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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Video Jukebox Episode 7

posted by on 09/04/2012

Happy Easter Y&Y readers!! Hope you’re all enjoying the last day of your long weekend of over-indulging in chocolate eggs and roasted lamb with your loved ones. Now, before you start guiltily googling “Dukkan Diet” after consuming the equivalent of Beth Ditto’s weight in Thorntons, check out my scoop on this months best music videos. Yes that’s correct, I’ve had to make Video Jukebox a monthly offering as working, attempting to go to the gym, learning to DJ, obsessing over 30 Rock and partying to Hip Hop is taking over my life and trawling the interwebs for the very best visuals is quite time consuming dontchaknow! Anyway, peep the jump for this months pick of videos including Danny Brown, De La Soul, Norah Jones, Odd Future, Kris Kasanova, Willis Earl Beal, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, Nemo Achida and xxxy. I’m sure there’s quite a few in there that you haven’t seen yet, and certainly won’t catch on MTV!

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Danny Brown – Radio Song

Prepare yourself. As a Danny Brown fan, my ears are immune to the high-pitched voice belonging to the Detroit rapper, which some of you might find erroneously annoying. But come on Hip Hop fans, open your eyes and ears and enter the world of “Anti Clean Rap” spearheaded by Fools Gold signee, Mr Danny Brown. The video for the anti-mainstream-anthem features Brown in an interesting range of t-shirts preaching at the camera about his dismay for label-politics and radio station’s dull choice of rotations.

Stream Danny Brown’s XXX project on Fools Gold Recs here

Danny Brown – Twitter | Facebook

De La  Soul – Must B The Music

De La Soul’s Plug 1 (Dave) and Plug 2 (Pos) have transformed into alter egos, Deen Witter and Jacob ‘Pop Life’ Barrow for the release of their new album (which dropped last week), titled First Serve‘. The music video for ‘Must B The Music‘ is a lil’ introduction to their new music project, which although being short of one member,  manages to retain the classic hip-hop vibes and lyrical talent from De La that we all love. Unfortunately the production tries so hard to be portrayed as eclectic, classic and futuristic by ticking all boxes…that it got lost on the way there! You can check out the animated music video for “Must B The Music” and download their new project, “First Serve” below.

‘First Serve’ is out now on iTunes, with a special deluxe edition for European fans only, with an amazing 23 tracks!

De La Soul – Twitter | Tumblr | Website

Norah Jones – Happy Pills

The beautiful Norah Jones is back with a new look, a new sound and a new music video for her track, Happy Pills. Depicting the tale of fraught love affairs in a 1950′s, rather bleak setting the video shows Norah trying to escape her situation and failing miserably. That is, until the end of the video. The single, “Happy Pills” is taken from her forthcoming, Danger Mouse-produced project, “Little Broken Hearts” released on May 1st.

Norah Jones – Twitter | Website | Facebook

Odd Future – Oldie

Oldie” is more of a mini-movie than a music video. Filmed during a Terry Richardson photoshoot, and featuring verses from the main representatives of the crew (including Frank Ocean!!!!!!) this is the perfect insight into OF if you’re a little lost on where to start with the collective. Or if you simply have no intention of downloading OF Tape Vol 2 – but have a strange, unexplainable burning desire to dip your big toe into the toxic green river that is Odd Future. I digress.

Oldie” is the last track on Odd Future’s latest collaborative project, OF Tape Vol 2 which is out now on iTunes!

Odd Future – Tumblr 

Kris Kasanova ft. Marcus Harmon – Sleep When I’m Dead

Brooklyn MC, Kris Kasanova dropped the powerful, High 5 Collective-directed visuals for his latest track, “Sleep When I’m Dead”. Featured as the last track on Kris Kasanova’s free project, War Paint “Sleep When I’m Dead”  tells the story of the hurdles that we face and madness that we encounter on this journey to greatness. Marcus Harmon‘s vocals are like the double cream to your spicy curry, giving us a smooth, soft quality to the otherwise emotional track.

You can download “War Paint” for free here.

Kris Kasanova – Twitter | Website | Facebook

Willis Earl Beal – Monotony

Admittedly, this is not the most exciting of music videos. But Chicago street musician and XL Recordings signee, Willis Earl Beal is not one to be burdened by others expectations, and certainly isn’t one to conform, or try to impress. Willis‘ story isn’t one of Theatre schools, a musician Father and friends that happened to be handy with a video camera – his story involves homelessness, a Nepenenoyka found at a flea market, an almost life-threatening stomach infection and a brief stint in the Army due to an obsession with Batman and crime-fighting. As with all the best musicians, Willis Earl Beal just wants to sing. And as with all the best music bloggers, I just wanted to share this video with you – as an introduction to the wonderful world of Willis.

Click here to purchase tickets for Willis Earl Beal’s London show on 16th May and you can also click here to purchase his new LP, Acousmatic Sorcery from iTunes

Willis Earl Beal – Facebook | Website

 Nemo Achida – Candy & Flowers

Nemo Achida released the A.Jay.D & Tyvan directed video for his track, “Candy & Flowers” this week. Taken from Nemo’s most recent project, Goodbye Brooklyn Extended the video features the Kentucky rapper and his friends hanging in the streets of New York, “Stoop Life” which is the perfect setting given the name of his EP. Produced by Sean Mangan, the melody features some nice Disney-style flutes over a neat string section laced with a quiet drum-pattern throughout. It’s like Fantasia meets Hip Hop.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – We Almost Lost Detroit

Armed with a Gil Scott-Heron sample and a collection of patriotic Detroit inhabitants, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. have shot what is almost a tourism video for Detroit. Previously known for the Ford Motor Company HQ, Chrysler and Motown Records, Detroit is famed for it’s decades of success and wealth, however unfortunately partly due to the decline of he manufacturing industry and the change in the music industry, Detroit is now known for being America’s poorest big city. Zott and Epstein who make up the band wanted the video to echo what Gil Scot-Heron had portrayed in the original track, progress. And with 3 1/2 days of shooting at 26 different locations showcasing a huge variety people at their different day jobs smiling and singing along, I think it’s fair to say mission accomplished!

The “We Almost Lost Detroit 12″ EP will be released on April 21, Record Store Day.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Website | Facebook | Twitter

xxxy – I Know This Can’t Be Love

Originally spotted on PinBoard, Manchunian producer xxxy has cut, sewn and looped Cassie’s formerly empty vocals into a modern, bass-induced pre-Summer anthem which is receiving positive feedback from all over. The video was shot by Brighton-born, David Richards and consists of over 20,000 photos for the time-lapse bit according to a Dummy mag interview. Crazy dedication there! xxxy’s forthcoming 12″ and digital release will be available on April 16th as part of the “Everything” EP.

xxxy – Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud