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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Y&Y 30 Seconds | Derek

posted by on 30/08/2012

What can I say about young Derek-san? He’s the first black Japanese dude I’ve ever come across. The first time I met him, we spoke for about 4 hours about all things Japan, fashion, style, photography, art – basically everything Y&Y stands for and that’s how I knew he’d fit right into the family. In the past few months, he’s travelled from fashion week to NYC to Japan and more, an inspiring journey of self-discovery that many would envy. Hop on after the cut for 30 seconds; find out what about London inspires him and more.

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Your friend has just arrived in London from overseas, where would you..

Take them for dinner

Following a recent recommendation from a friend, if I was looking for a restaurant to impress Shaka Zulu in camden would be very high on the list. The interior of the south-african themed underground restaurant is nearly as impressive as the menu. Their zebra steak is a must for first-timers lol

For a drink

Aqua Spirit is a great rooftop bar, if your lucky enough to be on the good side of London’s unpredictable weather. Great cocktails and even greater views over central London help justify the prices lol.

Another impressive choice is ‘Inamo’ on Regent Street. The oriental restaurant features E-Tables, interactive ordering system which also allows you to watch the chefs cook your dish or order cab #Dope. More importantly is the great range of cocktails…My personal favourites - Sake Mojito and Expresso Martini

Take them shopping

Assuming they have probably already visited large shopping malls like Westfield in their home city…I would introduce them to Good Ol’ Brick Lane. Brick lane and its surrounding areas specifically Shoreditch (I love the Boxpark concept) are much more than a shopping hub, its a insight into the crazy culture of London.

Take them for some GOOD music

I have recently been enlightened to the wonderful world of This Is Wired (Thanks DJB)Prior to my initiation, I did not attend many (if any) monthly live music events. Its a great space to kick back with friends, sip cocktails (preferably containing Sake) and appreciate good music.

Go for inspiration

At the risk of sounding cliché…I can always rely on the Y&Y team Family to provide thought provoking inspiration. Whether I’m in need of ideas or creative input on a project…being stuck in a room with these ambitious and talented individuals usually tends to lead to great results and lots of laughs.

What do you bring to the Y&Y family?

My ancient Japanese wisdom passed down through the generations from my ancestors and like all members of the team, our very different & unique journeys in London united by our interests in Fashion, Music, Art & Life.

Dream job?

Corporate Ninja. For those of unfamiliar with the term (I just made it up), its a vague term used to describe an individual working in the Digital Marketing field involved with creative direction, development of high-level concepts, brand strategy, trend analysis etc whilst maintaining a professional hobby of writing for a successful online publication named Yin & Yang (and occasionally GQ & Vogue when I have time) 

If you ever left London, where would you go?

More appropriately, I think the question should be rephrased “When you leave London, where would you go?” and I think its safe to say the majority of people reading this post can confidently guess.

I plan to pursue my dreams of becoming a Corporate Ninja in my adopted city…Tokyo.  My journey in studying the language & my first trip to Japan in January have both fuelled my determination to spend a few years out in the Land of the Rising Sun however London will always be home.