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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Camden Beach @ Roundhouse

posted by on 06/08/2012

British weather, one minute it’s cold, then hot, then it’s raining and then we’ll get some sun- it’s a tad depressing having to come back here after a holiday in a hot country! For those that haven’t had to chance to escape the city for a quick break, you can of course experience the equivalence at the Roundhouse this summer. Did you know Roundhouse has been looking like a beach for the past week or so? I certainly did not; it looks like good fun though… when the weather picks up!

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Vivi in Stile With Peroni | LJ Coffee House

posted by on 02/07/2012

Australian coffee culture is slowly but surely making its way over here. I think people have finally started to realise that their money doesn’t have to go towards a sub-par coffee from Starbucks. We hit up LJ Coffee House London, a small venue in Soho for some Union-hand roasted coffee, all thanks to the handy Peroni Vivi in Stile app who have hand selected some of the cities best spots for our convenience. Tin: The joint does somewhat resemble someone else’s house. It just has that welcoming element, and is what one would expect from a traditional coffee house. We’re all so used to the same old Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero etc, but what makes this one special was all down to the personality it holds. From geeky Marvel canvases to a random variety of books dotted around, it’s just such a refreshing surrounding to be in.

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Vivi in Stile With Peroni | Burger & Lobster Review

posted by on 22/06/2012

A month or so ago, I downloaded the Vivi in Stile Peroni app which is basically your personal tour guide through the city; providing insight and recommendations from the finest tastemakers and style aficionados in the UK and Italy. With a plethora of bars, restaurants, boutiques, independent stroes and design spots you’ll be guaranteed to find something to do. After all, if you’re bored of London then you’re bored of life. I suggest you download the app  and hop on after the cut to see where the app directed me. No surprises, it was a food spot. Fat times.

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East Street Pan-Asian Restaurant

posted by on 10/06/2012

We ended up here by accident actually; we were originally looking for the Eagle Bar/Diner but it turns hey are no more! *cries* where-else will I find a Whiskey milkshake!? Well definitely not here, settled for a Jasmine tea instead. East-Street is a restaurant of Pan-Asian cuisine on Rathbone Place just off Oxford Street; the restaurant endeavours to offer authentic dishes from the likes of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Korea.

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Yalla Yalla

posted by on 10/06/2012

One of my favourite areas of London, especially in the ‘summer’ has to be Southbank. It’s so rich in culture, definitely the area which celebrates London’s diversity with many markets and pop-ups along the riverside and by the Royal Festival Hall. Last week, I ventured down there to watch Prometheus at the BFI (Good film, not amazing – read Amon’s review) and ended up walking around the riverside for hours. So much to take in, so much inspiration and food to eat of course. More on the reverse.

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Suda Thai Cafe Restaurant | Mango Menu

posted by on 08/06/2012

Since June is the month of the Mango…. yeah, no one told me either! Suda, the Covent Garden based Thai café/restaurant launched their pretty phenomenal Mango menu. With a range of dishes made with different kinds of Mango, it’s perfect for our non-existent summer weather. The menu consists of starts, main desserts and cocktails.

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Yin Eats: Nani's Cafe

posted by on 08/06/2012

Back again. I don’t have any valid excuse for the lack of posts, guess I slipped into a routine with the lunches as of late. A lot of Pret, Thai green curry, Yalla Yalla and even home-made lunch. Summer is here and it’s time to experiment with my food choices again. I went for a wander around the area in search of a new spot with one of my colleagues, Ricardo. However we ended up at a sandwich café, continues on the reverse.

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Street Feast – The Friday Night Market

posted by on 14/05/2012

Last Friday, a few of us from the Y&Y family headed down to Brick Lane for Street Feast. Located just off the lane on Sclater street, Street Feast is a new open air night food market that launched a week ago. It plays host to a few of London’s leading street food traders including Big Apple Hot Dogs, Homeslice, Bhangra Burgers, Kimchi Cult and co. Trust me, the range of food on offer will make you drool – everything from spicy Indian burgers to hardcore prawns to hotribs – you name it, they’ve got it. I definitely recommend checking it out on a warm summer’s evening otherwise you’ll end up shivering as you try destroy a burrito. More on the reverse.

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Dining @ Cau Restaurant | Guildford

posted by on 14/03/2012

Went down to Guildford to eat at Cau restaurant. Cau, pronounced ‘cow’ specialise in Argentine steaks and owned by the same company that bring us the swanky bar/eatery that is Gaucho, the restaurant use the same quality of beef. Based just a little outside of London in Guildford, if you’re around then you need to visit- or else you’ll have to take a small trip if you fancy eating here! I’m mac-less at the moment so photos by A Lady In London

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Yin Eats: Chicken Caeser & Bacon On Artisan

posted by on 01/03/2012

It’s been a while! I am SLACKING. Work has been a lot more hectic recently, spreading myself over a few more accounts and projects which means lunches have been lazy or non-existent. All of you must have THAT one place/piece of food that you go for when you can’t be bothered to walk an extra mile to find proper lunch, well this is mine. I’ve had this baguette at least 30 times in the past 6 months. Hop on after the cut.

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