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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Reflection #1

posted by on 17/04/2013

I’m bored of the Dope Quote title. I think I’ve outgrown it, we’ve outgrown it as a site. Dope Quote has and will always a mini-weekly testimony where I reflect back on the week and what I’ve learnt from my own life. A reflection of one’s life through a quote. If you don’t like quotes being posted on your timeline, feel free to ignore this post. This week’s post will be all about balance and the never ending struggle to find it. What is balance? ‘An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.’ This past month and a half has totally messed with my balance. The site relaunch, 4 times a week gym plan, new job and maintaining all my relationships. The last bit being the most important.

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Bodean’s BBQ Smoke House

posted by on 16/04/2013

Bodean’s BBQ Smoke House does not mess around in the meat game, their kitchens go through a whopping seven tonnes of meat every week. Anyone seen Epic Meal Time? Well Bodean’s put them to shame. Earlier this week Aaron and I had the privilege of visiting not only the Tower Hill restaurant but the magical smoke house in which the meat gets its unique flavour. Check out what we thought and try not to be offended veggies, we’ll show y’all some love soon!

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posted by on 15/04/2013

We’re back after a short hiatus, 4 day weeks with Bank Holiday’s involved meant there wasn’t much new music lingering around the interwebs. This past week has been quite the opposite, so much good music to share with y’all. Head on after the cut.

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Volcomunity by Volcom

posted by on 14/04/2013

Volcom’s Volcomunity collection is a fresh premium line that aims to add a new dimension to the brand and opens them up to a whole new audience. Skate wear brands aren’t generally of interest to Yin&Yang however the overall look is more clean cut and avoids any large, sometimes garish, logos. Volcomunity S/S 2013 Collection is inspired by Volcomunity ambassador Mike Ghost and with the idea of community in mind, we wanted to put together a Y&Y spring/summer look from the collection. With Nike styling, Derek behind the camera and me in front of it *blushes*, you know we had to put something good together.

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Veras Shoes | Spring/Summer 2013

posted by on 12/04/2013

Summer must be here soon if I’m writing this post… *prays*. Veras is known typically for their ‘Cadiz Mesh Slip On’ shoe, but for spring/summer 2013, the shoe brand aims to capture the Mediterranean lifestyle and as usual they’ve produced a line that is modern and stylish all the while in consistence with their back catalogue of classic designs. By putting a twist on traditional espadrilles and meshing lace-up chukka boots with espadrille soles, I’d say this is their strongest collection so far. More after the break.

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Throwback Thursday

posted by on 11/04/2013

I think this post is mine from now on! This week’s throwback track takes us back 12 years to 2000, which seems like a lifetime ago. The track is taken from Snoop Dogg’s fifth studio album “The Last Meal“, it was produced by Timbaland- it’s ‘Snoop Dogg (What’s My Name Pt. 2)’. Snoop Dogg was one of my top rappers and this song is one of the reasons, it’s a classic. This is how you write a gassed record. Enjoy after the break.

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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H3 & H6 Headphones

posted by on 11/04/2013

Stylish headphones have become all the rage in recent months, I feel like the trend really started to boom following the rise to prominence of Beats by Dre. I may be wrong with my feeling but I have personally noticed many brands introducing or placing focus on their own headphones in a bid to steal market share from Beats. Bang & Olufsen are the latest brand to bring attention to their headphone offering.

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Fifty Pence | a Short Film by Eric Kolelas

posted by on 11/04/2013

Fifty Pence’ is the story Darren (a keen gambler) who finds himself at the orders the Parisian Mafia after a heavy loss. His first assignment is to escort an unknown woman (Karina) to their dodgy hideout for unknown reasons. These events form the lead up to the beginning of the film where we see Darren’s struggle to come to terms with his situation and a bond between him and Karina. Fifty Pence was written and directed by Eric Kolelas, more after the break.

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Poster Art 150 – London Underground’s Greatest Designs

posted by on 11/04/2013

The daily commute on the tube for many Londoners is often claustrophobic and stressful making it easy to forget that London is home to one of the worlds most iconic metro systems stepped over 150 years of history. To this day creative designs grace the world of tunnels beneath the city and to commemorate this heritage, the London Transport Museum is exhibiting 150 of the best posters from the archives. Distinctive illustrative and typographic styles are on display in an array of vintage designs that range from advertising new stations, encouraging Londoners to use the tube, escape the cold, save time or even just reach the winter sales more efficiently.

Words by Richard

Nike Chance – Undiscovered | Short Film

posted by on 10/04/2013

I did share this last month during our hiatus via our social channels but I think it’s definitely worth a blogpost for those who missed out. In 2012, the sportswear giant began its global search for footballing talent through trails. Eight players were selected from 75,000 of those who came to the trials across 42 countries in hopes of going pro at the Nike Academy establishment in London. Trust me, if you have a spare 3o minutes at any point today – watch this. It’ll leave you inspired, may even make you want to kick a ball around. The kid’s stories and faith in what they do was definitely moving. More on the reverse.

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