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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]

Video Jukebox – Episode 3

posted by on 29/01/2012

Video Jukebox episode 3! This is going well, I’ve received some positive feedback on this weekly post and I’m starting to even receive requests (even though it was from Yin haha) so that makes it all worth the 3 hours it takes me to write this (alongside some pondering) This week I’ve picked quite a random bunch from pop-trash Ke$ha (I promise you it’s good), nu-rave 14th, some corny R&B from Carl Thomas, Hip Hop from ItsNate, Overdoz, Mikill Pane and the Bakery Boys, soul from the lovely Iman Omari and last but no ways least, some thought provoking poetry from Dean Atta! Hit the jump to check the visuals, and enjoy :-)!

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Ke$ha ft Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, T.I. and Andre 3000 – Sleazy (Get Sleazier remix 2.0)

Yes. That’s right, I decided to start this post with music by Miss ‘ihatesoap’ Kesha…but bare with me on this one! Featuring Wiz Khalifa, Andre 3000, T.I. and Lil Wayne the video was put together by Kesha’s eclectic bunch of friends where they ‘take sleazy to a whole new level’. Every rapper kills it on this verse (Andre exceeds…obviously), and to be honest Kesha’s vocals are quite fitting. If you’ve ever wanted to see a transgender male in a mini skirt miming over a Wiz verse, an old man ‘stuntin like a fool’ a la T.I. or a fat man with a mohican pretending to be Kesha….tune in! Props to MusicNerdery for convincing me to watch this!

14th – Take Me There

In the follow up to the 14th’s video for the acoustic version of ‘Take Me There’, we now have the official video for the pair’s forthcoming single, due to be released on 13th February (the 14th would be an overkill right?). The video, partly shot on a houseboat in London, features Tracey adorned in an orange gown singing about her dissatisfaction at her current situation. The track is quite a paradox in that the beat makes you wanna bust a bogle in a warehouse party, but the actual concept of the song is quite sad. 90′s House & Garage and Dance music is one of my most relished genres of music, and I would like to speak for every 80′s London baby when I say thank you to Tracey Duodo (vocals) and Tom Barber (production) for not only resurrecting, but rejuvenating this much missed sound, by adding their own touch to it!

14th Website | 14th Facebook | 14th SoundCloud | 14th Twitter

ItsNate – Call me a Cab

London rapper ItsNate released the visuals this week for ‘Call Me A Cab’, the first track taken from his forthcoming ep, Suede Jones, Smooth Material released mid-February. A combination of London fun, pretty girls, Budgie’s production with elements of groove & funk and relatable verses from the mellow rapper, ItsNate make this video real nice. Visuals were put together by @johnniefraud @joey2bunn and @phdldn.

ItsNate Twitter | ItsNate Tumblr

Overdoz – Growin Pains

Overdoz drop visuals for the track, “Growin Pains” shot in Inglewood, L.A. I’ve become so obsessed with music out of Cali…that I’ve planned to go an visit this year. Hopefully I won’t run into any short men in cowboy boots and YMCA Lakers jerseys whilst I’m there! Nice track for a Sunday chill sesh! I love me some Overdoz!
Overdoz Twitter | Overdoz Tumblr 

Bakery Boys – Up & Down Girl feat The Thirst

London based, Hip Hop trio Bakery Boys lay out their romantic woes in their latest track featuring some beautiful vocals from Mensah of The Thirst.  The video (directed by Courtney Edwards and edited by Shane Davey) is set in what looks like an abandoned school building and cuts between each rapper and their respective girlfriends having a bit of an emotional crisis – the editing and colour is real nice and Mensah’s vocals alongside the boys’ storyteller lyrics add a nice touch. The relationship theme is perfectly timed as we come up to Valentines day…but I also think this would suit perfectly as a summer tune! Props to Niran for the tip!!

Bakery Boys – Website | Facebook | Twitter | The Thirst

The Thirst Website | The Thirst Facebook | The Thirst Twitter

Dean Atta – I Am Nobody’s Nigger

Thought-provoking performance poet, Dean Atta hooked up with SB.TV to produce visuals for his critically acclaimed piece, ‘I Am Nobody’s Nigger’ (having appeared in both HuffPost & TheGuardian). The recent sentencing of Stephen Lawrence’s murderers brought to light that the last word beloved Stephen would’ve heard before his death was, ‘Nigger’. This inspired Dean to write this piece calling for unity and brandishing rappers and other artists who persist to use the word mindlessly as cowards and irresponsible. Scorcher, Clement Marfo, Random Impulse, Mic Righteous, Roxxxan and Jamal Edwards from SB.TV join to show support for Dean’s message which I think is a welcome wake-up call! I wouldn’t stop listening to music because it contained the word, but this video has made me want to remove this word from my vocabulary. I feel it’s hard to completely understand the reasoning for the use of the word throughout Hip Hop’s history in the States – a recent trip to New York taught me that, although I have black heritage just like many of my friends living there – our history is very different and so I wouldn’t cast judgement on their use of the word. But in Britain…I don’t think we have any reason for it, in fact I wish Dean had called out Tinie Tempah for his use of the word, as opposed to Jay-Z/Kanye. But regardless this is a well-shot video, with a thought-provoking message which I think you should watch, absorb and share :-)

Dean Atta Website | Dean Atta Youtube | Dean Atta Twitter | Dean Atta Facebook 

(click here to purchase ‘I Am Nobody’s Nigger’ on iTunes – all proceeds will be donated to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.)

Carl Thomas ft Snoop Dogg – Don’t Kiss Me

Seems like everyone is gearing up to get their Valentine releases out just in time (yuck!). To say this video is old-school, is an understatement – but it’s nice to hear new material from Carl Thomas! And it’s absolutely hilarious to see Snoop getting his soul-man-finger-click-n-shoulder-shuffle on. ‘Don’t Kiss Me’ is taken from Carl Thomas’ album titled, ‘Conquer’ which came out in December of last year.

Carl Thomas website | Carl Thomas Facebook | Carl Thomas Twitter Conquer album purchase

Mikill Pane @ Dope Chef – Fresh Off The Boat

London lyricist, Mikill Pane marks his longtime collaboration with clothing brand, Dope Chef in this freestyle video shot in their boat store! Rapping over Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin, Mikill Pane does the beat justice with a tongue-twisting narration of his love life antics! Mister Pane’s album titled, Blame Miss Barclay is due for a 2012 release so keep your ears/eyes peeled!

Mikill Pane Website | Mikill Pane Facebook | Mikill Pane Twitter | Mikill Pane SoundCloud

Iman Omari – Worth It

I wrote about Iman Omari and his Energy ep a little while back which I still highly recommend you download! Not much happens in the way of action in this video I must admit…but it features the beautiful Iman passing a joint back and forth with his girl and the tune makes the watch well ‘worth it’ ;-)

Iman Omari Website | Iman Omari Twitter