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Nike – Make It Count Campaign

posted by on 17/01/2012

So the campaign launched around 2 weeks ago but I held back from posting it till now to see how well the public will receive. With the London 2012 Olympics starting in less than 200 days, what could a super brand that isn’t an official sponsor do to thwart people into thinking that it is one? Create a campaign using key GB sports influencers with a simple call-to-action that urges the public to join in. That’s exactly what Nike has done. I salute you, Wieden + Kennedy London.

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Bit of background information, Nike executives laid out the companies plans for the current fiscal year to its investors and analysts, and listed connecting more directly with consumers as one of the company’s main goals. This also included updating the God awful website that Nike had, all the flash sites are being replaced with HTML5 – hallelujah. Nike’s CEO commented on the company’s progress late last year -

“Social media is helping us unite and expand,” he says. “We have never been closer to our consumers, as they connect more with each other, their heroes and their favorite teams.”Mark Parker, President/CEO

Nike has launched this new campaign that urges we all step up our game in 2012 and ‘Make it Count’. This multi-media channel campaign features a number of the UK’s top athletes making personal pledges, this includes the likes of Mo Farah, Jack Wilshere, Rio Ferdinand, Mark Cavendish and more. Dope quotes was inspired by the constant bombardment of inspirational and uplifting quotes on Twitter. I don’t know how it all started but for me, reading one quote that I can relate to will suddenly inspire me to work harder and help me refocus on my purpose. Especially since the internet is full of distractions, it’s nice to come across a quote that will remind you of what you have to do. Instead of sitting there waiting for your Twitter feed to refresh.

Until the launch of this campaign, @Nike never had an official Twitter account. It has several separate accounts for each of its division but now for the first time, the company has a single voice tweeting on behalf of the entire brand. It seems like they’ve tied down a deal with social network to customise their page with a giant banner (see image above). The first tweet from the account is a quote from the founder:

If You Have A Body, You Are An Athlete. -Bill Bowerman

Peep a few of the print posters below, you may have seen them across billboards, underground stations, magazines, newspapers and on storefronts around the city.

As you can see at the bottom of the posters, they encourage everyone else to join in with a simple call to action and make a pledge via the b #makeitcount. Adam Hinton’s photography mixed with the bold Futura and handwritten typography works so well together. I love the personal touch, it’s nice to see the individual’s handwriting. It’s such a simple idea and launching it in January is the best possible time. I just find it incredible how they’ve managed to get the Olympics thought across without actually mentioning it. I’m sure it’s the first thought that came into your minds when you glanced at the posters too?

The videos are just like the posters, simple editing with an inspirational message from the athletes. It’s not quite as engaging as the posters for me, a little bland if I do say so myself. View them all here.

The website for the campaign is so simple but effective as it simply urges viewers to tweet. Nothing more, nothing less.

But the campaign doesn’t end there. Come on now, we’re talking about Nike. It’s definitely a social-focused campaign but what’s the next step? Instagram. The company also launched it’s very own profile on the rapidly growing mobile social network. With the help of my favourite photographer and Instagram legend, 13th Witness – the brand launched the campaign on the network with a series of photographs using the hashtag. So far there have been over 1500 photographs tagged with the #makeitcount tag, not much but it’s still pretty decent for IG. I’m scouring the internet in search of tweet stats but none available for free at the moment. Lame. Hashtracking came up with the following for the past 24 hours:

1,500 tweets generated 959,921 impressions, reaching an audience of 628,636 followers within the past 24 hours

Now Nike doesn’t stop there. They’ve taken it one step further, a physical interactive installation in each of Nike’s big stores. If you go into Niketown on Oxford Street, you can create your own pledge photograph. I’ve been in and seen a mini-studio constructed on the ground floor where you’ll be able to create a pledge like the one above (Found on Tumblr!). I might just do one, not sure what my pledge would be. ‘Blog more, tweet less’

Lastly if you’re interested in seeing more of the photography from the campaign, you’ll be able to do so from Wednesday at Nike’s 1948 store in Shoreditch. There will be an exhibition of Adam Hinton’s portrait photography like the ones below. Right I’m off to bed, jog in the morning whilst preparing for my presentation. How will you make it count?