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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

The Relentless Pursuit | Yoji Tokuyoshi

posted by on 25/06/2015

This is the type of content we love to see brands produce. It’s beautifully made, has real substance and doesn’t force a product down your throat. Not only is Yoji Tokuyoshi’s story of moving from Japan to Italy and developing into a master of his craft captivating, it is also very similar to the story of Red Wing Heritage and it’s development. It’s easy to see why they chose to tell it, his passion for quality and hard work is a true reflection of the brands personal ethos. We produced a feature on the brand a couple of months ago, so you already know we’re big fans! Check out the video after the cut.

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Food & Drink in the Dordogne Valley

posted by on 06/05/2015

It’s wonderful to see people take pride in something, food and drink are two things that cultures hold very close to their heart and are always excited to put on display for visitors. French cuisine is renowned and discussed all over the world, my experience at French Grill in Vietnam was possibly the best restaurant experience I’ve ever had. So with 4 days in the Dordogne Valley area of South West France, I knew I’d get more than just a taster of genuine French cooking. Prepare to suddenly feel very hungry, after the cut.

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Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Spectacular 7

posted by on 24/04/2015

OMG as if The Lord isn’t testing me enough as I embark on this no unnecessary sweets treats journey in a bid to shape up for an impending wedding, he goes and puts this into my life. The devious little people over at Cadbury have only gone and created a new chocolate bar that basically caters to everyone’s taste. Their new Dairy Milk Spectacular 7 is a 200g chocolate bar that comprises of 7 different fillings, at this point all I have to say is Jesus take the wheel and forgive me if I break my vow and accidentally slip a piece of this chocolate into my mouth. Keep reading to see why I am salivating right now.

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Not Another Bill x Il Bussetto – Italian Day

posted by on 08/04/2015

Despite having a high ranking spot on my bucket list, I have yet to commit to the gastronomic pilgrimage required for every self-proclaimed foodie however we were fortunate enough to experience a taste of Italy (literally) all without leaving London to celebrate the recent collaboration between Not Another Bill & Italian atelier II Bussetto. We discover how to enjoy an espresso, critique a classic wine and devour pizza like a true Sicilian after the cut.

Haig Club London Launch

posted by on 09/03/2015

Last week alcohol beverage giants Diageo took over the Wellington Arch to celebrate the launch of new Single Grain Scotch Whisky, HAIG CLUB. “Designed to be different,” the new whisky was developed in partnership with David Beckham and will be available in the UK and across the world. Early in the week Beckham held a dinner with the likes of Tom Cruise, Guy Ritchie and Idris Elba in attendance. Fortunately we also had the pleasure of being invited to the Wellington Arch to experience the Scotch first hand, see what we thought after the cut.

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Chinese New Year 2015 @ Yauatcha Soho

posted by on 18/02/2015

With Chinese New Year just a few days away, how will you celebrate the year of the sheep? Well Hakkasan Group invited us down to the lovely Yauatcha on the corner of Brewer Street to try their new Chinese New Year menu, we of course jumped at the chance!

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Whisky Elements: Customize your Whisky in 24 hours

posted by on 13/10/2014

A bunch of geniuses out there have set up a kickstarter project that will give whisky appreciators the opportunity to customise their favourite whiskys by accelerating the aging process. This could either be a very good thing or a terrible idea depending on whether you’re a whisky snob or not!

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French Grill at JW Marriot, Hanoi

posted by on 12/10/2014

Travelling to Asia, I knew I’d be eating some great food. This part of the world is known for its street food, which so far on my journey I’ve seen everywhere and eaten plenty. In London, humble street food comes with a hefty price and is often served to city folk and hipsters eager to eat some newly arrived cuisine before everyone else. French Grill is a big step away from the wonderful traditions of street food, as Chef de Cuisine, Raphael Szurek, begins a haute cuisine revolution in a quickly developing part of Hanoi.

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IntroJuicing with Currys

posted by on 04/08/2014

A couple of weeks ago Ernest, Derek and I got juicy with Currys at their Intro-Juicing bloggers event.  As I’ve almost obnoxiously boasted before, I’ve been juicing before it was on-trend, but as the Y&Y team gets increasingly health conscious, it’s only natural that juicing has piqued our collective interests. At IntroJuicing we got to learn a little bit more about the science behind juicing our five – or eight-a-day, before getting our asses beat in Urban Kings Gym.

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The Real Junk Food Project

posted by on 25/07/2014

“I believe this concept is going to feed the world.” Adam Smith has started the first cafe in the UK that uses only ‘intercepted’ waste food. Before perfectly edible food gets to bins or skips Adam’s team ‘intercept’, collecting the food from local business friends including supermarket chain Waitrose to create meals at The Real Junk Food Project cafe in Leeds. The cafe is ‘pay as you feel’, where customers can pay with money or their time or services. In 6 months the crew have intercepted over 10,500KG of food that would have been dumped. Considering the UK waste 18 million tonnes of food every year, it’s a wonder why The Real Junk Food Project (and others like it) hasn’t existed forever.

If this isn’t inspiring enough, Adam articulated a thought that many of us can relate to at the moment – “I had a skill, and I wasn’t really applying it as well as I could be.” The Real Junk Food Project was born from Adam wanting his talent to mean more, for himself and his world/community (our latest feature, Niran’s reflective post, captures this sentiment perfectly). Read on to see project at work.

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