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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Canon – Inspired | Advert

posted by on 26/11/2012

Some terrifying moments in Canon’s latest advert, one shown above. We’ve all done at least one of the things shown in the advert before to get the ‘shot’, what lengths have you gone to get it? I think my worst one was recently when I was running after a runner taking photographs, imagine if I slip and fell? I’d do everything to ensure my camera didn’t touch the floor. Even if it meant getting injured myself haha. This is such a simple advert, so nicely put together and resonates with every photographer – beautifully done, Canon. Watch on the reverse.

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Steve McCurry's A World Of Prayer

posted by on 25/11/2012

Divine. A world at prayer is a world at peace – clearly we’re not doing that but hey that’s for another conversation. Renowned photographer Steve McCurry (You’ve seen his photos before, Google it) has captured this beautiful set of photographs capture people embracing their spiritual side – no matter where they are and what they believe in, they all come together in prayer. Steve’s work is just so real, makes you feel connected to the people photographed. Thought this post was fitting for today, happy Sunday!

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Ian Wright – Nothing To Something | Interview

posted by on 24/11/2012

How did this slip under my radar in September? I’ve always been an advocate of stories and the power they have to transform lives. Legendary gooner Ian Wright shares his with the world in this interview. I’ve got to give props to GrimeDaily for the filming and execution of it all, they’ve asked the perfect questions to get some deeply moving answers from the former player. He tells about how Football transformed his life, finding his passion, the importance of having/being a father figure and more on the reverse. I definitely recommend you spare 30 minutes and watch it on the flip side, may make you cry in a few parts.

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Campari Calendar 2013

posted by on 24/11/2012

Ugh, I really need to fix up my knowledge of alcohol brands. I had no clue of who/what Campari was when I saw a tweet mentioning how beautiful their latest calender campaign was featuring Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz. This year’s calender has been shot by Kristian Schueller. He’s captured the actress as she engages with a variety of different superstitions such as black cats, broken mirrors, ladders and cracks – it’s all about self belief to overcome any superstition. The imagery is really something else, beautifully composed and styled shots featuring an abundance of red. See the full calender on the reverse.

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The Weeknd Announces Secret London Gig | Event Preview

posted by on 23/11/2012


Forever enigmatic, Canadian alt-soul crooner The Weeknd has announced a secret gig in London…three days before it’s due to happen. This Sunday 25th November, the singer will deliver a one-off performance in an unannounced West London venue to celebrate the release of his album, The Trilogy. Rather than buying tickets, fans must register on  or Island Record’s The Weeknd page before 9pm GMT for the chance to go. Enter now – OVOXO tings!

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Ed McGowan's Photo A Day Project

posted by on 22/11/2012

Much like our LDN.365 series in 2009 Ed McGowan embarked on a project which saw him take and upload a new photograph everyday for 365 days. Following on from that principle while on a recent trip to Hong Kong and China he decided to document his travels by taking a photo every single day starting from the day he landed in which he took a photograph at the Hong Kong airport. Speaking on the project McGowan commented “It was definitely a task. Back in 2009, I did a 365 project in which I picked up different techniques. For example, I could have amazing city views from high up every day, but viewers would get bored of seeing the same type of photo. So, for this trip, I tried to make sure I mixed things up. I could obviously get amazing landscape shots, but I also made it a point to switch lenses and try different focal lengths and techniques. A good example would be the out of focus shot, which was something I also did during my 365.” Some of the photo’s he took are simply stunning, I already know Yin is going to like this. Take a peak and let us know what you think.

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Throwback Thursday

posted by on 22/11/2012

The other day I came across a mixed CD that a friend gave to me six years ago! Listening through the tracks took me straight back to school days! So what did the sixteen year old me listen to? Fall Out Boy. Jimmy Eat World. Yeah… But I also rediscovered some old favourites. ‘Sewn‘ is the first proper single by British rock group The Feeling. I’d forgotten how much I like this song! Have a listen on the flipside!

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Nick Wooster – Dockers Men Of Style

posted by on 21/11/2012

‘Getting dressed for me is like the window to my soul.’ Each to their own, as much as I appreciate style – it’ll never be the window to my soul. It’s an external expression of an inward feeling on that day but still never that deep! Everything he says about getting dressed is on point, from it affecting each and every one of your relationships to respect. Nick Wooster has style down to a tee, as most of you Tumblr kids know already. He’s somewhat of a demi god on street style sites with his effortlessly cool look. Watch the interview on the reverse.

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Thomas Ekstrom – Norwegian Defence For Monocle

posted by on 21/11/2012

Rather quiet start to the week on the site, knee deep in a Y&Y project that you’ll see on the flipside of 2013. Till then I’ll share as much inspiration I come across as I can, these next few months I’ll be more of a sponge than ever. My photography journey has been pretty special in 2012, even without a portfolio site I’ve started to receive paid work. Finally starting to see the fruits of my labour in 2012, thankful for that. As always I’m constantly looking at others work not to copy but to be inspired for my own. Thomas Elkstrom, a Norwegian photographer has been my recent source of inspiration through a spread he’s conjured up for British website turned magazine, Monocle. More on the reverse.

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Dangerous Lady @ Theatre Royal Stratford East

posted by on 21/11/2012

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Martina Cole’s Dangerous Lady, the international bestseller is adapted for the Theatre Royal stage. After a whirlwind of a love affair leaves her questioning whether life will be the same again, Maura Ryan finds herself swept into the notorious lifestyle of her gangland family. Having never read the book, I have to say that I found Patrick Prior’s stage adaptation a fantastic piece to watch. Claire-Louise Cordwell’s portrayal of Maura was strong and sharp yet vulnerable at the same time. More after the break

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