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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Font Men – Jonathan Hoefler or Tobias Frere-Jones

posted by on 18/03/2014

You’ve heard of these guys if you’re into design at all. Every little thing that we do online now requires a font – heck, what are you reading right now? Fonts are at the core of what made Apple rise above Microsoft’s Window. Jonathan and Tobias noticed the potential in helping the creatives bring their idea to come life through impactful typefaces for all purposes and situations. They explain the process of starting with the H and O as they’re square and circular letters which paves the way for the rest. Fascinating watch. The attention to detail and patience required to create a typeface is mind-blowing.

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New Channel 4 – Aylesbury Estate Ident

posted by on 17/03/2014

All of you, well British folks will be able to identify this famous Channel 4 ident from the 00′s. Well if you pay attention closely, you’ll see how grossly the estate is portrayed in it which is completely inaccurate according to the residents of the Brutalist housing development. The ident includes bin bags, discarded shopping trolleys, plethora of graffiti which was all added in post production to give it a more grimey look. So after a few years of complaints, the Aylesbury residents teamed up with film maker Nick Street to create a realistic portrayal of their estate. More on the reverse.

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True Detective: Main Title Sequence

posted by on 15/03/2014

BACK AGAIN. Dilated. Sorry for the inactivity – I’m going to share what happened to me over the past week in the near future, it’s quite a surreal story but one that deserves to be shared at some point. Everyone’s talking about this show now that House of Cards hype is over and with Matthew McConaughey winning an Oscar – it’s True Detective time. The age of the big budget TV shows with Hollywood A-list stars and True Detective’s title sequence is award worthy. It’s the double exposure imagery consisting of themes, iconography and textures from the show.

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COMPETITION: Win A Redwing Heritage Postman Pack

posted by on 05/03/2014

First competition of the year from us! We’ve teamed up with the good folks at Redwing to giveaway a special pack that contains the new Postman shoes and a limited edition Postal bag. I don’t really need to break down why you should be entering, just go google Redwing and you’ll see the quality of their products. My favourite purchase of last year was a pair of their sturdy boots and I know it’s going to last for a while. How to enter on the reverse.

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posted by on 04/03/2014

No script necessary. Stunning visuals and great chemistry between the lead actor and actress is all you need as this short film displays. It’s an elegantly shot and graded film about two young lovers in the South of France who seem to be enjoying their summer together. It’s like the perfect story of summer love with all the dreamy shots and fast cuts with the music keeps you drawn in till the end. Funnily enough I recognised the actress Coco Baudelle off my Facebook, I still don’t know why she added me as a friend a few years ago but hey. Watch on the reverse.

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What Moves You?

posted by on 04/03/2014

This one’s for the runners out there! I’m definitely not a runner, do sprints in between sets count? That’s as far as I go in terms of running. This beautiful short film from WhatsMovesRunners explores the POVs of runners from various walks of life whilst exploring their inspiration and motivation that cultures associate with running. This film explores deeper beyond the reasons of health, stress, competition to a more intrinsic compulsion that connects people who choose to run for enjoyment regardless of genetic, ethnic, socioeconomic, religious or physical differences. It’s beautifully shot using a couple BlackMagic cameras, the aerial shots are what grabbed my attention in the first place along with the beautifully crafted narrative. What moves you?

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DHL – Trojan Mailing

posted by on 03/03/2014

Back to normal here at Y&Y towers for now. Quite a few of the team have been on international escapades over the past week, you’ll see soon enough on the site later this month. Speaking of changes and disruption, DHL went about their latest advertising campaign by getting their rivals to advertise for them. This was done through sending cooled blacked out boxes that reacted to day temperatures to reveal its true colours – ‘DHL is faster‘ plastered across it. Genius? Yes. Innovative? Yes. Fake? Possibly but who cares. It’s gone viral and certainly got the awareness the brand were looking for. I wonder how UPS, TNT and DPD feel about this. Smart advertising in this age of mediocrity and easily forgettable social content.

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Old-Fashioned Tintype Portraits From Sundance

posted by on 19/02/2014

Ridiculously good work from photographer Victoria Will who has been covering the iconic festival for the past few years. In the past, she’s gone for the straight forward and stunning portraits of celebrities in attendance but this year, she chose to experiment with a style that’s inspired by 18th century photography. The whole tintype process is a complex one and one that I’m not educated enough on to explain to y’all, so have a read here. It’s a time consuming, risky and lengthy process – especially when you’re at an event like Sundance and PRs must have gone crazy. More on the reverse.

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Nivea’s #Interngram

posted by on 16/02/2014

Who’s done an internship before? Who hasn’t? I’m looking at you 1st and 2nd year students, do it now! I can’t tell you enough how much of an impact my internship at We Are Social during my 2nd year break had on my career. It’s one of the main reasons I am where I am now and that opportunity came by chance – simply by asking if there was a place going after I had created a bit of content for our blog side. Voila. The good folks at Nivea want to make it easier for you, all you have to do is show your social media skills by taking a photo/video to bring one of their challenges to life and hashtag it with #interngram. More information on the reverse.

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Dakar, Streets of Dreams | Short Film

posted by on 14/02/2014

Absolutely incredible. It’s films like this and Nike’s Undiscovered that make me want to get out of the office and play the beautiful game. A few days ago, I spent my afternoon at our old university, LCC, helping current students through a set of D&AD challenges – one of which asked how we could communicate around the world without a language barrier? Signs and visuals are one form of doing so. Football is also a universal language – the raw passion of the kids in Dakar is beautifully brought to life by this film. ‘In Africa, day after day, children play football endlessly everywhere, hoping to become the next Messi or Drogba’ that’s what it’s all about, it’s more than the money and bureaucracy of FIFA and branding, it’s something that gives these children hope for the future. Watch on reverse.

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