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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Unquiet Film Series – No. 3 – Times New Roman

posted by on 07/04/2015

It’s interesting to hear people speak so extensively about a font that we use everyday.  This short doc is centered on the Times New Roman font, mapping its conception and usage in the media (and elsewhere) throughout the years – I love the way it’s filmed and the tactful use of type. Watching this video today exposed me to quite an interesting series. Last year, The Times teamed up with production company Betsy Works to produce a series of short form documentaries profiling the historical and cultural impact of The Times and Sunday Times and the work of their editors, journalists and contributors over the years. However, the ‘Times New Roman’ installment is much more light-hearted in comparison to some of the other videos from the series. Unquiet delivers powerful stories touching on the training people working in the media have to undergo in order to do their jobs.

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Movie Director Portraits by Stellavie

posted by on 29/03/2015

The guys over at the German design studio, Stellavie, have put together a small series of beautiful movie director portraits. Limited to 200 prints per edition, the series features Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese and David Lynch, with more potentially to follow. The prints were drawn and illustrated by Julian Rentzsch, who I immediately followed on Instagram following my discovery of this amazing artwork. Check them out in more detail after the cut.

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The Reinvention of Normal

posted by on 28/03/2015

Dominic Wilcox is a designer, artist and inventor who turns everyday items into something out of the ordinary. Stones covered in gold leaf become “Luxury Skimming Stones” for example and the much talked about self driving car gets an upgrade  from Wilcox, who has designed the “Stained Glass Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future.” This short documentary takes a look inside the mind of the man himself and reveals the method behind his madness. More after the cut.

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The Bucket Board

posted by on 25/03/2015

I think you can pretty much make everything out of anything in 2015, which is great because it means less waste, we can reuse things that would once contribute to the ruin of our planet. This time the guys over at The Bucket Board have come up with a way of recycling buckets and turning them into skateboards, not only is the idea wonderful, the video is beautifully shot and cut, press play after the jump.

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Mr. Happy | A Vice Short

posted by on 23/03/2015

I just got round to watching this short film put out by Vice starring Chance the Rapper and was pleasantly surprised. The story centres around a young man suffering from heartbreak and depression, so this isn’t something to watch if you’re sensitive to such themes. The basic premise though is clever and its characters believable, even the cinematography is appealing. I’m not sure Chance is quite as good at acting as he is rapping but you definitely feel empathetic with his character. You’ll see the “twist” coming a mile off but it doesn’t undermine the quality of the short, click play after the cut.

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Timelapse | A Taste of Austria by FilmSpektakel

posted by on 20/03/2015

Simply stunning. Filmmakers, Thomas Pöcksteiner and Peter Jablonowski spend two years capturing every aspect of their home country Austria – from the more rural, mountainous views right through to the urban cityscapes. I’ve never had a desire to visit Austria in particularly but this timelapse does a pretty good job at convincing me to add to the list! I love the transitions and the variation in locations, the textures and also the way music has been incorporated here. Quite simply a spectacular ad for the country! Watch after the break.

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The Quiet Escape | A NYC Story

posted by on 12/03/2015

This short, poetically narrated, film is a story of one mans love/hate relationship with the city of New York. It probably expresses a feeling similar to that of a lot of people living in London. I try to be an optimist, so I see the the energy, the beauty and the abundance of life within London, but to some it’s very different. Ed David also raises the issue of gentrification which many people will be familiar with, however maybe that’s a discussion for another time. Check out the video after the cut.

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Words of Wisdom: Casey Neistat

posted by on 10/03/2015

I’ve always admired Casey Neistat, his honest approach to filmmaking is often touching and his down to Earth character endearing. This short and inspirational film made by the guys over at JacksGap is not only explanation of why Casey does what he does but an example of how they have been inspired by his work. Spend an hour watching all of Casey’s old YouTube videos and I guarantee you’ll come away smiling. Video after the cut.

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Wes Anderson Palettes

posted by on 03/03/2015

I’m sincerely sorry if you’re sick of seeing Wes Anderson related posts but how can you be?! When it comes to visual inspiration his films are wonders, even if his characters are irritating at times. Today I’m actually drawing attention to a Tumblr page, no not one of those dirty ones, Wes Anderson Palettes highlights and illustrates the precise colour palettes used by Anderson in his films. Beautiful stills become even more intriguing when their colours are isolated. At a time when a lot of popular “urban photographers” utilise gloomy palettes with every Instagram post, I think we could all take a leaf out of Wes Anderson’s colouring book. More after the cut.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel’s Hand-made Props

posted by on 26/02/2015

You’ve probably seen Red & Yellow: A Wes Anderson Supercut by now, it’s been doing the rounds online but we’ll post below if you haven’t. To go along with this are some fabulous shots of the intricate and detailed props used in The Grand Budapest Hotel, one of my favourite films of last year. Hand-made by designer Annie Atkins, the attention to detail is magnificent and is really a sign of how much love and passion was put into making this film. Check them out after the cut.

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