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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Jack Daniel’s Tasting with Master Distiller Jeff Arnett

posted by on 09/10/2014

Been a good while since I’ve posted because of all the usual things in life but I recently had a week off of work all to myself. I took a quick trip down to Copenhagen for a couple of days and to my surprise an invite dropped into my lap to do a bit of Whiskey Tasting with, since the event was during the day none of my fellow writers could attend but if I made a swift beeline from Heathrow when my flight landed at just passed 12PM I could make it down to The Macbeth in Hoxton just in time for the 2PM Whiskey Tasting session with Master Distiller Jeff Arnett. check out how I got on after the jump.

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Every Runner Has A Reason

posted by on 07/08/2014

“My running goes hand-in-hand with who I am. It makes me feel at peace.”

Just as I’m currently in the process of rediscovering the cathartic effect running has on me, I see this beautifully shot reminder from Heist that for some, running is about much more than superficial desires to look good or ego-driven goals around competition. Ronnie Goodman, from San Francisco, shares his reason for running after the cut.

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Throwback Thursday – Dragonball Z

posted by on 07/08/2014

My love for all things Japanese stemmed from my infatuation with Anime/Manga when Cartoon Network started playing Dragonball Z on Toonami. Who remembers that? It was around that time, little Niran aka Millhouse to those who know me from Secondary School dashed home in 30 minutes to make sure I was there to watch the next episode. There was something about the animation style, heroism, masculinity and humour made it appealing. It was ahead of its time, even though it aired in the UK almost 11 years after airing in Japan. Crazy. It was refreshing and so much better than everything else the channel had to offer: Whacky Races, Cow & Chicken, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Lab etc. Who else can relate? I still watch anime 3-4 times a week at the age of 26 and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. More on the reverse.

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The COOLEST | The 21st Century Cooler

posted by on 21/07/2014

So in a nutshell, The Coolest Cooler is a portable kitchen upgraded with all the  21st century trimmings we’ve come to deem mandatory. Packing a battery-powered blender; waterproof Bluetooth speakers; USB charging sockets; pod-like storage for plates and a cutlery, a built-in bottle opener and even LED lighting- it’s the ultimate kit for a day out with the family/friends. While this awesome piece of inventory blows my mind, it’s actually quite fascinating the backing it has received this time around. Inventor, Ryan Grepper set his target at a humble $50,000 and so far the project has raised over $6 million and counting! Well on course to become the most successful crowd-funded project thus far. Great idea but also good timing I’d say… I guess the sun has gotten everyone gassed hence they be throwing their money all over this Kickstarter gig! Might have to sell this idea back home with an added hot plate and Jollof Rice dispenser =  winning. So to sum up, the The Coolest is bloody cool… sorry, not sorry. Check it out

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posted by on 16/07/2014

Imagine if Nelson Mandela had today’s access to social media when he was fighting for freedom? Would he have spent 27 years in prison? This project isn’t new, with the video released (almost) two years ago to this day, but the sentiment is no less profound in this day and age of social media activism around the things happening in the world that really matter (I’m nodding to you, #peaceforpalestine and #bringbackourgirls). Check out this awesome 4-minute simulation of Mandela’s life through social media under the cut.

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Larsson & Jennings x Wong Wong – World Cup Watch

posted by on 16/07/2014

Man, life doesn’t quite feel the same since the World Cup ended. Rushing home to watch the daily 9pm game was something I could get used to. Football took over the world for 30 days; advertising, branding, food, collaborations, Rihanna and more; it was definitely eat, sleep, watch football. I’m always sceptical about collaborations and releases during such high profile events as 90% come across as money grabbing schemes with no real authenticity or purpose behind it. If you haven’t heard of Wong Wong then please click here and get acquainted. Football inspired design at its best, real minimalist and wearable on a day to day basis unlike your jersey. They’ve teamed up with one of my favourite brands for a special collaboration watch. More on the reverse.

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London’s Garden Bridge

posted by on 05/07/2014

Now this is pretty sweet and something to rival NYC’s popular highline and I’m all for introducing a little bit more green in our city. One of the things that I miss about India is the greenery and FRESH AIR – my lungs have taken a beating since coming back to the city. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick (the guy behind the Olympic Cauldron) – the new £150 million crossing from Temple to South Bank. With plans to launch in 2018, the construction should be starting sooner rather than later. It’s got backing from the Mayor as a green scheme and a bunch of private investors – rumours are that Apple are interested. iBeacon bridge? Who knows. More imagery on the reverse.

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Creative Class by WeTransfer

posted by on 03/07/2014

Interviews are a million times more interesting when they are visually appealing and away from the typical questions/discussions we see far too often. A well filmed interview about a relevant topic goes a long way in being an enjoyable piece of content to watch. WeTransfer (yes, the file sharing platform, that is also now on the App Store!) knows what it is mainly used for – people sharing things of the creative form such as photos, videos and other large scale formats. It now labels itself as more than a file transfer service, but also as a global exhibition of creative talent and a platform for creative exploration. With Creative Class, WeTransfer picks a selection of influential people within the creative industry to interview and presents it in a glorious way. Read on to see more.

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Summer Fragrance Selection

posted by on 17/06/2014

As summer rolls around, so does the intensity of some peoples’ stink. Yes the weather is warm but is this an excuse for stench? No. Be it on the train or in the club, you don’t want to be that guy, the guy that everyone shields their nose at the sheer site of. Instead it is an excuse for freshness, something new to attract our noses as our tastes adapt to reflect the change in  weather. The better weather definitely has the effect of bringing beautiful people out into the suns rays and gentlemen you’d better be smelling fresh if you hope to make a good impression. So I’ve picked out three new fragrances that are sure to do just that, check out the full post for more.

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John Legend’s Penn Commencement Speech

posted by on 21/05/2014

Another one!? Yes! John Legend is without a doubt one of my favourite singers, his lyricism and vocal delivery is second to none. If anyone has his contact details, swing them my way – I want him to sing at my wedding next year haha. Alas, I digress – John headed back to his university to give the speech at Penn’s 258th Commencement. Utterly brilliant speech taking a different angle to the usual: “The key to success, the key to happiness is to open your heart to love.” A R&B singer talking about love, corny right? Nope, not even close. Watch the full speech on the reverse, maybe just before you head off to work this morning. Good morning inspiration.

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