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Vivi in Stile With Peroni | Burger & Lobster Review

posted by on 22/06/2012

A month or so ago, I downloaded the Vivi in Stile Peroni app which is basically your personal tour guide through the city; providing insight and recommendations from the finest tastemakers and style aficionados in the UK and Italy. With a plethora of bars, restaurants, boutiques, independent stroes and design spots you’ll be guaranteed to find something to do. After all, if you’re bored of London then you’re bored of life. I suggest you download the app  and hop on after the cut to see where the app directed me. No surprises, it was a food spot. Fat times.

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Peroni | Vivi in Stile – iPhone App

The app splits into three different sections:

Collezione: create and own your own Spring/Summer 12 Collection from seasonal items selected especially for you by some of the UK’s and Italy’s most influencial fashion and style aficionados.

Stile: be inspired by Italian style and draw inspiration from our style contributors across food and drink, fashion and design.

Esplorare: discover your city’s stylish side with over 450 locations and events recommended by local connoisseurs and influential trendsetters. Find the most stylish bars, restaurants, and clubs, and uncover the most under the radar design and fashion.

I think it was towards the end of May when my other half and I decided to venture out and make use of the Vivi in Stile app to find a new spot to eat at. We’ve been to a plethora of places in the past two years – you name it, we’ve been there. So it was interesting to see what the app suggested – one name  had me salivating – Burger & Lobster. Located in the backstreets of Mayfair and you don’t need no reservations for the classy little spot. Perfect.

As soon as we arrived, we were directed towards the bar as there was a short wait for a table. Perfect time to get a virgin mojito in. I’ll let Tin do the talking on it.

Atmosphere & Decor:

Quite an intimate restaurant but still enough space to move unlike Big Easy. Atmosphere was fairly lively too and as always it was rammed – which shows you that they are a restaurant in demand. Decor is classy – wooden tables and chairs, wooden panelling on some walls and others are left exposed. I guess it’s a mix between a diner-esque layout and restaurant.

Virgin Mojito

Tin: Pretty bog-standard, I’m sure I’ve tasted better? It was quite bitter, as in the lime-sugar ratio just wasn’t balanced. Now, I’m no cocktail-making bar lady, but all I’m saying is that it could have done with another heaped teaspoon of brown sugar. I’ve got a real thing for sweetness.

Me: She’s picky, tasted fine to me. Nothing special though.

Main course: Lobster

Naturally we both opted for the lobster over the burger and lobster roll. Why? Mainly because you can get burgers EVERYWHERE, lobsters are quite a rarity!

Tin:I chose the butter & garlic dressing for my lobster, because melted butter on it’s own is a bit too plain – suits things like steamed garden veg I’ll say. I can’t put into words how wonderfully juicy the lobster on my platter was. So far I’ve been blessed to eat lobster 3 times now, (in fact, all 3 occasions have been with the other half) and I can honestly say it one was undoubtedly the best yet! Yep, this luxurious crustacean definitely comes in second place after prawns on my seafood loving list. Oh my goodness, prawns fried in garlic butter is my weakness! But then there’s also calamari…digressing. This mouthwatering lobster with the dressing was nothing short of tasty – my favourite part was cracking into the claw! The meat is ace.

Side salad with cheese: Haven’t has this kind of salad in years, I’m still fond of it but I could never eat it alone as a main because it gets a bit meh after a while. Thank goodness it was just a side.

Me: I opted for the plain butter dressing, only God knows why as the garlic would have added a nice little extra flavour to the meal. Nonetheless, no complaints from me as the rest of the meal was exquisite. I always start off with the salad which I wasn’t half expecting – mixed with feta cheese and green goodness. I guess half of me was trying to redeem myself in preparation for all the chips and butter dressing that I was going to consume. Eating lobster is a challenge but also gives you a sense of achievement once you actually manage to break through all the claws just to get your hands on that extra 5mm of meat. So good. Writing this review is making me hungry…

Dessert? What dessert? After this kind of meal, I don’t think anyone will have space in their stomach for it.


Really informal. I think we were both quite surprised by the waitress’s informal nature – no menu, just came up to you for a casual chat and asked if we’d like a lobster or burger. As simple as that. Though later on, I did feel the informality of it all was a bit much as she kept coming back up to ask how the food was and overly persuasive nature when trying to get us to stay for dessert.

Final thoughts:

I can see why this place is so popular, nice decor, intimate atmosphere and of course they only offer a handful of items which means the service is pretty efficient. The food is something else, best lobster I’ve had in the city. Definitely go check it out.

29 Clarges Street  London W1J 7EF

Burger and Lobster – Website

Burger & Lobster on Urbanspoon