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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Dan Rhatigan on Type Design

posted by on 29/08/2014

When considering the more beautiful aspects of design, typography is not exactly something at the top of mind. Until now, I had never watched or read anything associated to type design that has fully engrossed me like this did. Dan Rhatigan, a typographer and director from Monotype, recently worked with Grey London to create Ryman Eco “the world’s most beautiful sustainable font”. Sustainable meaning it uses 33% less ink than fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial. In the video, he talks about the font and if you appreciate anything design, but haven’t quite given typography the time of day, I’ll be surprised if by the end you’re not judging every bit of text you see from now on. It’s quite the art, and while everyone puts there efforts elsewhere with design (technology, architecture etc.), it seems to get left behind. Next time you work on a project, have a longer think about the font you’re using. Catch the video after the cut.

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Jane Long’s B&W Transformations

posted by on 28/08/2014

Australian photographer Jane Long has wonderfuly transformed old black and white images into colourful creative stories. The project came about when she wanted to brush up on her retouching skills, having stumbled across original glass plate black and white images created by Romanian war photographer Costică Acsinte on flickr she became inspired. Inspired to transform these images and give them a new lease of life. Colourising each image and digitally blending her own imaginative compositions, the images have totally taken on a new identity. To find how she created these little gems and to see more of her amazing work head on over to the flipside.

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Omote | Real-Time Face Tracking & Projection Mapping

posted by on 22/08/2014

This right here is an incredible display of how fast technology is developing and also a great showing of how cross-pollination of art forms can create mind blowing results. Project Omote is a collaboration between a projection mapping specialist Nobumichi Asai, a make-up artist Hiroto Kuwahara and Paul Lacroix a digital image engineer. In the video, a model has her face scanned and mapped on which a series of graphics are overlaid in realtime. She displays slow movements and the projection stays intact- it’s amazing. It probably only works with precise movements for now, but once this is fully developed I’m sure the gaming and even the performing arts industries will be all over it (if they’re not already).  Watch after the break.

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Stussy Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

posted by on 15/08/2014

It’s been a minute since we last shared a lookbook, mainly due to the saturation of the market. Everyone and their grandma have been producing lookbooks, SLRs are accessible to most people so there’s just hell of lot of mediocrity out there. Stussy presents their new FW14 collection with a dark black.white lookbook shot by photo journalist Francesco Giusti on the streets of Cuba. The fact they’ve used someone that’s not usually do editorial work is evident, the natural tones and depth in the imagery are beautiful. Simplicity of the whole thing works for me, showcases the collection which goes with the current trend of black/white/grey. Head on after the cut for more.

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The Hat Maker

posted by on 12/08/2014

It’s always a joy to watch a person mesmerisingly work at their craft. Particularly when such craft is becoming lost in our modern world and the appreciation for it dwindling. We don’t tend to think about how our clothes are made, we care about what they look like but a machine churning out thousands of copies of the same item isn’t really worthy of our time. However, beautiful hand crafted pieces still exist and how they are made certainly deserves appreciation. Such items are an investment that should last for years to come as opposed to the 6 month trend pieces we tend to pick up on the high street. The video is short but spectacular, catch it and a wonderful description after the cut.

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Elizabeth Gadd’s Breathe

posted by on 03/08/2014

Silence, awe, beauty and peace of mind is what Elizabeth has put in her caption for the album and I can definitely feel all of that whilst browsing through her imagery. Her photography combines breathtaking landscape shots with a human figure to give it a more emotional attachment and interaction; a soul looking for answers in nature’s beauty. The 21 year old photographer has travelled around the Canadian wilderness to places like Iceland to capture this set of incredible imagery. Happy Sunday folks, go out and explore! after browsing this post that is…

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Alessio Albi’s Portraiture

posted by on 30/07/2014

Who says photography is only for creatives? In fact, let’s not get started on the ‘creative’ debate. Everyone’s born with creativity, some just chose to practice theirs more than others. Nutritionist and photographer, Alessio Albi has a passion for expressing his art form through incredibly atmospheric portraits of young women lost in their thoughts. His use of lighting (both natural/flash) is what grabbed my attention; lovely mixture of dark tones and shadows combined with overlays over his models which result in beautifully moody compositions. Right, time to get back on the portrait game after this feature, I never really shot more so if you’re interested in one, hit me up: click here.

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Rog Walker – A Photographer’s Craft

posted by on 28/07/2014

I’m not sure how I let this one slip under my radar when it first came out. VSCO as you all know are redefining the way we process digital photography and their editorial/film content online is an even greater inspiration platform. Teaming up with one of my favourite photographers, Rog Walker to share a segment of his story which includes what photography and the ability to create means to him. Photography like any other medium is a physical manifestation of what is birthed in the mind of the creator. He sums it up nicely: “For me, it not just about taking a pretty picture. Photography is my voice; the goal is to speak eloquently.” Watch the full short on the reverse.

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Create and Explore by Ta-Ku

posted by on 28/07/2014

The Y&Y team are big fans of the folks over at VSCO. We are regular users of their iPhone app and editing presets, followers of their journal and a few of us even have our own VSCO grids (Adam, Niran). Posted on the VSCO blog recently was an introduction in to Create and Explore – a new initiative set up by the talented Ta-Ku. With the project being a collaboration of music and photography, Ta-Ku is the perfect curator to make this something visually and audibly fantastic. He pairs beat makers with photographers to create audio/visual stories that are truly captivating. The second instalment of the project brings together musician ESTA and photographer Michael Salisbury all graded using VSCO. Check it out after the cut.

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Hidden Gems | A Hidden London…. by Nick Knight

posted by on 23/07/2014

So we’ve been asking you guys to share your hidden gems and inspirational locations around the city with us, thanks to all of you that have done so so far! As part of the campaign, fashion photographer Nick Knight took to the streets of London to share his hidden gems. Using his craft, Nick took us on an inspirational journey across the city through what can only be described as a real-time exhibition, hosted on Twitter. Equipped with only is iphone (and a good pair of walking shoes), he captured the spots that we take for granted in our city. His locations have been added to a map on pinterest which you can check out after the break. You might want to check out our hidden gems too, never know, you might even see our own!

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