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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Throwback Thursday

posted by on 27/02/2014

*Clears throat and prepares falsetto* “I was just froooontin” is this week’s Throwback track- it was Pharrell Williams‘ debut single released in 2003 featuring Jay-Z and of course produced by Pharrell… well The Neptunes. Listening to some his new album prompted me to listen to his old stuff to remind myself that he’s a genius, not sure what my verdict is on the GIRL yet though! Anyway enjoy Frontin’ after the break.

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Octavio Aburto Underwater Photography

posted by on 26/02/2014

An incredible sight but also the kind of imagery that makes you itch slightly! An American photographer by the name of Octavio Aburto has spent most of his life researching marine biology documenting everything from the odd fish to swarms of the little creatures travelling meticulously in sync. Here Octovio photographs an ensemble of harmless (as if) fish swimming in a tornado shaped swarm somewhere in Mexico. Not that I would ever go scuba-diving but if i did, I would find this pretty scary, so props to this photographer and his accomplice (can be seen in some of the shots) as these shots are so beautiful and really quite unique. Chilling photos after the break.

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The Worlds First Human Loop the Loop

posted by on 24/02/2014

There are some things you think you’ll never see, in some cases just because they are too mad to really consider. However, the guys at Pepsi Max clearly consider everything. Like the possibility of a human running through a loop. They have acquired the talented Damien Walters, famous for this YouTube stunts, gymnastics and parkour, to take on the challenge. I won’t reveal whether or not he achieves the unbelievable. Check the video out on the reverse to find out.

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The Test of Fitness

posted by on 24/02/2014

Shhhh, don’t say this too loud, it’s a taboo word in many a gym. Crossfit. Yes, the oh so controversial. That aside, Crossfit combines strength and conditioning in workouts of “constantly varied functional movements,” that claim to be a true test of fitness. While I’m yet to take part, I can’t help but be intrigued by the merging of aerobic, lifting and gymnastics exercises. In this short documentary, Crossfit athletes put forward their case on why the annual Crossfit Games is the ultimate test of fitness. If you’re interested in developing the strongest possible version of yourself then it’s difficult not to be drawn in, and if you disagree with it, well the 2013 games winner claimed a $275,000 prize, so why not go ahead and prove how easy it is? Jump on board after the cut to find out how fit you really are!

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3D Gifs

posted by on 22/02/2014

I’ve seen many gifs in my time however I had never until a few days ago encountered a 3D Gif. The 3D effect is created by inserting a solid line (usually white) or two on to the clip. As an object moves from the background to the foreground crossing the solid line(s) dividers the audience’s eye translates the image into a 3-dimensional sequence, the manipulation of the human eye is what does the trick. It seems simple but is oh so effective. Take a look at some of these cool 3D gifs when you read on.

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The Superdesk

posted by on 21/02/2014

I love when people challenge the norm and come up with an idea that is not only super cool but practical at the same time. Clive Wilkinson Architects has provided The Barbican Group, a digital creative agency based in New York City, with a less than traditional seating solution for their 125 employees. Based on a Fiat race track, he has designed one continuous desk that not only houses all employees but also creates small semi private areas which are big enough to hold meetings in. The desk also double up as storage with it’s ability to hold books and other such things one would keep on a shelf. I think this is such a good and well executed idea, maybe I get him to hook us up here at Y&Y HQ. They have produced a short video showcasing their new workspace, peep that after the cut.

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Life On The Margins In Pakistan

posted by on 20/02/2014

As I continuously grow more excited and restless to graduate and do some travelling over the summer, I’m regularly checking out photography from around the world. While I contemplate how I will capture my travels, it’s important to stay inspired and Adam has had me itching all week following his Through the Lens | People in Paris feature. This evening I came across an article on Reuters by Zohra Bensemra in which she documents her approach to shooting in the slums of Pakistan. Bensemra captures far more than still images and also opens your eyes to the challenges of shooting in such a location. Check out her photography and an extract from her article on the reverse.

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Old-Fashioned Tintype Portraits From Sundance

posted by on 19/02/2014

Ridiculously good work from photographer Victoria Will who has been covering the iconic festival for the past few years. In the past, she’s gone for the straight forward and stunning portraits of celebrities in attendance but this year, she chose to experiment with a style that’s inspired by 18th century photography. The whole tintype process is a complex one and one that I’m not educated enough on to explain to y’all, so have a read here. It’s a time consuming, risky and lengthy process – especially when you’re at an event like Sundance and PRs must have gone crazy. More on the reverse.

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Making a Sigma Lens

posted by on 19/02/2014

An art? A Science? A magnificent feat of engineering? Check, check, check. We rarely stop to think what goes into objects we may use everyday. We take for granted the attention to detail, precision and extensive work that is put into, what we now consider, essential items. This is the result of such a fast paced modern existence, however Sigma have created an enchanting short film that briefly slows everything down with some soothing music and documents the fidelity of building a Sigma lens. Check out the video and you’ll definitely think twice before throwing your lenses around in the future!

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How Big is Google?

posted by on 18/02/2014

Did you know that a decade worth of video is uploaded to Youtube each day? Did you know Google was actually called “BackRub”? And have you ever heard of Deepmind? Stumbled upon this interesting short documentary- it highlights integral parts of Google’s history and reminds you of the acquisitions they’ve made over the years… at that point you realise just how many pies Larry and Sergey have got their fingers in. Must admit, I have more than a few concerns after watching this but everyone knows Google IS Skynet. Aside from that, it also provides some insight into Google’s latest developments and what we could be seeing from them in the not so distant future.

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