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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]


posted by on 14/01/2014

It’s been almost a month since the last Eargasms – major slacking on our part and we never really see much new music cropping up over the Christmas period. We’re back now with some of the best new tunes from 2014 so far, see what you think after the cut. I’ve become a lot more strict with what I download and add to my library these days – not many songs will get more than 5 plays so they don’t need to be added to iTunes. Way too much mediocrity.

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Francesco Paleari’s Merged Portrait And Landscape Photography

posted by on 06/01/2014

Francesco Paleari‘s portraiture meets landscapes photography project is mesmerizing – the beautifully composed black and white images showcase Milan’s architecture with side profile shots of the city’s residents. These would be perfect for a Visit Milan campaign – simple and effective. Naturally my eyes sway towards the left before focusing on the landscapes, love how he’s blended the two in perfectly with one side being serene and the architecture being more dramatic. Have a gander after the cut.

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Nike Flyknit Max

posted by on 06/01/2014

Everybody’s favourite sneaker meets everybody’s favourite sneaker innovation – the Flyknit Max. A combination of Flyknit technology with the ultra-cushioned ride of Air Max. It’s incredibly comfortable with the Air sole and supportive with its upper. We managed to get our hands on a pair mid-way through last month – DJB roadtested it, well I say test – more in a day to day situation rather a performance test. It’s a great shoe in terms of build and flexibility but I’m yet to see many runners wear them. Everyone’s in a Flyknit or a Lunar sole running shoe. More on the reverse.

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Brendan Dawes – Kennedy App

posted by on 05/01/2014

Good timing with the start of the year. The Kennedy app allows you to capture the now in a new way without having a dear diary type note. I tried Day One app for a while and it did the trick for about 6 months till I lost interest – why? Obviously in this always connected world, my brain just couldn’t handle inputting one line a day. That’s where I think Kennedy comes into play – with one-tap it’ll will capture your location, the date and time, the current weather conditions, the latest world news headlines together with what music you’re listening to at the time. You can also add a note or a photo and then save it to the archive of captured moments. If you’re like me and easily forget what you did last week, heck yesterday then this may be the app for you.

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Lego – Megafactories

posted by on 29/12/2013

A lot of my holiday has mostly been spent doing the following – eating, more eating, playing PS4, reading and finding things to watch online. This falls under the last category – as far as I can remember Lego has been an integral part of my childhood and a source of creativity. Using my imagination to create the craziest of objects using these building blocks was one of my favourite activities, I miss the simple life. National Geographic‘s Megafactories takes a close look at the Danish building block company – their creation process to cultural impact. You’ll be surprised how much time and dedication is put into making the perfect Lego block.

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NikeFuel London

posted by on 23/12/2013

Last week, y’all probably saw the release of the NikeFuel Paris film all over the internet. Here’s the London edition – same concept, different city. Only so much you can do with this type of film and it encapsulates what our city is all about: the hustle and bustle, constant movement to bend, move, dance, twist, run, jump, volley, and break limits. I’m really digging the new FuelBand and the sessions functionality – it’s definitely made me more of an active user as it tracks my gym sessions more effectively. So it’s not just the runners who can get more than 5000+ a day.

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Football – A Game of Numbers

posted by on 18/12/2013

This is a reality check for Football fans across the country. More for the owners and FA but you know they won’t care. Football was once the working man’s game, a weekly escapism from their lives to enjoy the beautiful game. In the last decade, it’s become all about the money-money-money – this short film made by the New York Times tells the story of the growing financial imbalance between the wealthy players, the League’s deals and their fans. Exactly the reason I refuse to pay to go to more Arsenal games, £50 per game – GTFO.

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Bart Synoweic’s Abandoned Places

posted by on 17/12/2013

Lawd. It’s been almost 4-5 months since our last Exploring places post – we’ve planned our next one for the coming Saturday with a few folks from abroad joining us. Pray for us, no idea how we’ll be getting into the joint yet. Toronto-based photographer Bart manages to capture and immortalize these forgotten places with great attention to detail, perspective and symmetry. Right I need to up my game this weekend. Images on the reverse.

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Tiempo 94

posted by on 14/12/2013

When you think sportswear for Football, you think chavy jackets and scarves. There really isn’t anything cool about casual clothing for the sport whereas American sports have letterman jackets and iconic jerseys which are much more wearable off court. Nike have decided to create the sneaker for the everyday style that draws from the heritage of the boot that started it all. More on the reverse.

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Reflection #4

posted by on 10/12/2013

Goodness me, these past few months have been challenging to say the least. Churning out the level of content and maintaining the frequency is becoming harder with the intensity of our day jobs, as well as the big challenge of creating meaningful content that leaves an impact on the reader as opposed to regurgitated press drivel. Alas, I digress – this post is a reflection on the past few months since hitting 25. Age ain’t nothing but a number but hitting the quarter century mark has definitely made me reflect more and change my method of thinking on various subjects. After the cut, I’ll break down a handful of things that I’ve come to realise and a few learnings.

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