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Living That WILD LIFE

Believe it or not, summer has started. That means barbecues, shorts and tees, beer gardens, and, of course, festival season. WILD LIFE Festival was our first this year, and being the types who value experiences, we immersed ourselves within the buzzing crowds to share the action from the festival-goers perspective.

Twelfth Night @ The Cockpit Theatre

posted by on 22/03/2012

Set amidst the 1920s colonial backdrop of Morocco, lies a tale of love, folly and mistaken identity. Viola finds herself washed up on foreign shores as well as mourning the death of her brother Sebastian who she believes has died at sea. More after the break

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Having to assimilate to a new climate, she disguises herself as a male and adopts the name Cesario. However, this is only the very beginning of a series of hilarious events as it acts as the very beginning of this very amusing domino effect. There was literally a laugh a minute with this performance of Twelfth Night which was definitely due to the strong performances given by the cast. Each cast member brought vitality to their characters as well as bouncing well off of each other. The clearly defined relationships as well as the comical timing made for a compelling watch. I was well and truly engrossed into their world, as if a passenger on a rollercoaster sampling the many twists and turns of this great show. If you want a night filled with song, laughter and belly dance, I would advice you to go and watch this original take on a classic! All in all, I give Twelfth Night a 5/5.


Twelfth Night
an adaptation by Swivel Theatre Company

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