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Exploring a Millennial Dilemma

It’s been a very long time since the site has seen a truly personal post, since one of us has shared how we’re really feeling. It’s been almost two years since Yin published, Losing Your Equilibrium, which I remember impacting me greatly when I first read it, one of the lessons he imparted upon us was […]

Puma Shadow Society Launch

posted by on 16/11/2012

Yesterday evening marked our initiation into a secretive world known only to PUMA aficionados, sneaker heads and respected taste makers as the Puma Shadow Society. Their mission…to bring back to life iconic models from the Puma archive vault, rejuvenated with enhanced detail and quality. Word on the street is the collection is due to drop November 24th…until then check out our sneak peek after the cut

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The Shadow Society consisting of diverse individuals from all over the world has once again ventured into PUMA’s archive to revitalize classics with a focus on premium craftsmanship, fabric and colour. The first initiation will feature the Puma ZDC82 and Puma R698 Trinomic along with the coveted Shadow Society leather lace bags. The Shadow Society was give full creative control; dictating the colours, material and degrees of branding throughout the selection. Kudos on the pebbled leather and suede combination on what is traditionally a performance based silhouette.

For the first time the Shadow Society will also be augmenting their sneaker offering with a range of enlightened apparel and accessories. Oh the logo…basically the Illuminati and Freemason are just a front for Puma’s global domination :]

Puma R698 Trinomic

Puma ZDC82

The above pair are not in the announced release but can’t wait to get my hands on a pair.

Stay tune for a full feature on the elusive Shadow society *Secret Handshake*