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FIAC – Curious Collection 2nd Skin Contest

posted by on 21/10/2012

On Wednesday, we were invited down to FIAC, the international art fair in the heart of Paris. The event also celebrates the launch of the ’2nd Skin’ contest from Curious Collection. Contemporary art, parisian architecture and paper masks after the cut

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Driving through the backstreets of Paris, I was once again in awe of the city’s architecture…geometrical avenues lined with boutiques and maisons. My second time in the city, the first being a brief trip stuck working in our parisian headquarters…and what better way to appreciate the city of culture than the infamous FIAC – the french acronym for ‘International Contemporary Art Fair’

I arrived at the Grand Palais (which I have been told has more iron than the Eiffel Tower #Randomfor the Press Preview and was introduced to two out of the three ambassadors for the ’2nd Skin’ campaign which celebrates the launch of four intense new colours in the  Curious Collection SKIN range. Curious Collections is a brand under the Arjowiggins Creative Paper umbrella specialising in high-end creative paper manufactured using environmentally friendly processes.

French Multi-Media Duo – Bonsoir Paris

French Contemporary Artist – Kriki

Curious Collection is committed to showcasing international talent and accompanying designers on their creative journey. Through collaborations and contest such as ’2nd Skin’, it aims to empower the creative community, providing an international platform to express and explore their potential

The contest which is runs until 28th February is open to any creatives who wants to showcase their talent by creating a mask using paper medium. 20 winners will be choosen and top 3 will recieve prizes including unique artwork created by the three ambassadors.

To provide inspiration, the 3 ambassadors were commissioned to create masks that explore the concept of a second skin. The three artworks set a high bar for competitors and their creations will be awarded as the top prizes.

Sculptural mask by Bonsoir Paris uses SKIN paper pummelled and compressed into a block dense enough to be painstakingly craved. It is a celebration of hands as our personal creative tool, the most expressive part of our body. As they explained “We transformed the paper into a mysterious medium so that the material was also masked”

Kriki created created an assemblage of paper elements, folded and pasted one by one. The concept is rooted in African masks and their use in costume, dance and self-expression. “To wear a mask transforms you. It reveals to others your true nature”

The mask of Kako Ueda reflects her pre-occupation with transformation and nature. Her inspiration is the story of Daphne, a maiden in Greek mythology. Kako uses an X-acto knife to cut the intricate detail into the paper, by adding layer upon layer to create a metaphor she demonstrates her view that “A mask…its all about metamorphosis, hiding and revealing at the same time”

Paper was one of the first means of communication and in a world gone digital, it was interesting to see the artform being given a fresh breath of creativity. In between my time catching up with Bonsoir Paris & Kriki, I managed to explore the rest of FIAC. 180 stands from 24 countries. Have a gander