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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Dior Homme – ‘The Film’

posted by on 02/09/2013

Simple, effective and classy. Dior Homme‘s latest fragrance film features Hollywood hearthrob Robert Pattinson with model Camille Rowe in a classy and elegant B&W short film directed by Romain Gavras. The music is everything, classic Led Zeppelin track helps build up the tempo through out the short. The simplicity of the cinematography is what does it for me, huge contrast to the Guerlain short which goes down the fantasy route. Watch after the cut.

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The Legend of Shalimar by Guerlain

posted by on 02/09/2013

Mega-productions are certainly up and coming in the advertising world. With the likes of Cartier raising the bar back in 2012 with L’Odyssée, Samsung killing it with a couple of gems for their Smart TV’s and VW China with this Tron-like visual effects overload for their Golf GTI. Now, a new leader emerges. Luxury fragrance brand Guerlain have just released this new (5:45 long) epic film to promote their new fragrance, featuring none other than the beautiful Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova. Think Final Fantasy meets Game of Thrones, featuring a legendary love story in India, it contains everything you might expect – from a long-haired, horse riding Khal Drogo lookalike to an incredible snow-covered, mountainous landscape. The visuals are spectacular, whether you appreciate the luxe brand advertising ways or not, and is well worth the watch after the jump.

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Douwe Egberts – Free Coffee Machine

posted by on 29/07/2013

I’ve started setting my alarms for 4.45am to get in werk before I go to work. Coffee is pretty much essential when you get up this early as crashing is more than likely around 8am, well at least I think so. As it could be all just be a placebo effect and funny that, I’ve just given it up for a month as of yesterday. Two espresso shots in the space of an hour really messed up my system leaving me all light headed and dizzy. Douwe Egberts‘ utilised the phenomenal effect of coffee in their latest brand activation, each person who walked by and yawned in front of their machine fitted with a camera and detector – received a free cup of their coffee. Watch on the reverse.

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This is Myspace

posted by on 25/06/2013

Myspace have had hard a hard time of late and with the arrival of Instagram’s video feature little over a week after Myspace launched their This is Myspace campaign, it’s fair to say the social media thunder may just have been stolen, again.

Words by RICHARD

Heineken – Road To The Final | Advert

posted by on 03/04/2013

So nicely done. They debuted this earlier tonight during the Champion’s League game between the Barcelona and PSG game which is the best and probably the only time you’d be able to keep hold of people’s attention for such a long time. Heineken have been known for their big adverts over the years and this one is no exception. ‘The Final‘ sees Heineken reward a huge football fan, an opportunity of a lifetime with a ticket to the UEFA Champion’s League Final. One issue, he’s half way across the world with only 48 hours to get there. The race is on and that’s where the narrative kicks in. The epic voyage from the Amazon to London takes the main character through a rather Indiana Jones-esque path through the jungle, cities and interesting characters.

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Test Drive The New Renault Clio

posted by on 01/04/2013

We all know that advertising is big business and brands pay ridiculous amounts of money to place their ads in prime time TV slots, however it’s not always TV ads and print media that make a lasting impact. Sometimes it takes a little bit more creative thinking and the good folk over at Renault have done just that. Creating a unique driving experience they shocked two unsuspecting guys and two girls by bringing a dose of France to the streets of the UK during their test drive of the new Renault Clio. The creative and completely shocking tactic is more than likely to be imbedded in the minds of these potential customers and will certainly have them spreading the news about Renault and their new car. I would love to go a test drive like that, peep the videos on the flipside to see exactly what I mean.

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Nike – Vapor Trail | Advert

posted by on 19/01/2013

Nike Football- Vapor Trail Cristiano Ronaldo

Bam, what a hectic 24 hours. Time to get back to posting – we’ve got a big announcement coming on Sunday. Right, I’m sure the more informed ones out of y’all have already seen this but we just had to share it to the rest of our readers. I’ve sung the brand several praises for the adverts over the years and Nike just don’t disappoint when it comes to creating visuals. Always refreshing. Always a cut above their rivals. More on the reverse.

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Home for Christmas BBH Fundraising Project

posted by on 19/12/2012

bbh barnardos home for christmas xmas fundraising

Every year around 75,000 children are at risk of spending Christmas homeless, for that reason, BBH in support of Barnardo’s, has launched a new fundraising project. ‘Home for Christmas‘ asks you to donate whatever you can spare to this cause and in return you’ll be entered into a a daily draw. Each day, BBH will select one entrant and they will receive a bespoke snow globe containing their house using 3D printing. The final draw will be midnight on 21st December, find out more after the break.

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Lincoln | Journey Advert

posted by on 06/12/2012

Car company ‘Lincoln’ deliver stunning visuals and thought-provoking story telling in their ad ‘Journey’. Visually, the advert is a montage of different aspects of a journey, the journey of life. The whole composition though simple, is very engaging and somehow cinematic .The clip comes stuffed with quotes that can be applied to our own lives, ‘don’t try to be all things to all people, but rather everything to a certain few’. I love the messages behind this ad, it’s hard to believe they’re trying to sell cars here.

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Mercedes SLS AMG – Desire | Advert

posted by on 30/11/2012

It seems like Mercedes are trying to branch out into a much younger demographic with their recent campaigns – I’m sure you all came across the ‘interactive‘ social advert featuring grime rapper Kano. This latest TV spot is all about controlling your own desires or letting the desire take control over you in a Devil-like manner. Scottish actor Dougray Scott plays the main role in this advert as a long lurker in the city, till he finds the SLS. Not quite sure how he managed to acquire it in the film but hey – ‘Desire is something you can’t control’.

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