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Ending The Summer with Corona | #THISISLIVING

It wasn’t a bad Summer, right? It just passed far, far too quick. Seems like only yesterday we kickstarted our Summer with WILDLIFE festival, enjoying some good vibes, good music, and with good people. When Corona hit us up asking if we wanted to end our Summer in the same way, it would have been […]

Jack & the Beanstalk @ Stratford Theatre Royal

posted by on 09/01/2013

jack and the beanstalk theatre stratford theatre royal

It’s that time of the year again whereby heroes are cheered and villains are booed upon, whereby slapstick is a way of life and pantomime dames rule the roost. The well-known tale of a young boy who trades the family’s treasured pet cow for several ‘magical’ beans is given a new lease of life in Paul Sirett’s adaptation for the Theatre Royal Stage. More after the break

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With aspirations to escape the harsh realities in which he and his mother find themselves in, Jack’s fortune is set to change, but can he defeat the mighty Ogre? Set amidst an eclectic soundtrack of original music ranging from soul to country and western, urban and hip-hop to jazz, Wayne Nunes and Perry Melius’ compositions proved to be a hit with the audience. I have to say that the cast were fantastic. I loved the contrast of the quirky and eccentric nature of the characters in the mythical world and the ‘normality’ of Jack’s world on Earth. When staging Jack and the Beanstalk, the biggest task of all literally is depicting the Ogre; a task in which I have to say was carried out brilliantly. There was never a dull moment as the cast illuminated the stage with moments of sentimentality and helpings of comedic timing. A festive piece of fun perfect for the family to watch together, I give Jack and the Beanstalk a 4/5.


Jack & the Beanstalk

Directed by Dawn Reid
Showing till 19th January 2013