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Ending The Summer with Corona | #THISISLIVING

It wasn’t a bad Summer, right? It just passed far, far too quick. Seems like only yesterday we kickstarted our Summer with WILDLIFE festival, enjoying some good vibes, good music, and with good people. When Corona hit us up asking if we wanted to end our Summer in the same way, it would have been […]

Beats By Dre – Show Your Colour

posted by on 15/09/2012

First bought a pair of Beats just over 3 years ago after seeing Dr. Dre in them, never seen anything like them before. So bright, futuristic looking and fully complementing my overly bright ensemble back then. Then my style changed, white just wasn’t kickin‘ it any more and everyone else seemed to have a pair¬† thanks to phone companies handing it out for free with their contracts, alas I was fortunate enough to do a shoot for Nike and get gifted a custom ColorWare x England Rugby edition headphones. Three years on, the brand are at the top of the market – why? More on the reverse.

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I don’t care what audio snobs/anti-mainstream snobs say about them, they’re still quality headphones. I appreciate the sound, try on a pair of WeSC’s and Skullcandy’s and you’ll see what I mean. The company have gone from strength to strength in the past few years, mainly comes down to the marketing team. They’ve got it right with influencer marketing – some of the brand influencers are featured in this latest campaign for their new colorful solo range of headphones.

Do you remember what they did at the Olympics? Controversial but brilliant way of getting around the silly IOC marketing rules. Equally as brilliant as Nike’s London‘ advert when it comes to ambush marketing. Unconventional marketing was the core platform for it’s London 2012 takeover of Shoreditch House where they set up a ‘gifting‘ suite which athletes passed through to pick up a free pair. The result = Beats becoming one of the most recognised brands during the sporting event just by handing out a few hundred free headphones. No ¬£50 million+ million needed. Beat’s in-house marketing team and agencies deserve a round of applause.

I’ll leave you with the latest campaign below. How will you beat it? I want a special Y&Y pair, matte black and white tings.