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Exploring a Millennial Dilemma

It’s been a very long time since the site has seen a truly personal post, since one of us has shared how we’re really feeling. It’s been almost two years since Yin published, Losing Your Equilibrium, which I remember impacting me greatly when I first read it, one of the lessons he imparted upon us was […]

London Heat – Cardy Films | Short Film

posted by on 10/12/2012

Before I get started on the post, need to apologise for the lack of updates over the weekend. I’ve been focusing my attention elsewhere on potentially a life changing opportunity, pray for me. Ola-Olan combination, I don’t think I need to sing them any more praises – y’all already know how much I admire their work. The latest pilot was filmed for SBTV‘s ever expanding network YouTube channels is an urban drama that actually has depth. I promise you there’s no sign of Noel Clarke or Adam Deacon in this short, hallelujah. More on the reverse.

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Last night, Sami and I attended the screening – the crowd reminded me of a scene out of American Gangster, young black excellence. I felt like the only white guy haha. The film actually looked a lot better on the big screen, grading was more neutral and the sound was something else.

Without further a do, click play on London Heat below. I’m excited to see what this team will bring in 2013!

It is an unusually sunny day in London and the radio speakers are buzzing with the sound of the city. Malcolm (Alex Aplerku) is a street smart kid with lots of ambition. His biggest goal is Jasmine (Rochelle Neil), the girl literally next door, but when it’s evident that her loyalties are split between him and the ‘Man’ (Leemore Marrett Jr), the heat begins to burn in the London estate. What unfolds are a series of events that changes the average perception of young urban life.

Shout out to Ola, Olan, Waiki and Narrow Path Films.