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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Sailor Jerry | Life Outside The Lines

posted by on 12/01/2015

Sailor Jerry Spiced challenges to you to live outside the lines; open up and let your inhibitions go (to a certain degree), become a spirit that is free, independent and in control of its own destiny. The rum has launched their ‘Here’s to Life Outside the Lines’ campaign with the introduction of a short film which celebrates the spirit of rebellion through a lineage of road trips, choppers, wild times and living life to its fullest.

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AKG Y-Series Headphones

posted by on 24/11/2014

When I think of AKG I am reminded of the time that I put these small headphones on whilst I was at work and being completely astounded by the sound that they produced and then bowled over by the price the were selling for (only £50). So when I got news that they were set to release a new a range I immediately paid attention. AKG are set to release their latest collection called the Y-Series. The series comprises of the Y50, Y40 and Y45 BT.

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Europcar | Arsenal vs Swansea

posted by on 11/11/2014

Some people are really hard to buy presents for. My housemate is such a person, everything he wants or needs he goes out and gets it himself.  So when Europcar came to me with the opportunity to come down to the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal play alongside Ray Parlour I knew that this a money can’t buy kinda of present.

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YouTube To Start Music Subscription Service

posted by on 29/10/2014

Fresh from the rumored news that Apple plan to incorporate Beats Music into iTunes comes some news that is sure to displease them. Another competitor in the music subscription sector is close to being unveiled. YouTube have announced that they too are planning to provide a streaming service in the near future but have refrained from releasing any more details about their offer. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that her team was “working on it” and that the service is a near-time goal for the company. Rumored reports are suggesting that they are looking into ways to make their service different from their competitors by incorporating video such as concert clips and other video content. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who will end up on top.

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Apple To Merge Beats Music and iTunes?

posted by on 28/10/2014

When Apple bought Beats for the crazy amount of money they bought it for some people questioned their motives. Some even thought they were crazy however, the latest rumor about their plans to merge Beats Music into iTunes makes their reasoning much clearer. With the rise of streaming services there has been a steady decline in digital music sales so instead of creating an entirely new service to compete with the likes of Spotify Apple decided to go out a buy one instead. Sources are reporting that Apple are currently talking with the big record labels to secure a deal where users would pay $5 for a monthly streaming subscription. If they manage to broker this deal and offer it to new consumers along with their astonishingly large pool of users that already use iTunes, 800 million, then I think it”s pretty safe to that Spotify who charge $10 may find it hard to survive.

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New London Underground Trains

posted by on 14/10/2014

The future of the London Underground is here – well at least on paper. The newly designed tube trains have been unveiled and will hit our lines in 2020. The Central, Barkerloo, Waterloo and City and Piccadilly lines will be the lucky lines to house these future ready trains. Equipped with WiFI, advertising screens and regular travel updates these trains are sure to impress.

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posted by on 07/10/2014

Human emotions are very complex and at times extremely fickle however there is a song to compliment every emotion and this is what I love about music. I also love how one song can have so many different meanings, for the many different ears that hear one track follows a many different meanings and/or interpretations of the track. I wonder what kind of meaning our selection of tracks conjure up this week.

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365 Postcards By Lorraine Loots

posted by on 19/09/2014

Talent comes in many different forms, you can be a great singer, dancer, musician, photographer, cook or artist as is the case for Lorraine Loots. Such talents, may I just add, I am envious of. Lorraine has honed her talents and has been crafting these beautifully crafted miniature paintings for postcards. She was inspired by her home town of Cape Town and began painting a series of these little masterpieces. Each piece is dated and can be seen on her website where anyone is able to purchase depending on availability a pieces are limited. Such is the demand for her work she has managed to sell painting that haven’t even been crafted yet. For those who aren’t able to get their hands on one of her painting fear not as she will be holding an exhibition of all of her work in January 2015. See more of her work and a short video explaining the project after the cut, i’d suggest watching the video on the basis that it was nicely shot if nothing else.

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Jane Long’s B&W Transformations

posted by on 28/08/2014

Australian photographer Jane Long has wonderfuly transformed old black and white images into colourful creative stories. The project came about when she wanted to brush up on her retouching skills, having stumbled across original glass plate black and white images created by Romanian war photographer Costică Acsinte on flickr she became inspired. Inspired to transform these images and give them a new lease of life. Colourising each image and digitally blending her own imaginative compositions, the images have totally taken on a new identity. To find how she created these little gems and to see more of her amazing work head on over to the flipside.

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posted by on 25/08/2014

Small but stellar collection of songs for you this week. The need for a clever and thought out introduction is not there, all that needs to be said is click play, relax and enjoy.

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