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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Progress – Virgin Active | #BeYourPersonalBest

posted by on 31/10/2012

It has been almost a month since my last #BeYourPersonalBest post, after failed attempts at Insanity, p90x and even running. I’ve found something that I enjoy, the gym. I never thought me and physical exercise would ever become friends again. What’s different this time you say? I guess it’s most likely because I have a gym buddy, Ricky of TechMog and the Virgin Active UK gym that we attend. It’s the creme del a creme of gyms. More on the reverse.

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If I’m honest, since finishing secondary school, I really haven’t done much exercise. Most of my days were spent sitting on my desk chair staring at my Mac. Sad but true. I’ve tried changing this with Insanity and running in the past but I’ve never wanted to sacrifice my ‘grind’ time to look after my body. Weird, right? Now just later since my last post – I feel AWESOME. Why? I’ve been going gym at least 3 times a week. It’s not about getting hench or die trying for me. We’re switching it up with all types of training from anti-gravity yoga, weights, circuit and running.

There’s multiple factors to why I’m actually enjoying this fitness challenge of mine; one of the main ones has to be the gym that I attend. Everything from the equipment, size and classes make it superior to its competitors. However what really differentiates them are the staff; both receptionists and personal trainers, all know our names and make us feel right at home upon arrival. Trainers are on-hand to pass on advice and help train even though we don’t pay for private lessons – it’s the ideal environment for someone who struggles to get going.

In terms of progress, I guess I’ve broken down the mental barrier of going to the gym. It’s all about dedicating time and getting on with it, putting in that extra little bit of effort each time works wonders. I’ll leave you with a few images – Duathlon (would do Tri but neither of us swim) on Saturday! will post results after it.

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