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Please Take One Step* | Book Review

posted by on 09/02/2012

A few weeks back, Yang and I attended a social media philanthropy event hosted by the Rainmaker Foundation at the Hub and one of the things handed out in the goody bag was this book written by the founder, Mike Dickson. I’ve got a reading list of over 5 books at the moment so there was no possible way I’d be reading it anytime soon so I decided to give it to my rather grown up 14 year old cousin to read. His sentence structure and vocabulary are far superior to mine already which is slightly embarrassing for me to admit but praise needs to be given where its due. Without further a do, hop on after the cut to read the review from my talented little cousin.

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In the book, ‘Take one; one step towards a more generous life‘, the author (Mike Dickson) tells the reader about how the world’s in a mess or a crisis – environmentally, economically and socially. The book mainly focuses on the economic and social issues in our modern society.

Everyone, especially commuters, travel every day to work frantically worrying about their own problems but do not think about looking around them to see poor people with problems much more severe than their own. We get caught up in our own self obsessed world that we are not able to distinguish the difference from a difficult time from a difficult life. How can we not see the significance of such a big difference? Ignorance is the answer. We do not know enough to judge the difference of the quality of life experienced by one person and compare it to another.

Mike Dickson also mentions greed. Greed is one of the major problems in the world, in the past, present and will be in the future if we do not solve the problem now. Generosity is the answer in the book but I believe there are many other things you can do however, generosity may be the most effective. A good quote to go with it is from Gandhi:

“The Earth provides for every man’s need, but not every man’s greed”

Do you not agree that this quote sums up the cause of the problems we have now? The book reveals some of the statistics of the debt the UK is in currently which if I’m not mistaken it around £950 billion. The statistics fluctuate all the time so it may vary.

Waste is created at an enormous rate for no reason at all. The book expands on the problems that comes from waste and how we can resolve it. Do we need everything we buy? Food is the perfect example. Industries ‘trick’ us in many ways, one is the ‘BOGOF’- buy one get one free. They make us buy things we do not need and it results in waste. Using my own knowledge, I believe that around 70% of waste is avoidable. The amount we throw away can stop people in Africa and rural India from dying of starvation. The science behind how you die from starvation is sickening. In simple words, the enzymes produced by your stomach ‘eats’ your cells. Basically, you get eaten by yourself inside out.

Mike Dickson goes on to elaborate about how having better knowledge about a charity will encourage you to help in any way possible as well as trusting the organisations to do the job you want to contribute to. Near the end of the book, climate change is mentioned which I believe is vital if you’re talking about environmental issues. If you’re thinking ‘climate change is a myth’ or ‘climate change is just a theory’, try reading the book and you’ll be surprised of what you find out. If a 14 year old is able to see the importance of the problems stated in the book, why can’t the adults who are in a better position and are of a better stature see such crucial problems in the world currently as well as being able to help solve it?

My interpretation of the book can be summarised in one sentence:

Generosity is the cure to our fragile world filled with greed, ignorance and foolishness.

This review being quite detailed reflects on the book itself on how much information it contains and how much one can interpret from it. Saying this I definitely recommend the book as it is very beneficial for anyone who reads it.

Please Take One Step* – Website | Amazon