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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

New Balance Football | Visaro and Furon Boots

posted by on 14/07/2015

You may not typically associate New Balance with football, but the US footwear manufacturer has been in the sport for a while. In fact, Bryan Robson wore a pair back in the mid-eighties! Struggling to compete with the bigger players in the market, it never quite took off. Nevertheless, the brand has made another entry with their latest Visaro and Furon boots launched by brand ambassador Aaron Ramsey in London last week. The lightweight boots are made for attack-minded players, but differentiated based on style of play. The Visaro boot is made for players who ‘make chances’ (midfielders), with the Furon made for players who ‘take chances’ (attackers). An interesting angle to differ your product range. I got my hands on a pair, and they are made incredibly well. Super light, but with a stable build. If you’re after a new pair of boots and want to try something new, see more on the boots after the cut.

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Aer Fit Pack | The Gym/Work Bag

posted by on 26/03/2015

Finding a bag that can hold all of your essentials for work along with gym attire that caters to a mobile lifestyle isn’t easy. Everyone hates that one person on the tube with the extra large backpack bursting at the seams that refuses to take it off! The Aer Fit Pack is a kickstarter project proposing a bag that blends clean and understated design with a the functionality required to store and separate everything you need on the go up to 19 litres. I weirdly really like the design for this, I mean sure it’s nothing to write home about –  but the simplicity does it for me. Although with all those compartments, better mind your “essentials” don’t get lost! More of the bag on the flipside.

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CrossFit Games 2014

posted by on 11/08/2014

We often need a little motivation before the beginning of the week and before our first gym session on a Monday. Well this video should definitely inspire you to get in there and conquer whatever challenges you choose to set yourself. This year was the first time I actually watched the CrossFit Games since first starting to follow the sport last year. While it may not be the most exciting of spectator sports, it most certainly is a phenomenal display of athletic talent, which is what makes this video so motivational. If you’re not up for watching people lift weights, climb ropes and go for long distance runs, the guys at CrossFit perfectly break down and showcase the very best moments from the four day event. If this doesn’t put you in the mood to work out, I’m not sure what will!

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The #NikeFree Experience

posted by on 25/04/2014

10 years of product engineering, performance innovation and many happy runners later, Nike celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Nike Free by bringing together Olympian Paula Radcliffe and Founder of RDC Charlie Dark to lead a run taking in London’s iconic landmarks ahead of the Virgin London Marathon last week. Check out the full story after the cut.

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Y&Y takes Psycle London for a Spin

posted by on 12/03/2014

Last week, we got invited to try out London’s new kid on the block of spinning – Psycle London. Spin, otherwise known as indoor cycling, is an exercise done in classes normally in gym studios with a number of fixed gym bikes and an instructor to lead the class. Psycle get these basics nailed down, but approach the exercising from a wider angle. In case you didn’t catch the play on words, Psycle attempt to combine the psychology and mental preparation of exercising with a high energy spin class that would appeal to many. With nothing particularly groundbreaking, Psycle haven’t quite nailed that psychology aspect yet. But a stylish and well thought out design means Psycle is as good a fitness establishment as we have come across. Read on for more detail and check out some photos we snapped.

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The Test of Fitness

posted by on 24/02/2014

Shhhh, don’t say this too loud, it’s a taboo word in many a gym. Crossfit. Yes, the oh so controversial. That aside, Crossfit combines strength and conditioning in workouts of “constantly varied functional movements,” that claim to be a true test of fitness. While I’m yet to take part, I can’t help but be intrigued by the merging of aerobic, lifting and gymnastics exercises. In this short documentary, Crossfit athletes put forward their case on why the annual Crossfit Games is the ultimate test of fitness. If you’re interested in developing the strongest possible version of yourself then it’s difficult not to be drawn in, and if you disagree with it, well the 2013 games winner claimed a $275,000 prize, so why not go ahead and prove how easy it is? Jump on board after the cut to find out how fit you really are!

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Wellness with Technogym

posted by on 16/12/2013

Last month I visited an office utopia. Perched happily on exercise balls, the staff cooked up innovation for hours in their eco-friendly office spaces, basked in natural light. They broke from their creating for a one-hour workout in their lux, on-site gym before eating ridiculously cheap, natural and locally sourced food in their canteen for another hour and ended their break bonding over cappuccino and fuse-ball. Then I woke up flew home. Yes, my friends.  This place exists. This place was the Wellness Village in Cescena, Italy – Technogyms HQ. Read on to find out more.

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