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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate

posted by on 29/04/2013

Sometimes you scroll through Facebook not really expecting to see anything but pure crap but you continue to scroll anyway. Today was one of those days where i was scrolling through a bunch of crap until I stumbled across this video of Suli Breaks speaking some spoken word poetry. The content of this poem really resonated with me as I am a Graduate who is still looking for a job. He breaks down how exams and exam results may not be the best way to assess students and expresses that they do not determine a persons overall career prospects. I may be doing this poem a disservice by trying to explain what it is all about so I urge all to just head on over to the flipside and give it a little watch. Enjoy.

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12 Social Media Personalities | Infographic

posted by on 18/04/2013

So someone somewhere had time to investigate social media behaviour, the four week long experiment has concluded that there are 12 distinctive social media personality types and you guys (I was absent during the experiment) fit into one or more of these. More after the break.

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Reflection #1

posted by on 17/04/2013

I’m bored of the Dope Quote title. I think I’ve outgrown it, we’ve outgrown it as a site. Dope Quote has and will always a mini-weekly testimony where I reflect back on the week and what I’ve learnt from my own life. A reflection of one’s life through a quote. If you don’t like quotes being posted on your timeline, feel free to ignore this post. This week’s post will be all about balance and the never ending struggle to find it. What is balance? ‘An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.’ This past month and a half has totally messed with my balance. The site relaunch, 4 times a week gym plan, new job and maintaining all my relationships. The last bit being the most important.

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The Hackney Project

posted by on 07/04/2013

In an era where mass-production and consumerism go hand in hand, it’s nice to see a platform that focuses on the independent designers, craftsmen and women who’d like to push out a product into the world. The Hackney Project celebrates all of this and gifts the designers yearning for a breakthrough. Each submission goes through a strict checking process which includes analysing aesthetic finish and quality. The design of the site is slick and clean, mobile responsive version works really well. Check it out here.

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Dope Quote #57

posted by on 03/04/2013

Pardon me for being a day late with this post, I’m going to try and bring this back as a regular first day of the week post. If all goes to plan that is. Alas, I came across this quote in a recent talk that I watched about a man who was born with no limbs transformed his life into what it is now. He won with the hand that he was dealt with, a reminder to be thankful for what we do have. It’s something that I personally forget on a daily basis – especially in the mornings en-route to work. We complain about the weather, the grey skies in London, TFL but comparing that to what others have – it’s more than what we need. It’s easy to forget in the heat of the moment, take a step back, remember how blessed you are. Give thanks on a daily basis – best way to start your day. Hop on after the cut if you want the image above in a higher resolution.

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Live A Life To Do With Beauty

posted by on 27/03/2013

Wow. Just wow. I’m lost for words after watching this on my journey home after work. God bless 4G and it’s ability to load up videos in a spilt second. If you have 12 minutes, please watch – it’s worth it. Spoken-word poet and artist Shane Koyczan shares his own experiences of being a bully, being bullied and the ending is something else. Audience gave him a standing ovation. You’ll see.

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Competition | Win An Eastway Bike

posted by on 24/02/2013


Boy oh boy oh boy. Cycling has been one of the most popular UK hobbies/sports over the past few years, especially in London since our man Boris introduced his Barclay’s bike scheme. I’ve wanted one since the age of 5, for some reason my parents never bought me one and it’s definitely the reason I lack a sense of balance. So we’ve teamed up with urban cycling specialists over at Eastway Bikes to give one lucky a reader a chance to win a bike worth £2000. Hop on after the cut to find out how you can win.

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Consistency Is Key

posted by on 05/01/2013

Ne-Yo Consistency is Key Music Is My Sport

So with us all just brushing the dust of 2012 off our shoulders, I think I’m not alone in saying that our timelines, inboxes and conversations have been filled to the brim with esoteric motivational quotes that seem to go hand in hand with unrealistic new year’s resolutions which together end up making a baby that simply gets named ‘failure’.

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YO! Home The Transforming Apartment

posted by on 24/12/2012

Armed with clever and space conscious design  the Japanese-inspired YO!Home is a quirky little ingenious apartment that literally transforms at the touch of a button/or pull of a lever (not actually sure how it transforms lol). Showcased at the 100% design exhibition, this unique take on an apartment sees it shape shift from a bedroom to a living room/wine cellar. The great new design is perfect for city life and space restricted areas. To see more pics of this brilliantly designed home hit the read on button and prepare to be amazed.

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Dope Quote #55

posted by on 24/12/2012

Dope Quote #55

With 2012 coming to a close, it’s only right that we naturally start reflecting back at what we’ve achieved in the past twelve months. I have no regrets whatsoever, it’s been a great year of growth in my career, relationships and passion projects. My goal for this year was to have discipline in all aspects of my life which I think I’ve certainly refined throughout the year but still a fair bit to go – can never perfect it. 2013 will be all about giving my everything – it’s time to take it up a notch seeing as I hit the quarter century in July. I have no one dependent on me financially, I don’t pay rent nor do I have a mortgage to pay off (yet) so why should I not put my everything into what I do? Time to work smarter and strive. Hop on after the cut to watch a performance from Miles Hodges and Carvens Lissaint.

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