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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

YouTube To Start Music Subscription Service

posted by on 29/10/2014

Fresh from the rumored news that Apple plan to incorporate Beats Music into iTunes comes some news that is sure to displease them. Another competitor in the music subscription sector is close to being unveiled. YouTube have announced that they too are planning to provide a streaming service in the near future but have refrained from releasing any more details about their offer. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that her team was “working on it” and that the service is a near-time goal for the company. Rumored reports are suggesting that they are looking into ways to make their service different from their competitors by incorporating video such as concert clips and other video content. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who will end up on top.

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Apple To Merge Beats Music and iTunes?

posted by on 28/10/2014

When Apple bought Beats for the crazy amount of money they bought it for some people questioned their motives. Some even thought they were crazy however, the latest rumor about their plans to merge Beats Music into iTunes makes their reasoning much clearer. With the rise of streaming services there has been a steady decline in digital music sales so instead of creating an entirely new service to compete with the likes of Spotify Apple decided to go out a buy one instead. Sources are reporting that Apple are currently talking with the big record labels to secure a deal where users would pay $5 for a monthly streaming subscription. If they manage to broker this deal and offer it to new consumers along with their astonishingly large pool of users that already use iTunes, 800 million, then I think it”s pretty safe to that Spotify who charge $10 may find it hard to survive.

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Timberland Presents… MarkMakers

posted by on 27/10/2014

Timberland‘s latest campaign sees the brand enlist a group influences that have ‘made their mark’ in their respective industries. Aptly titled ‘MarkMakers‘, Timberland selected musicians Sonnymoon and Jesse Boykins, Erin Lowder of Solemn Oath Brewery and fashion photographer and film maker Sean Sullivan. These five creative talents undoubtedly rocking Timberland, share their outlooks on life and their inspirations that drive their passion for what they do. Check out the promo below and read up on the campaign in full on Timberland’s website.

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Throwback Thursday

posted by on 23/10/2014

Jumping back onto music with this week’s Throwback Thursday. I’ve featured Sade before but this track presented itself on shuffle during my commute this morning and I remembered how much love their “Love Deluxe” album. Listen to “Feel no Pain” below, what a track!

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The Death Of Conversation | BabyCakes Romero

posted by on 23/10/2014

See what we’ve become! Mobile phones have become such a big part of our everyday lives to the point where even at dinner with friends we’re itching to check twitter/Instagram/facebook (sometimes in that order). Infact I think some people don’t actually do anything, they’re just admiring their immaculately designed iPhones. Well London based street photographer BabyCakes Romero is surely aware of this; he went around London capturing those guilty of contributing to the death of conversation as we know it. If you spot yourself below, I’d say embrace it. Check his photos below.

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Ampy | Power your devices from your motion

posted by on 21/10/2014

I remember the days when my Nokia 3310 could go nearly 2 days without seeing a charger, now of course in this smartphone era you’ll need to keep a USB cable or battery charger in your back pocket out of fear that your phone will leave you stranded on the tube platform with no access to Instagram. Let me introduce you to Ampy, a wearable device that captures energy from your motion and converts it into power to charge your phone (or any USB-powered device). Walk, run, or cycle… The more you move, the more battery life you get. Get Ampy…

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Red Bull Culture Clash 2014

posted by on 20/10/2014

It’s back. For the fourth time, with four sounds, competing in four rounds, with one winner – Red Bull Music Academy returns to London for their groundbreaking Culture Clash. Entertaining a 20,000 strong crowd, the innovative event hosts a clash of sounds as four groups battle it out to win. This year the lineup is as strong as ever. A$AP Mob, Boy Better Know (reigning champs), Rebel Sound (consisting of Chase and Status, David Rodigan, and Shy Fx), and Stone Love. Yeah. Ridiculous.

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Finisterre | Edges Of Sanity

posted by on 20/10/2014

Edges of Sanity is a short film by Finisterre, a UK based cold water surf company. It’s a beautifully shot short film that marries poetry with surfing; an unusual combination but it works very well. I especially like how this transcends the stereotypes of what surfers are and provides a little bit of insight into a culture that isn’t widely understood as it adds depth and coming from a brand selling a lifestyle, it’s impressive.

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New London Underground Trains

posted by on 14/10/2014

The future of the London Underground is here – well at least on paper. The newly designed tube trains have been unveiled and will hit our lines in 2020. The Central, Barkerloo, Waterloo and City and Piccadilly lines will be the lucky lines to house these future ready trains. Equipped with WiFI, advertising screens and regular travel updates these trains are sure to impress.

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Whisky Elements: Customize your Whisky in 24 hours

posted by on 13/10/2014

A bunch of geniuses out there have set up a kickstarter project that will give whisky appreciators the opportunity to customise their favourite whiskys by accelerating the aging process. This could either be a very good thing or a terrible idea depending on whether you’re a whisky snob or not!

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