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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Blended – Photos of Love and Adoption

posted by on 22/07/2014

Kate T. Parker is a wedding photographer but in this series she points the camera at her own family to shoot some beautiful moments in her sisters adoption of a baby boy. The images do a wonderful job of showing that a parents love is not dependant on a biological connection, while the sense of family spirit is utterly heart warming. She captures the sincerest of emotions and character as the family gathers around at what is clearly a time of true joy. Check out stunning photography here.

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World Cup Legends by Geo Law

posted by on 09/07/2014

The World Cup is almost over, but I’m still enjoying seeing content around the biggest sporting event in the world and will honestly miss it all when it’s over. The way people (and brands) get involved in the World Cup with things off the pitch continues to evolve and that’s exciting. A colourful display of artwork was shared on to my Twitter feed recently and I just had to share it. Sheffield-based illustrator Geo Law is an avid football fan, and demonstrated his love for legends of the World Cup through his latest pieces of work. Fantastic illustrated portraits of some of the greatest players ever such as Pele, Diego Maradonna and Bobby Charlton. Read on to see more.

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London’s Garden Bridge

posted by on 05/07/2014

Now this is pretty sweet and something to rival NYC’s popular highline and I’m all for introducing a little bit more green in our city. One of the things that I miss about India is the greenery and FRESH AIR – my lungs have taken a beating since coming back to the city. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick (the guy behind the Olympic Cauldron) – the new £150 million crossing from Temple to South Bank. With plans to launch in 2018, the construction should be starting sooner rather than later. It’s got backing from the Mayor as a green scheme and a bunch of private investors – rumours are that Apple are interested. iBeacon bridge? Who knows. More imagery on the reverse.

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A Space View of the World Cup

posted by on 26/06/2014

The World Cup is far, far more than a football tournament. It’s a time when all eyes are on 32 countries from across the planet, observing their athletes and their fans, as we find ourselves paying attention to and discussing countries that we never normally would (asides from the general FIFA corruption and ‘problems in football’ chat). Not sure about you, but I find myself discussing things away from the football. The culture of these countries, the population, what I think their people are like, what the country and land is like and where the youngsters play. A fan of photography, and still holding on to a mild obsession I once had with geography and differences in landscapes and terrains, I was very satisfied when I stumbled across these incredible images of all 32 counties in this years World Cup taken from space. Have a look at some below.

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In the Pit | London Grammar, O2 Academy Brixton

posted by on 11/06/2014

Enjoying taking photos is one thing, but it’s taken to a whole other level when you’re put in positions that only photographers have access to. Being in an environment like that feels completely different to just strolling around taking photos. I had shot at the Brixton Academy a while back and thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of gig photography. Thanks to the lovely folk at the O2 Academies we had the opportunity to experience this feeling again with access to the press pit for London Grammar‘s latest gig in Brixton, shadowing their in-house photographer to get a true feeling of how it all goes down. I ended up getting some pretty nice snaps of the trio from Nottingham and managed to have a chat with the photographer. Read on for more.

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Hidden Gems | Share your Havens of Inspiration

posted by on 10/06/2014

Hidden Gems. One of the things we love most about London is if you deviate from your usual routes even for 5 minutes, you’re probably going to discover somewhere or something new. So when American Express told us about their latest campaign to highlight these locations around the capital, we were happy to jump on board as ambassadors. The campaign is all about uncovering hidden gems and championing inspirational spots that aren’t particularly celebrated, or better yet undiscovered- and then featuring them on an interactive map. So to kick things off, the Y&Y family have gathered theirs but we’re going to need your help to find even more. Check out some of our inspirational spots and how you can help us on the flipside.

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The Art of Marija Tiurina

posted by on 10/06/2014

There are so many artists uploading their work to the internet, no one should need to be told how much of a phenomenal platform it is but it’s also very difficult to stand out. Marija Tiurina caught my attention with an interesting and sometime abstract subject matter, alongside a pleasing colour palette. Her work is beautifully witty and she creates some really interesting characters into which her pencil leaks personality. The Bouquet Man with his beard of roses and the incredibly simple but clever, Nuke Tree, are two of my personal favourites. Check out the post to see her work and find links to more.

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Through the Lens | A View of London

posted by on 05/06/2014

We love our city. Yes, we all need escapes sometimes, but London is where we dream and chase those dreams. I’m taking my Through the Lens feature to the blog for a second to share some snaps of my favourite place on Earth – London. Google City Experts and BT invited us to an exclusive trip to the iconic BT Tower to learn some more history of the city, the tower and get some photos from the viewing gallery at the very top. It really was something special to see London from this high up, and watch how the city landscape changes it’s character from daylight to night time. Have a look at some photos below.

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Return of the Rudeboy x We Are Cuts

posted by on 03/06/2014

From 13 June to 25 August, Somerset House will host the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition, a collaborative project between photographer Dean Chalkley and creative director Harris Elliot. The exhibition will showcase a series of photography and installations that reinvigorate The Rudeboy, which originated in 1950s Jamaica. In preparing for the exhibition, the duo have teamed up with renowned hair stylist Johnnie Sapong of We Are Cuts to set up the Rudeboy Barbers in Selfridges as part of The Beauty Project. I had the pleasure of being invited down for a much needed trim and a chat with the folk behind the project to find out more. You can find the result of my hair styling on my Instagram and get more info on the exhibition by checking out the full post.

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Julie Leonard the iPhone Artist

posted by on 29/05/2014

Julie Leonard is the artist that spends her time riding The Tube sketching Londoners on her iPhone. So there could not have been anyone more fitting to document Europe’s largest engineering project currently taking place beneath the streets of London. The Crossrail project is pledging to ease the burden on London’s transport system with a new network in 2018 and Julie Leonard is the first in-residence artist commissioned by Crossrail to work in and around the development and surrounding communities, to provide a visual narrative of the project with her digital drawings. Crossrail have also pledged to install permanent large scale exhibitions by hand-picked artists to help form the character of seven new stations.

Words by RICHARD