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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

VAT increased to 20%

posted by on 23/06/2010

The chancellor George Osborne announced yesterday that VAT has been increased to 20% to stop this generation of debt and crazy ass spending. I think it’s ludicrous, my friend Jas summed it up pretty well in a tweet ‘they are taking LIBerties and CONning us’. All the more reason for me to move abroad upon graduation next year. *touch wood* more details on the changes after the cut.

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Nelson Mandela’s Great Granddaughter Killed

posted by on 11/06/2010

It is with my deepest regret that I bring you this news, however I do feel that it is important to air this information so that as many people can pray or spare a thought for the Mandela family. The former South African president Nelson Mandela is today mouring instead of celebrating (which he should be due to the start of the World Cup) following the death of his 13-year-old great granddaughter Zenani. Zenani was tragically killed in a car accident on the way home from a Worl Cup concert in Soweto Thursday night. For more details read on….

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Young And Racist? Or Young And Innocent?

posted by on 20/05/2010

Anderson Cooper of CNN has done another one of his controversial and thought-provoking studies.  He spoke to students in Georgia as young as 5 to gauge whether kids still have a racial bias at a young age in 2010. The video is interesting yet disturbing. We have it when you read on…

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posted by on 06/05/2010

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, or to vote for change but just telling you all to vote. Make use of your chance; don’t waste it. However I think I can say this as it is my site is vote to prevent the BNP gaining power in any council. Fuck the BNP. Do you want these modern day Nazis to have seats in your local council? EH? no. So makesure you get yourself to your local voting station to stop them. That is all.

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Ghana is 53!

posted by on 06/03/2010

Its been 53 years since Ghana gained its independance! Some people take this day as a day to go raving and some people don’t really care; but for me it is more about acknowledging the best things about my country and appreciating my heritage! I haven’t got all day to sit here and write an essay again so I’ll try and keep this one short.

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Earthquake in Chile

posted by on 27/02/2010

My God. It has happened again! this time in Chile. what the hell is going on in 2010? 2 massive world disasters in the first two months. The earthquake hit at 3:34am today with a magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter scale which makes it one of the worst earthquakes ever. So far over 140 deaths have been counted Just as we thought things couldn’t get any worse the earthquake also triggered a Tsunami which is navigating its way around the Pacific Ocean and set to arrive in Hawaii in a few hours time. It’s surreal that we’re all waiting for it to happen and have no power whatsoever to prevent it from happening despite all of our technological advances. It’s scary to say the least. Information on how to donate and photos after the jump.

MJ's Autopsy Results

posted by on 10/02/2010

Was surfing the CNN website and I came across the an article about  the results for Michael Jackson‘s autopsy and it turns out that the charge against Conrad Murray of: Involuntary Manslaughter could be true. The results showed that MJ had overdosed on half dozen different drugs which were given to him by Murray. The autopsy also revealed white patches on MJ’s skin that is a result of his diagnosis of Vitiligo (proves he didn’t turn himself white on purpose), it’s actually quite sad that it took his death to prove this..

Why Let Drink Decide? Campaign

posted by on 27/01/2010

I was watching TV with my little sister, by little I mean 17 year old sister when this came on and sh*t it’s pretty effective and scary. The  ‘Why Let Drink Decide?‘ campaign is aimed at Parents who have teenage children as they’re most likely to try it. They want parents to know that it’s never too late or early to talk to their children about the effects of alcohol. It’s a really powerful campaign created by W+K London for DSCF. So I guess I better warn my sister before she turns 18, uh oh. Check it out above and more info after the cut.

Dr. King Day + Tamia Gaines Speech

posted by on 19/01/2010

Today is Dr King Day in the United States which marks the birth date Dr Martin Luther King Jr. It’s a day that unites people of all nationalities and teaches us to love our fellow man because as Dr. King once said ‘at the centre of non violence stands the principle of love’. Dr. King devoted his life to the causes of equality and social justice so that we today may live in a better place.

Donate To Haiti

posted by on 16/01/2010

I’m sure all of you know the 12th January a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti.. several 100,000 people have died since then and many are still missing. I’ve seen so many signs in the past few days telling me to donate and I kept ignoring it but today I donated, don’t roll your eyes I know student loan is still fresh in your account bwoi! Every little bit helps people so just give whatever you got, click here to donate.