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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Khulisa | Breaking The Cycle Of Violence

posted by on 17/10/2011

Khulisa is a South-African charity now working in London to help minimise the amount of youths involved in crime. I spotted an article about Khulisa in the Evening Standard a couple of months ago and it’s funny actually I got so into it that I missed my stop! Khulisa work to keep youngsters out of prison but unlike other services, they offer an extensive and well-structured programme and a well-implemented mentoring service. The programme reiterates safer and more acceptable ways of venting hidden or built up anger and frustration as well as helping young offenders realise the impact their crimes have on other people from all angles and points of view. There is definitely a group of people out there that are not being heard and are also very misunderstood because they do not know how to deal with events that have affected them in the past. What Khulisa seem to be doing is putting these guys into something like a boot camp focusing on changing bad behavior, it’s really inspiring.

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Ex-Smokers 'Are Unstoppable' EU Campaign

posted by on 14/10/2011

 You might have been seeing these pages in the metro over the last few months, spreads featuring former smokers who have overcome their addiction. The campaign has been put in place to help people quit smoking by inspiring them and proving to them that it is possible to quit smoking. On the website and on their facebook app you will find a range of success stories  as well as a free guide with tonnes of info regarding smoking, what it does to you and how to quit. I think this is a great campaign because it’s very empowering, its great to see people who are genuinely proud to overcome something that is essentially an addiction that is capable of shortening your life expectancy. If you are a smoker and/or know someone that smokes and want to know more about help available to help quit, it might be a great idea to check this out.

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Aviva | You are the Big Picture Campaign

posted by on 07/10/2011

Insurance company and corporate partner of the National Theatre, Aviva have launched an extensive campaign to raise money for Save the Children. The campaign encourages the public to visit the Aviva facebook page and upload photos of themselves, these photos are projected onto a wall outside the National theatre on the Southbank which will be seen by thousands of people! For each photo uploaded, Aviva will donate £2 to Save the Children which will go towards helping street children in India to get access to a better education. If all of their facebook fans uploaded a photo each, Aviva could easily donate over £90,000- insane! If you fancy seeing your mug projected onto the National Theatre, then read on to find out where you can get uploading!

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Wired Supports The Kids Company | Short Film

posted by on 06/10/2011

Wired is one of, if not the best night for live music in London in my opinion. You see both unsigned and signed acts, some you’ve heard of and others you haven’t. It’s a great place for many things such as discovering new talent or simply networking with other attendees. However the video below looks at another side of Wired in regards to helping others.

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Art Against Knives

posted by on 03/10/2011

Arts Against Knives is a charity which began in honour of Oliver Hemsley, a Central Saint Martin’s student who was left paralyzed after a devastating attack leading to him being stabbed. The youth-led charity launched in 2009 with quite an impressive exhibition which generated a substantial amount of press including the likes of  Vogue, I-D Magazine, The Evening Standard and The Independent. A handful of familiar faces/names also supported the exhibition such as Antony Gormley, Tracey Emin, Vivienne Westwood, Wolfgang Tillmans, Rankin and Banksy.

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Black Women: In The Media

posted by on 02/10/2011

Flicking the channels aimlessly I came across a documentary on OHTV (Sky channel 199) that I thought was quite compelling. A topic that has been seen many debates, ‘Black Women: In the Media‘ explores the careers of 10 formidable black women breaking the boundaries within the media industry. The three part piece features the likes of award-winning author Malorie Blackman, BBC and OH TV Producer Michelle Brooks, ITN Journalist Charlene White, CEO of LGN Yolande Letshou and so many more successful women sharing their experiences, highs and lows throughout their journey. More after the cut.

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University Life

posted by on 12/09/2011

Do I miss it? No, certainly not. Did I love it? Kind of, first year was the dog’s bollocks. Especially if you’re of Asian origin, experiencing the freedom from not being under your parent’s roof is one of the best things ever! Independence will push you to grow and change, hopefully for the better if you’ve been brought up with a good set of morals. Although I’m not going to be going back to university, I thought I’d pass on MY advice and opinion for those who are returning/beginning this stage of their life. More on the reverse.

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Newham Council Offer Cash Rewards For Info On Crime

posted by on 24/08/2011

Now this is a nice incentive but I’ve got a feeling that people in my borough will just call up and offer false information on any type of incident they see just for the £££. You know how people are these days. Newham Council are giving people an incentive to ‘snitch‘ – that’s what the hood folk call it, I’m more than happy to give information on any serious crime I come across. Give up the hood mentality! The Mayor’s reward scheme is run jointly with Crimestoppers, which offers rewards of up to £1,000. SAY WHAT. Yes, that’s right – £1000. I’m off to buy my bullet proof vigilante outfit, me and Yang will be cruising the streets of East Ham in search of crime with our handy SLRs. Doing it for the good of our borough, not the money of course. Read more information on it here.

Riot Clean Up

posted by on 10/08/2011

Quick post from me. Apologies on the lack of updates as of late, juggling work and everything has been harder than I thought. I’m working on a few changes here but I haven’t actually touched the design in over a week – sigh. Another big reason for the lack of updates is the riots, I just don’t feel right blogging about fashion, art and music with the city (country now) falling apart around me. All this chaos, madness has demotivated me. However strong positive movements like Riot Clean Up bring a smile to my face. Nationwide community clean up plans and times have been organised, all you have to do is check out the site & twitter, find out the time & place and help out.If you don’t have to go into work, please help out. Let’s make a stand as a community, positive thoughts people. Don’t forget to hashtag #riotcleanup.

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Boston Big Picture: London Riots

posted by on 09/08/2011

London, I love you but you’re killing me now. Honestly speaking I’d feel a little insensitive if I posted something that’s not related to the current happenings in the city. I’m angry, frustrated and depressed by what has happened over the last 3 days. Some of the videos I’ve seen feature kids gallivanting destroy buildings with petrol bombs and complaining about tax? WHAT TAX DO YOU KNOW ABOUT? Seriously when I was 15, I certainly did not pay tax. Foolishness. I can’t be arsed to get into this on here, just go read my tweets over the past few hours/day: @Niran7. These kids will pay the price for this unjustified violence and destruction in the future, just you wait. A lot changes have to be made, this was inevitable. Global economy is about to collapse any day now. Hold tight folks, judgement day soon come?

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