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The People of Myanmar

A great deal of beauty exists on our planet, often it can be found within communities and within the individuals that they’re made up of. Amongst all the talk surrounding a series of recent tragedies and the media spectacle that ensued, one wonderful quote regularly reappeared, β€œI am always comforted by realising that there are […]

Oyster Shucking @ Patara London

posted by on 27/10/2011

I went to an Oyster shucking event at Patara, a thai restaurant on Greek Street, Soho. I had never tasted or even held and oyster before I attended this event and I to be honest, I wasn’t exactly dying to try them either. But I’m glad i did, now I know I don’t like them in their pure state but when deep fried…I’ll order a dozen. I also learnt how to effectively kill oysters and arrange them neatly to be devoured. Photos after the break

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15 Greek Street

The night kicked off with a demonstration of how to successfully open oysters without destroying them by cracking its shell or ruining the contents. It looked really easy watching from afar and when they mentioned there would be a competition where the first one to shuck and arrange half a dozen oysters wins, I was pretty sure i had this one in the bag… I was wrong.

Shucking is the term used for opening oysters, it proved to be very difficult to do to perfection as you’re supposed to apply a certain amount of pressure on it’s hinge to free the top part of the shell and not break it… suddenly I wasn’t so cocky. Though I managed to open all of my oysters in record breaking time *cough*, the presentation was not of the required standard, therefore I lost! Here are some photos of the finished product.

After the fun and games, we sat down for some amazing thai food. Having dined at Benja before (which is managed by the same people), I trusted the food would be great and great it was. The highlight of the evening, deep fried oysters. While I wasn’t convinced by the oysters in their raw form, I was immediately taken by the deep fried ones- they came with a chili dip which complemented very well. Also had some Tom Yum Goong soup for the first time, which I loved.

For mains I opted for the tiger prawn dish and Chris went for the chicken. Both meals were simply amazing, they came complete with rice and some steamed veg. As usual with thai food, the dishes were very rich- full of flavour and a pleasant texture. We went IN on our plates, the succulent chicken didn’t stand a chance as it disappeared within minutes. More photos below.