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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]


posted by on 20/08/2015

So many people head out on an adventure on their own by taking the plunge and head to a new country by themselves. Whether its a travelling trip or a permanent move, more and more youngsters are taking that leap of faith. I have two friends as we speak who are abroad all alone and as you know our very own Aaron done a round trip of Asia of which he so kindly documented. Now while I think it’s a great idea I just don’t think i’d be able to do it myself, one of the reasons being the loneliness. I need people around me! Fortunately i’m not the only one who feels like this and the good people over at Tripr decided to create an app that helps connect people on their travels. To read more about the app please read on.

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Topman | Short Stories

posted by on 08/06/2015

It may be hard to believe but the sun is out, or at least has been out the past couple days, and when the sun is out the legs come out. Now I personally have never really been one for wearing shorts, i’m that guy you see in the blistering heat still rocking jeans like it’s winter, although over the years i’ve become a little more used to the idea of showing a little skin. Fortunately for me Topman have recently birthed a new campaign dedicated to shorts entitled ‘Short Stories‘. The campaign focuses on four very distinct variation of shorts, chino, denim, sweat and swim. Readers are also encouraged to finish their short story on Twitter and/or upload an image to Instagram of themselves wearing one of the four variation of shorts. By doing this readers will be in with a chance to win a trip for themselves and three friends to Barcelona. To find out more about the campaign and how to enter the competition please click here.
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The Light Bulb Speaker

posted by on 12/05/2015

OK, so this is pretty cool! With the new Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker you can control the brightness of your bulb whilst controlling the music all from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Being the casanova that I am (I joke) I can imagine myself cooking dinner for my date, sitting at the table changing the music to something smooth and dimming the lights as we endeavour to chat and get to know each other. Why this product has me imaging such a scenario I don’t know, maybe subconsciously I’m longing to date :(. Anywho enough about the woes of my personal life lol, currently the light bulb is set to be released in Japan on May 23rd and will cost ¥23,880 (approx. $199 / £130).

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Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Spectacular 7

posted by on 24/04/2015

OMG as if The Lord isn’t testing me enough as I embark on this no unnecessary sweets treats journey in a bid to shape up for an impending wedding, he goes and puts this into my life. The devious little people over at Cadbury have only gone and created a new chocolate bar that basically caters to everyone’s taste. Their new Dairy Milk Spectacular 7 is a 200g chocolate bar that comprises of 7 different fillings, at this point all I have to say is Jesus take the wheel and forgive me if I break my vow and accidentally slip a piece of this chocolate into my mouth. Keep reading to see why I am salivating right now.

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ZIP | Instant Mobile Printer By Polaroid

posted by on 22/04/2015

Polaroid have launched their latest product making it easy for happy snappers on the go to wirelessly print their pictures directly from their phone. The smartphone sized printer prints images on ZINK paper and uses dye crystals that activate when printing begins, this means that there is no ink or toner involved which makes for smooth printing process complete in under one minute. You can get your hands on a ‘ZIP‘ over at Photojojo where prices start from $130 (for 10 prints) and go up to $180 (for 110 prints).

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Play Any Sound On The Instrument 1

posted by on 10/03/2015

This is one piece of cool technology! Nashville based company Artiphon have been hard at work crafting a device that incorporates the sounds of numerous instruments and enables users to make music using a singular piece of equipment. Thekickstarter funded device is aptly names INSTRUMENT 1 and countless customisable options that allows you to play any instrument and create sounds that can’t be matched. The initial goal of $75000 on kickstarter has quickly been surpassed and currently stands at $527,533, peep the video after the cut to see it’s capabilities but be warned you may end up pledging the $349 price tag needed to get your hands on one.

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Song Of The Day | Raheem Bakaré ft Tanika – Purple Sky

posted by on 09/03/2015

The sound track for today comes courtesy of Raheem Bakaré and his sexy single Purple Sky. This track is taken from his debut EP entitled AWOL. I would suggest getting the EP because this guy is seriously talented and his vocals are on point. In the past i’ve put you on to his cover of Sam Smith‘s ‘Stay With Me’ (see here) but it’s nice to share some of his own music with you once again. Enjoy!

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Song Of The Day | Kyra – Higher (Cover)

posted by on 05/03/2015

Today I thought i’d shared something a little different with you all. I woke up, checked my emails and saw that i had been sent a link. I clicked the link which took me to YouTube, the video was of a young lady singing a cover version of Sigma feat Labrinth – Higher. As I was listening I was racking my brain on ways I could share this with you all without it being a random placement on the blog because I felt that I needed to share it so with that in mind I present Song Of The Day. Read on to here the delicious tones of Kyra as she puts her own spin on the song.

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Zane Lowe Joins Apple

posted by on 16/02/2015

In what has come as a surprise to many Zane Lowe has announced that he is leaving BBC Radio 1 to go and start a new adventure in the US working at Apple. Zane has worked for the BBC for over 10 years so his leaving is actually quite monumental. Speaking about his departure the DJ had this to say “I want to thank everyone at Radio 1 for their support and friendship…..The station has allowed me to share incredible music with the country’s best music fans. I’ve loved every minute of it.”. Annie Mac will take over his Monday – Thursday 7pm-9pm slot from March 9th, this means that she will now vacate her current Sunday evening slot. Apple have done well to secure the services of Lowe and will benefit from his vast musical knowledge and general love and enthusiasm for music that spans across many genres.

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The London Eye Is Now Red

posted by on 20/01/2015

Coca Cola have signed a two year sponsorship deal that will see the London Eye turn red at night. Lights will illuminate the popular attraction so that it matches the colour of the soft drinks company for the next 730 days. Though this is good news for all involved with the brand it has brought some unwanted attention and complaints from health campaigners. Does this deal really send the wrong message to our youngsters about having a healthy lifestyle? I’m not so sure because i’m pretty sure that most people won’t even associate the colour of the Eye with Coke. What do you think of the newly crowned Coca Cola London Eye?

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