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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

The COOLEST | The 21st Century Cooler

posted by on 21/07/2014

So in a nutshell, The Coolest Cooler is a portable kitchen upgraded with all the  21st century trimmings we’ve come to deem mandatory. Packing a battery-powered blender; waterproof Bluetooth speakers; USB charging sockets; pod-like storage for plates and a cutlery, a built-in bottle opener and even LED lighting- it’s the ultimate kit for a day out with the family/friends. While this awesome piece of inventory blows my mind, it’s actually quite fascinating the backing it has received this time around. Inventor, Ryan Grepper set his target at a humble $50,000 and so far the project has raised over $6 million and counting! Well on course to become the most successful crowd-funded project thus far. Great idea but also good timing I’d say… I guess the sun has gotten everyone gassed hence they be throwing their money all over this Kickstarter gig! Might have to sell this idea back home with an added hot plate and Jollof Rice dispenser =  winning. So to sum up, the The Coolest is bloody cool… sorry, not sorry. Check it out

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BOSE – Scene Unseen | Dancehall In Japan

posted by on 20/07/2014

Everyone’s always been fascinated by subcultures and scenes, whilst trying to find their own sense of belonging. Bose have created a trilogy of short documentaries exploring music influenced scenes around the world, starting with an investigative look at the rather odd success of dancehall and reggae in Japan. Yes, you read that right. I remember when I first came across a dancehall video from Japan and being completely baffled. I just thought it was a fad, a really niche scene in Tokyo but this documentary says otherwise. It’s a fundamental part of their life and the music, the style and culture runs through them.

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Acura – Pulse | Advert

posted by on 19/07/2014

You can’t knock the importance of sound when making a film, this spot from Chris Sargent for Acura’s Pulse is evidence. The pacing and build up is beautiful with all the bokeh and cutaway shots to show the car from different angles. The sound is what takes you on the journey and slowly amps up the suspense to a climatic finish that celebrates the car’s performance benefits. ‘When man and machine connect. the extraordinary happens’. This whole spot feels a scene from a Christopher Nolan movie.

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Pay For College Admission Essay

posted by on 18/07/2014

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Lab Pal Zileri A/W 14 Lookbook

posted by on 18/07/2014

Italian fashion label Pal Zileri unveil their lookbook for autumn/winter 2014. With crisp cut tailoring and slim fitting silhouettes, each look is sharp and sophisticated with an earthycolour palette which is complimented by the morbid style photography . The photography is great, I like the sparse surroundings and I like the minimal usage of props which is quite similar to our concept for the NOTCH shoot. These guys don’t usually go down this route; this lookbook is giving me a high-end Zara (which is a good thing).

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Throwback Thursday

posted by on 17/07/2014

“Girl, I, must warrrrrn yoooooooooou”. This week’s throwback is an R&B classic, Poison by Bell Biv Devoe formed from the super cheesy group New Edition. I actually rediscovered this one watching Think Like a Man Too over the weekend; this song pretty much sums up “urban” music of the early 90s. Back then people went crazy over this, it’s no different now – you know if you hear that intro, there’s no option but to buss a running man! Enjoy after the break

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posted by on 16/07/2014

Imagine if Nelson Mandela had today’s access to social media when he was fighting for freedom? Would he have spent 27 years in prison? This project isn’t new, with the video released (almost) two years ago to this day, but the sentiment is no less profound in this day and age of social media activism around the things happening in the world that really matter (I’m nodding to you, #peaceforpalestine and #bringbackourgirls). Check out this awesome 4-minute simulation of Mandela’s life through social media under the cut.

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Larsson & Jennings x Wong Wong – World Cup Watch

posted by on 16/07/2014

Man, life doesn’t quite feel the same since the World Cup ended. Rushing home to watch the daily 9pm game was something I could get used to. Football took over the world for 30 days; advertising, branding, food, collaborations, Rihanna and more; it was definitely eat, sleep, watch football. I’m always sceptical about collaborations and releases during such high profile events as 90% come across as money grabbing schemes with no real authenticity or purpose behind it. If you haven’t heard of Wong Wong then please click here and get acquainted. Football inspired design at its best, real minimalist and wearable on a day to day basis unlike your jersey. They’ve teamed up with one of my favourite brands for a special collaboration watch. More on the reverse.

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posted by on 14/07/2014

Do you fancy having a gasm? What kind of gasm you may ask, well Judging by the title of this post I think it’s pretty obvious that I would suggest a gasm of the ear. In this weeks Eargasms you’ll find tracks from artists who have yet to release an album, one who is gearing up to release their sophomore album and a cover from a relatively unknown artists who has an amazing voice. As ever we are diverse in choice but slight in standards and our standards are high.

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Google – The Long Walk | Short Film

posted by on 11/07/2014

A beautiful film piece on an inspiring story of a person who holds a unique achievement in India’s history. This film is a celebration of democracy and one man’s persistent effort and belief in the system. His passion and joy conveyed through the film is just wonderful to watch and not to mention it’s shot exceptionally well. India’s a funny country when it comes to politics; everyone’s aware of what’s going on and active when it comes to protests and voting. Around 65% of people voted which is crazy considering the population is over a billion. Here we struggled to get 20% of people to vote. Watch the short film on the reverse.

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