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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

John Lewis – Christmas Advert 2012 'The Journey'

posted by on 10/11/2012

I rep John Lewis so it’s only natural that I bring to you their EPIC new Christmas advert. John Lewis don’t often advertise on TV but when they do they always make it a special affair. Last years Christmas ad “for the gifts you can’t wait to give” was ranked in the top 5 of  numerous best ad lists and I have no doubt that this new ad will be no different. Head on over to the flipside and watch the lovely journey a male undertakes to buy his female companion a hat and scarf to keep her warm during the very cold winter months. A sweet little story to warm the heart aww lol.

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Nike – Parallel Journeys | Advert

posted by on 04/10/2012

First of two Nike posts today, again I promise I’m not being paid for these. They just happen to have the resource to consistently keep knocking out these flawless advertising campaigns worldwide, this sport titled ‘Parallel Journeys‘ is probably one of the best I’ve seen from them. It’s set in my motherland so I instantly have a soft spot for it; the advert focuses on the millions of young cricket athletes in India who relentlessly seek perfection in their craft, no matter where they are or where they play. I feel it perfectly documents the passion for cricket back home, from the town kids to professionals, Cricket to India is what Football is to England. It’s more than just a sport. See more after the cut.

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Mercedes-Benz Launch #YouDrive Social TV Campaign

posted by on 03/10/2012

Mercedes Benz seeks to innovate with their new social media and TV combined campaign to promote their new A-Class. Utilising X-Factor’s ad breaks and Twitter to drive the action of a three-party story shown this weekend (Saturday 6th – 7th) – I remember hearing how much 30 seconds costs during one of those ad breaks through a work thing, let’s just say 6 digit number was mentioned. Crazy. The German manufacturer and their advertising agency AMV are certainly ambitious with this event which allows X-Factor viewers to interact and decide on what happens next. More on the reverse.

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The Tweet Shop: Kellogg's London Pop-Up Store

posted by on 30/09/2012

To mark the launch of their Special K Cracker crisps Kellogg’s took to Soho to open an experimental pop-up store where customers exchange tweets rather than money for their new product. Located on Meard Street The Tweet Shop boasts a snacking area and a community board, which is actually a screen with a live feed of the buzz being created in real time. The ingenious campaign is topped off with “Special K girls” in the signature red dresses that have become synonymous with the brand, who encourage customers to use the hashtag #tweetshop to post a review or comment in return for a free bag of crisps that would normally retail for 60p. Smart idea.

Words by RICHARD

adidas | The Return of D Rose – Wake Up Advert

posted by on 28/09/2012

Time to show 3 stripe some love for upping their game with this new advertising campaign for the return of Chicago Bulls‘ point guard Derrick Rose. His return has been perfect promotional material for the sports brand, starting off with the mini documentary series and now they’ve just released this commercial featuring Chicagoans freezing in their tracks when the youngest MVP tore his ACL in the playoffs. Overly dramatic but well put together visuals work well; with scenes of rehabilitation and ending with Rose returning to the court. adidas Basketball have definitely hyped up his return to next levels considering he’ll still miss the first few months of the 12/13 season. Watch the advert on the flipside.

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Carhartt WIP Autumn/Winter 2012 Illustration

posted by on 20/09/2012

Here we have Tokyo illustrator SHOHEI yet again showing us the magical wonders of the ballpoint pen. This time SHOHEI has teamed up Cahartt to create a three-dimensional look book style still frame of a persona wearing various Carhartt WIP apparel. It’s actually quite mind blowing the amount of detail that goes into an illustration but also to know that it was done with one of the most basic of tools. A Pen. Props to Cahartt for showcasing some real talent.

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Beats By Dre – Show Your Colour

posted by on 15/09/2012

First bought a pair of Beats just over 3 years ago after seeing Dr. Dre in them, never seen anything like them before. So bright, futuristic looking and fully complementing my overly bright ensemble back then. Then my style changed, white just wasn’t kickin‘ it any more and everyone else seemed to have a pair  thanks to phone companies handing it out for free with their contracts, alas I was fortunate enough to do a shoot for Nike and get gifted a custom ColorWare x England Rugby edition headphones. Three years on, the brand are at the top of the market – why? More on the reverse.

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The Power of Facebook Advertising

posted by on 29/08/2012

If you were to multiply the UK’s population by ten, you would still need to add over 300 million people to that figure just to equal the amount of active Facebook users. Think that’s crazy? Then this pleasing on the eye infographic courtesy of Facebook Studio will make for some very interesting reading for you. That is despite this timely campaign being aimed at businesses with the power to soften the blow of Facebook’s rapidly plummeting share price since listing on the Nasdaq in May. Nevertheless, this does go a long way to reminding us just how widely used Facebook has become around the world. Check the full poster under the hood.

Words by RICHARD

Samsung GALAXY Note – Y&Y Olympic Animation

posted by on 24/08/2012

Samsung invited myself and 3 other diverse bloggers to experience London 2012 equipped with nothing but the new GALAXY Note to document our adventure. Over two days, we worked closely with a team of talented creatives, animators and illustrators to create some amazing animation & video content. Ever wondered what I would look like in Anime form…find out on the reverse.

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Jessie Ware – Devotion Billboard

posted by on 23/08/2012

You may be thinking why the heck is he posting about a billboard, trust me – it’s not any ordinary b billboard. It’s one that Redbull Music Studios and Studio Moross has co-created with members of the public. They’ve produced an interactive billboard design for Jessie’s debut album Devotion, which was completed with the help of the public. The poster consisted of empty dots which needed to be coloured in to reveal the album artwork. A brilliant concept, in a day and age where it seems all things are digital – this is an excellent way to stand out by moving things away from digital and actually engaging first-hand with the fans. I wonder if Jessie made it down, more imagery on the flip reverse.

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