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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

British Airways – Social Symphony

posted by on 09/08/2012

British Airways has launched the #HomeAdvantage campaign encouraging the nation to stay at home and support Team GB instead of going on holiday during the Olympics period *Cough Cough Yin*. Check out our visit to Earls Court to watch the Olympic Womens Volleyball Quarter-finals and details on how you can support #TeamGB & #HomeAdvantage after the cut…

The Worlds of Viral Video by PBS Digital

posted by on 31/07/2012


Came across an interesting video today by PBS Digital, a 9 minute insight into what makes an effective viral video. What is your audience more likely to share and why? Are your audience inspired enough to share a video and have it associated with their identities? The video features clips that have been recognised as some of the top viral clips since online video became such a phenomenon. This is a pretty informative piece to watch especially if you work in digital, they make interesting points about the meaning of the term ‘viral’, trends and how it has evolved. Watch the video for more interesting points.

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Nike | Find Your Greatness – #makeitcount

posted by on 25/07/2012

6am. I’m on holiday, everyone’s still asleep – God knows why I’m up, stupid ass body clock telling me to get up and do something productive before I hit the beach. I’ve been keeping an eye on my inbox and this just came through at the right time, you already know how much I love my inspirational short films. Nike have just dropped their new campaign for the Olympic period which features a powerful message to inspire anyone who wants to achieve their own moment of greatness in sport/life. The film features everyday athletes from all parts of the globe training, playing, competing, all linked by different locations called London. Wonder why that is…subliminals. Watched the short on the reverse, narrated by Bane/Tom Hardy!

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A Homeless Polar Bear In London

posted by on 22/07/2012

Now this is hauntingly powerful awareness short. ‘As the Arctic melts, the rush to exploit its resources is startling – are you surprised? This is the world we live in, all about rinsing up the world’s resources with man’s infinite needs and wants. The hard-hitting Greenpeace campaign takes us on a trip around London with a female Polar bear who’s in search of food and a new home. The beautifully made short shows us the heartbreaking reality of hyper-consumerism and global warming. Visit to take action on this Greenpeace campaign and help declare the Arctic a global sanctuary. Watch the short after the cut.

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Nike – Find Your Greatness

posted by on 14/07/2012

I said last week that I’d give it a break from posting Nike content as the brand has gotten so major coverage on the website as of late, don’t want to make readers feel as if we’re sponsored by the swoosh. We’re not, we just adore their brand direction and creativity. After two weeks of non-stop events in London, the brand have just unleashed their next set of virals as part of their inspirational campaign – FIND YOUR GREATNESS. They’ve teamed up gold medal winning Team GB athletes – Paula Radcliffe and Mark Cavendish. Great shorts that dig deep into the athlete’s past and reveals what obstacles they had to get over to get to where they are today. More after the cut.

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Nike | My Time Is Now: Wayne Rooney

posted by on 19/06/2012

Easily one of my favourite films from the latest Nike campaign, featuring England striker Rooney, who returns to the playing field in tonight’s group game against Ukraine. It’s short, simple and effective, the close-up shot of him works really well. Shot on 100mm macro lens? The dimly lit location and overall composition adds to the build up throughout the video but what really sets it off is the sound. The flashback commentary is just perfect. Kudos to the team behind this, excellent creative direction.

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10 Most Complained About TV Ads

posted by on 31/05/2012

Yesterday the Telegraph posted an article featuring the top 10 most complained about adverts of all time. The top 10 spans topics from indecent exposure to unnerving violence to full on blaspheme, but topping the list is KFC with their Zinger sandwich meal advert that scored 1,671 complaints; parents were concerned that it would promote bad manners amongst children… it’s a touchy target audience! Other notable entries include the hard-hitting Barnardo’s ‘Break The Cycle’ campaign which caused some upset as it features a young girl being hit repeatedly in the head- the campaign was launched to spread awareness of the domestic abuse of children. Also the YSLOpium’ ad which I have absolutely no problem with…

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Samsung Galaxy Note: David Beckham Commercial

posted by on 25/05/2012

In a world dominated by consumers who exclusively use either a Blackberry or an iPhone, it is perhaps fair to say that other phone brands have got their work cut out in trying to establish their share of the global market. Phone brands have got to catch our attention through advertising, brand development and of course developing cutting edge technology for the use of the phone. Samsung have certainly caught my attention after I just watched the David Beckham commercial endorsing the new Samsung Galaxy Note. Of course, anything that Becks endorses will sell but the phone also looks very impressive. Ironically, since I am pathetically loyal to Blackberry, I just upgraded my phone to the new Blackberry bold 9900 yesterday. However I am now thinking that I should definitely have considered the Galaxy note. Check the commercial and more details out after the jump.

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Pentagram's The Forty Story

posted by on 23/05/2012

How can a video blow me away like this? The attention to detail is immaculate, from the script to the transitions between slides and logotypes. The video is a celebration of renowned design consultancy Pentagram‘s 40th birthday. I ended up pausing it every 4-5 seconds the first time to take in all the different typographic combinations and sleek layouts, it’s flawless. I think I want to work in branding and design at some point in my career – there minimalist aesthetic is similar to my own! I digressed, the video is all about a boy born on the day Pentagram opened and how his life has been tracked (and kerned) by forty years of Pentagram design. What a brilliant way of showcasing 40 years worth of work, I’m in awe. Hop on after the cut to watch.

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Nike Football – My Time Is Now Advert

posted by on 19/05/2012

I think my earliest interest in advertising came through Nikes advertising, especially the football adverts. They ALWAYS go all out and this time is no exception; utilising YouTube’s clickable functionality to tell a story through ‘hidden tunnels‘ in the interactive video. The three-minute film highlights the next crop of star players coming through, like M’Vila, Gotze, Neymar as well as incorporating the young players from Nike’s scouting campaign ‘The Chance‘. Incredible – the kids must have been in dream land whilst filming this advert with footballers who have made it. Think my favourite part has to be the cameo from LeBron James who catches the ball in an Avengers Hulk-esque manner. FuelBand alert, more on the reverse.

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