loves him the most. Enraged by Cordelia, his most favoured daughter’s straightforward, non poetic response, he rewards both Regan and Goneril his Kingdom, but is this for the best?

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Converse Block Party

posted by on 09/05/2012

On 29th April Tara, Derek and I headed to the graffiti-covered Old Vic Tunnels in Waterloo, central London, to party with Converse and much of the grime scene’s finest for a Y&Y day out. Alongside a music line-up boasting Wiley, Skepta and P-Money were a gang of talented skateboarders and graffiti artists. The night’s best bits were all captured through Derek’s lens, with words from myself and Tara (Tara’s words are in italic).

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The Girl with the Iron Claws @ Soho Theatre

posted by on 03/05/2012

Photographer: Patrick Baldwin

A tale of love, defiance and adventure, the girl with the iron claws explores the lengths and breadths the youngest daughter of a king must take to find her true love… a bear, Valemon to be exact. This is the debut show from the theatre company The Wrong Crowd, a collaboration between writer/director Hannah Mulder and designer/puppet director Rachael Canning who ‘share a similar vision for inventive, joyful, provocative storytelling that revels in the wonder of live performances’.

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Mercury Fur | Old Red Lion Theatre

posted by on 13/04/2012

Imagine a world whereby butterflies make the world go round. Whereby butterflies are a means to escape. This indeed is a reality for two brothers who deal butterflies to their addicted customers for a living. Set in a post apocalyptic East End, all Elliot and Darren have to do is host a party for their boss’ amusement, but will it all go to plan?

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Women of Troy | Lazarus Theatre Company

posted by on 11/04/2012

Following the dreadful fates of the male soldiers of Troy, Women of Troy shines a light on a nation of women who must band together to rebuild the foundations of their community. The very essence of the community was prominent throughout the piece which I felt was communicated brilliantly throughout.

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Tour Review | Drake – Club Paradise Tour

posted by on 03/04/2012

Following a sold-out US tour, last week Drake kicked off the European leg of his Club Paradise tour in London and Y&Y were in the audience for the second of his London nights (March 27th) at the o2 Arena.

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