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Living That WILD LIFE

Believe it or not, summer has started. That means barbecues, shorts and tees, beer gardens, and, of course, festival season. WILD LIFE Festival was our first this year, and being the types who value experiences, we immersed ourselves within the buzzing crowds to share the action from the festival-goers perspective.

Tim Walker – Story Teller Exhibition

posted by on 02/12/2012

Fashion and photography will, thankfully, always go hand in hand. Like the stage for a great play, fashion would be nowhere without the creative expression that photography lends it. You may have already heard of Tim Walker, it is more likely however that you’ve seen his work, particularly his Mulberry Campaigns, which grace the pages of every prestigious fashion magazine. If you have seen them you will undoubtedly remember them for their glorious eccentricity. Take for example just a few of his Mulberry campaigns. Cue human-sized birds in his sitting room-come-Avery for Winter 2011, witness giant ice cream cones and sweets galore in Spring 2012, and see children’s story books come to life with creatures roaming the forest for Autumn/Winter 2012. Each campaign delights viewers everywhere with that little bit of childhood imagination we never quite let go of.

written by CHLOE

Tim Walker – Story Teller Exhibition – Website

For some however, this won’t be enough. For those fans of Tim Walker who, like me, crave more than the photos in our monthly subscriptions, look no further than ‘Tim Walker- Story Teller’- an exhibition I have very fortunately stumbled upon this evening for your benefit and mine. London’s Somerset House is currently offering the opportunity to see not just a collection of Walker’s photographs, but also a chance to see up close some of the props and installations he uses to create his otherworldly extravagances. I believe it to be the perfect day out this winter. Enjoy free admission until its closing date on January 27th. See you there.