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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Make Every Yard Count

posted by on 31/03/2014

This is the kind of work I’d like to produce, it’s something I would look back at over the years and say ‘damn I’m still proud of that ad’. Nike India released this short film to celebrate cricket – if you’ve ever been to India, you’ll know what the country is like when it comes to the sport. I’m probably one of a few Indians that doesn’t like the sport but this film has made me want to play. Anywhere. More after the cut.

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Young Blood, Old Shot

posted by on 28/03/2014

Film is dead. Long Live Film. Between the accessibility of the the digital camera and ubiquitous nature of the camera phone, its no wonder that the world of analogue photography is being dwarfed in mainstream. Despite the slow but reassuring resurgence over the past few years, the analogue club is still pretty inaccessible for the uninitiated. Luckily for those with an interest in the craft, two London-based photography collectives are celebrating the young mavericks who are keeping the art form alive…

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posted by on 25/03/2014

Better late than ever. Never late is better. Apologies for that Drake quote but it made my point clear. Here’s a few new songs for your ears, still not as many as we usually come across. I guess we’ve become somewhat picky when it comes to new music. So much mediocrity everywhere.

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Pepsi Max – Unbelievable Bus Shelter

posted by on 25/03/2014

A few weeks ago Yang posted the “Blowing in the Wind” Apotek Subway Ad, a super cool and innovative advertising board that reacted to the arrival of a train. Well, it looks like they’re not the only brand to reinvent the very traditional method of advertising, as Pepsi Max follow suit. They have installed what they call an “augmented reality experience” at a bus shelter on New Oxford Street to attract the attention of those waiting for the iconic red bus. Watch their reaction as a tiger bounds towards them and a group of UFO’s appears as they look down the street.

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HTC One Skatepark at Selfridges

posted by on 25/03/2014

HTC One are collaborating with Selfridges to build a free Skatepark in the old Selfridges Hotel on Oxford Street to run in line with the Selfridges SS14 Board Games Campaign. Creative agency Prime & Fire were commissioned to build the temporary four week pop-up skate spot that will run from 27th of March to 19th of April. In the meantime a beautifully shot teaser featuring London’s very own Daryl Dominguez skating around London Bridge and St. Pauls has recently dropped.

Words by RICHARD

Wes Anderson – Centered

posted by on 20/03/2014

If you haven’t seen Wes Anderson’s, The Grand Budapest Hotel, it’s well worth watching. It has a great cast, magical cinematography, beautiful colour palette and is ultimately a really fun comedy caper. All his films have a very particular visual style that is hard not to find visually pleasing. This excellent little short highlights one particular troupe, symmetry and centering. I’ve always tried to avoid symmetry and centering when taking photographs or back in school when I was working on art projects, however Anderson utilises it to such great effect that I’m quite inspired by its use. Check out the video and see just how precise he gets it.

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Acronym Acronymjutsu – SS14 Collection Video

posted by on 19/03/2014

Finally a collection video that actually shows you the collection. No sexualised males or females prancing around here, just one ninja (no not Derek). ACRONYM are always innovating in terms of technical features and functionality, without abandoning aesthetics. I would love to get hands on with some of their stuff because the details seem endless. You’ll need deep pockets if you want to shell out on this stuff and it might be a while before the high street catches up.

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Google Reveal Android Wear OS

posted by on 19/03/2014

Everybody and their grandmother in the tech world is jumping on the wearable technology hype. Most of what we have seen from that corner of the market has been the introduction and endless speculation about Smart Watches. Samsung have already released their Smart Watch to the world as have some other brands but the one many are looking forward to is the inevitable release of Apple‘s currently mythical variation dubbed ‘iWatch’. With talk suggesting that the iWatch is set to be revolutionary Google, not to be outdone, may have pipped Apple to the post with the unveiling of their new operation system specifically designed for Smart Watches and other possible wearable technologies called Android Wear. Peep the short video they have release showcasing what Android Wear can do.

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Font Men – Jonathan Hoefler or Tobias Frere-Jones

posted by on 18/03/2014

You’ve heard of these guys if you’re into design at all. Every little thing that we do online now requires a font – heck, what are you reading right now? Fonts are at the core of what made Apple rise above Microsoft’s Window. Jonathan and Tobias noticed the potential in helping the creatives bring their idea to come life through impactful typefaces for all purposes and situations. They explain the process of starting with the H and O as they’re square and circular letters which paves the way for the rest. Fascinating watch. The attention to detail and patience required to create a typeface is mind-blowing.

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posted by on 17/03/2014

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