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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

See What Others Do Not – #WingIt for the Weekend

posted by on 21/06/2015

Don’t go to the Louvre, forget the Champs-Élysées and definitely ignore the Eiffel Tower. Ok, I’m exaggerating, however there’s definitely far more to this stunning city than these iconic landmarks. They’re staggered with history and beauty, and they’re most certainly worth a visit but don’t let them consume all your time, the rest of Paris is just as wonderful and seeing it will go hand in hand with your new flair for being more spontaneous. More after the cut.

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Be More Spontaneous – #WingIt for the Weekend

posted by on 21/06/2015

I’m going to order my meal in another language; I’m going to eat something I’ve never eaten before; I’m going to pick something from the menu that I can’t read or translate; I’m going to point to something someone else is eating and say I want that! Or here’s a game someone told me about recently, one person picks an area in a city, the other picks a street, when you arrive you have to find somewhere to eat on that street. Less decisions to make and a little spontaneity added to lunch. Following yesterdays post on How To Travel Last Minute are some little tricks for being spontaneous while you travel. More after the cut.

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How to Travel Last Minute – #WingIt For the Weekend

posted by on 20/06/2015

A good traveller has no fixed plans, he is not intent on arriving.” For me, travelling with as little planned as possible is the most fulfilling and exciting way to travel. Living for a weekend, a few weeks or a year and never knowing what’s around the next corner is an adventure that can’t be replicated. Serendipitous pit stops span the potentially endless journey, with unlimited opportunities to meet the nicest, wackiest and most interesting people, lifetime friends are guaranteed, fleeting romances are likely. And despite preconceptions, it’s easy! So when and Time Out challenged us to wing it this weekend, I jumped at their offer. The story so far and travel tips after the cut.

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Join “The Board” for K-Swiss with Diplo

posted by on 27/03/2015

K-Swiss have recruited music producer Diplo as the face of their latest initiative in support of young entrepreneurs. The global campaign “The Board” will induct 100 of you onto a board that will be tasked with rejuvenating the K-Swiss brand. If you’re successful, you will receive specialist training programme that will give you the opportunity to learn from industry specialists and have access to a global network of collaborators and industry experts. More after the break.

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Mummified Monk found in a 1,000 year old statue

posted by on 22/02/2015

No, you’re not still drunk from last night, you did read that correctly. A CT scan and endoscopy has shown the mummified remains of an ancient monk hidden within what appears to be a very typical statue of Buddha. The statue, and it’s contents, is thought to be around 1,000 years old. The scans also showed that the monks organs had been removed prior to mummification and paper scrolls covered in Chinese writing can be seen in there place. The statue will be on display in the Hungarian Natural History Museum until May, so if you fancy a visit, pop on over.

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Throwback Thursday | Pokémon

posted by on 19/02/2015

Pokémon really was a hit, huh? The anime, turned card game, turned video game, turned movie, turned MEGA MEDIA FRANCHISE never stopped growing from the moment it was created in Japan in 1995. Can’t remember what it was all about? Well…it was essentially  about humans capturing wild creatures in balls and using them to fight against each other for the human to gain higher status in the form of a badge. Disgusting, right? Wrong. The world of Pokémon stole our hearts and we loved every minute of it. Read more after the jump!

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The London Underline

posted by on 06/02/2015

Ever since I visited Copenhagen I’ve wanted to commit to a life without public transport and just cycle everywhere. I refuse to do that in London because quite frankly, lorry and bendy-bus dodging isn’t really my idea of a healthy commute. Yesterday I came across this article; a proposal to convert some of London’s abandoned tunnels into pedestrian walk and cycle-ways to help alleviate the struggle that is London’s congestion during rush hours. More after the break.

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Europcar | Arsenal vs Swansea

posted by on 11/11/2014

Some people are really hard to buy presents for. My housemate is such a person, everything he wants or needs he goes out and gets it himself.  So when Europcar came to me with the opportunity to come down to the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal play alongside Ray Parlour I knew that this a money can’t buy kinda of present.

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New London Underground Trains

posted by on 14/10/2014

The future of the London Underground is here – well at least on paper. The newly designed tube trains have been unveiled and will hit our lines in 2020. The Central, Barkerloo, Waterloo and City and Piccadilly lines will be the lucky lines to house these future ready trains. Equipped with WiFI, advertising screens and regular travel updates these trains are sure to impress.

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Whisky Elements: Customize your Whisky in 24 hours

posted by on 13/10/2014

A bunch of geniuses out there have set up a kickstarter project that will give whisky appreciators the opportunity to customise their favourite whiskys by accelerating the aging process. This could either be a very good thing or a terrible idea depending on whether you’re a whisky snob or not!

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