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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]


posted by on 24/06/2013

A little break but we’re back once again with our latest installment of Eargasms. Get into it and get down to it because we have selected some of the freshest tracks to of hit the net this past week.

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Feet To The Fire

‘Feet to the Fire’ is from Kelly’s latest album, it was produced by the genius that is Pharrell. The track is a smooth R&B composition, that would absolutely find itself on my house party playlist- there is just so much groove on this track. Listen and two-step (mildly).

Selected by Yang



Songs That Reminds Me Of You

Having got fans excited with the release of his debut single ‘Remember Me’ Daley is finally back with some new music. Though new music doesn’t bring more news surrounding his album release what it does bring is the news of a brand new EP. Songs That Remind Me Of You is a very soulful and saultry track blessed with all the goodness that his voice brings. We’ve waited a little while but as he once sang good things come to Those Who Wait!

Selected by DJB



Let Nas Down (Remix)

How exciting is hip hop right now?

One of the most talked about tracks from J. Cole’s Born Sinner LP, released last week and currently at #7 in the charts was ‘Let Nas Down’, where he spoke of letting down his musical idol, Nas. Well, Nas decided to respond – publicly. Releasing his first material in a while, he jumped on Cole’s ‘Let Nas Down’ to tell the Carolina rapper how proud he is of him, and the two exchanged heart warming words on twitter about the track. Listen to Nas revere his young contemporary now.

Selected byTahirah



Love Lost

I stumbled across this little freestyle from Hawk House’s leading lady Chioma Wodu on my Facebook. I’ve always been a fan of her airy vocals and her attempt at a freestyle over Iman Omari’s Love Lost beat is killer. So chill and calming. Have a listen.

Selected by Yin



Small Town Lad Sentiments

Norwich MC Context delivers an ode to his middle England brethren with his single ‘Small Town Lad Sentiments’. Offering social commentary over computer-driven UKG influenced production, Context delivers words of disenchantment and struggle with an off-beat flow somewhat reminiscent of a young Mike Skinner (who is championing the MC). While not what you’d typically hear pumping out from my jukebox, the refreshing honesty and catchy beat is worth a listen.

Selected by Tahirah



Small Town Lad Sentiments

Ang Low’s alternative-tinged pop jam is a beautifully crafted manifesto of love and devotion to that one true love we all yearn to find. It’s a wonderfully thoughtul and laid back composition that glides along smoothly over a soft stream of guitar chords and the track is set apart from your average pop song once its subtle touches, off-kilter percussion and Low’s addictivley raspy tone begin to work their magic. It’s hard to predict which direction his overall aesthetic will veer but judging by the sole release on his soundcloud page, I’ll be along for the ride regardless.

Selected by Richard


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