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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

#CrackTheCase | The Heineken Experience

posted by on 28/10/2012

Last week we were invited to take part in Heineken’s Crack the Case experience, as part of their huge campaign in support of the new 007 film Skyfall. The experience included 007-esque secret agent challenges, a bespoke suit fitting by Roberto Revilla, a helicopter ride (which was postponed) and of course a pre-screening of the film. Read about the experience along with visuals after the break. Just so you know, this one’s lengthy!

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The awkward moment when a dude in a suit walked into our open plan office and presented me with a shiny silver briefcase, “be ready at 8am tomorrow” he says firmly. That happened. In the briefcase was a brief on the following day’s plan and some Heineken obviously.

Keeping a good sense of intrigue the whole way through, I was picked up at 8am and taken to a ‘secret location‘. En route I received a mysterious text from an unknown number saying ‘when you arrive at your destination… Find the woman in the green scarf’. Feeling rather disorientated (8am…), I sat back and OD’d on caffeine.

As I arrived at the destination I met the 2 other bloggers from BNTL and Style King as well as the woman in the green scarf; we were sent over to be briefed on our mission for the day. Our first mission of the day was revealed, we needed to observe a crime suspect, wait for him to leave his office and then break in and search it for recording devices….

We then followed the suspect as he made his way down Piccadilly to Green Park station and onto the tube (with a brief case). Collectively we followed him onto the Piccadilly Line and observed him carefully with reasonable distance as instructed. Of course at this point I was sitting directly opposite him; yeah… I got skills ¬_¬

He jumped off the train at Holborn station and made his way to a Travelodge, where he checked in- we waited at the bar. As he came back down and left the hotel, we jolted up to his room and ransacked the joint (lol). We spotted a safe with clues placed conveniently next to it…. Well I say convenient but to be honest we were slightly baffled by these clues which presented them in mathematical form. NO. I thought I’d never have to do maths again after GCSE’s. With help (minimal help), we were able to unlock the safe. In the safe were a selection of images and some other clues which would later reveal our next location. After being alerted by our guy on watch that the suspect was on his way back, we charged out of the premises like nothing happened.

We followed him back onto the tube and this time to Berkley Square, he walks into the square and meets another suspect  (also armed with a briefcase) that came up in our briefing. They make a switch and part ways- we followed our back to London Bridge and just as we suspected, he was headed for the HMS Belfast boat.

As we follow him and a 3rd suspect onto the boat, they enter a room, we waited for them to leave and when they did we entered it to find the briefcase inside guarded by a bunch of red lasers like in one of those movies. We made our attempt and of course triggered the alarm multiple times, but we got the briefcase though. After retrieving the case, we headed back to base to…crack the case. Mission complete.

After cracking the case which contained three chilled top secret bottles of Heineken, we made our way to Saville Row for a bespoke suit fitting by tailor Roberto Revilla- but not before we made a stop at St. James Hotel for a late lunch.

Roberto Revilla | Revilla London

After cracking the case which contained three chilled top secret bottles of Heineken, we made our way to Saville Row for a bespoke suit fitting by tailor Roberto Revilla- but not before we made a stop at St. James Hotel for a late lunch.

Safe to say we were all pretty chuffed when we were told this would part of the experience, and as this was my first fitting- I didn’t really know what to expect. However, when we met with Roberto, he had already come up with a few ideas on what he thought would suit us. We were able to choice from a different range of fabrics, colours, prints, suit linings and of course cut.

Beforehand I was sure I was going to go with the simple, classic, transitional option: two piece black suit. But as I looked through the fabric options, I thought I’d branch out. I got a steel blue three piece suit with paisley lining- I went in.

Fitting will be in a couple of weeks, so I’ll post up about it then. After we were done selecting customising our suits, we said parted ways and made our way to Victoria for the last part of the experience… well I did warn you that it was a long post.

At Victoria Station, Heineken set up an installation to recruit secret agents, it was open to the general public. Before entering, you needed to think of a fake identity which was built around one of three options, a Rockstar, a High Roller or a Russian General. I entered the booth still undecided on a fake identity, had to wing it! To be fair, I know nothing about Russia so I wasn’t picking that one, I obviously chose rockstar.

The first challenge was to endure an interrogation including a lie detector test at the hands of an attractive female agent. Given that I hadn’t chosen an identity yet, I was hardly going to excel in this task! She asked my name and the first I said was…. “Curtis Jackson” ¬_¬. If you’d like to hurl abuse at me for this, you know how to reach me.

“I’m a singer, songwriter, rapper” I said earnestly.
“SING THEN” Oh dear… I’m not the best of vocalists (but I’m okay) so it party dun from there to be honest.
The interrogation was interesting, I knew it was a game and I answered all of her questions but my heart was still racing- guess I’m not a very good liar…

The next round tested hand eye coordination and reflexes. In a nutshell, you needed to hit whichever button lit up as fast as you could in the time limit. The high score was 80… I got 61, not bad I think!

And to end the recruitment process, I was instructed to pick up a bottle of Heineken from a box without setting off the lasers. That was the easiest bit, I think every passed it. After this, you collect your card and qualify! Everyone who took part in this was entered into a draw to win tickets to the Heineken pre-screening and party.

Big thanks to the people at Heineken for involving us in such a cool campaign