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MADD – Mango Desserts, Puddings & Snacks Restaurant Review

posted by on 03/10/2011

You know how I raved on about Joe & The Juice being mine and my other half’s favourite chill out spot, well I think we’ve just discovered our new one. I was first tipped off about MADD by one of my friends and me being a Keralite, certainly loved the idea of a Mango-based dessert place. From the exterior MADD may look like your regular funky Soho joint but it’s more than just a pop-in/pop-out joint. I don’t exactly know how to describe the experience, they call it the dessert lounge. It most definitely has a relaxed vibe to it, perfect for dates, meetings and to just chill. More on the reverse.

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MADD – Website | Facebook | Twitter


Right in the centre of Soho on Rupert Street. A great choice of location, I can imagine them getting a good amount of business from all the agencies situated in the area. They need to open up one near my work! Address and opening times at the bottom of this post.

I lust over mangoes. You don’t know about my passion for big juicy exotic mangoes – no dirty thoughts please. They are my favourite fruit, I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of them. We came here after a not-so-great meal at Kua-Aina, a Hawaiian burger place off Carnaby Street. Like always, I’ve asked my beautiful girlfriend/assistant to help me out.

The Atmosphere, Design & Marketing

The entire lounge has a really chilled yet playful vibe to it. It’s ideal for chillaxing with friends. A few local businesses have even made it their go-to choice for team meetings/bonding sessions. I absolutely love the fact that there are old school games to play at each table: Connect4, Jenga, UNO, Monopoly, Scrabble & more – a valuable way to remind people how to socialise the more traditional, enjoyable way whilst stuffing their faces. With MADD being in the diverse heart of Soho, the decor is funky, bright/bold, and being a joint that serves everything mango-infused, you’ll suddenly get that summery feeling. Happy days. They’ve recently just had an internal face-lift, and from what we’ve heard… the newly incorporated themes are far from boring. Can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the place. (words by Tin)

MADD’s website. Click the image to check it out.

As a graphic designer, I truly respect their design aesthetic. The branding is one of the first things I notice about anything – the typography and consistency across all platforms is key. MADD have got it all right, the quirkyness transfers across all their platforms: a fully functional website, facebook page with an app and a twitter. For guys who never used the latter till a few months ago, they’re doing pretty damn well. Like my girlfriend mentioned about the interior design being bright and bold, their digital channels all reflect this. I love the little Mango related facts they’ve put together:

In several cultures, its fruit and leaves are ritually used as floral decorations at weddings, public celebrations and religious ceremonies.

Buddhist monks are believed to have introduced the mango to Malaysia and eastern Asia – They know a thing or two those monks!

The mango is often referred to as the king of fruit. This is because of its taste, color and beauty – and we agree!

I think in future, we’ll also look at the way restaurants and other eateries’ marketing and design aesthetic (both interior and branding). Right going to let Tin write about the food…


All hail Mango MADDness: “The amazing selection of panna cotta, mixed fruits, mango pudding, diced fresh mango & delicious sticky rice. Total MADDness perfect for sharing”. Allow me tell you how all of the above just absolutely hit the mango addiction spot  nicely.

Siam: “All time Thai favourite mangoes & coconut sticky rice. MADDness!” – a classic Asian -continental treat that can finally be enjoyed by all. The sweetest yellow mangoes that come on the side really compliment the siam, which is usually served alone where I’m from. They have plans to create a new siam range with a mixture of selected flavoursome twists in the near future.

Mango Ice-cream: this inevitably was my personal favourite! It’s not easy to find a great tasting scoop of exotic mango ice-cream and I would’ve happily rinsed a whole tub of this if they’d let me. Way too yummy.

Panna Cotta: “Luscious panna cotta swimming in a sea of fresh mangoes, berries, kiwi & passion fruit sauce! Mamma Mia!” – creamy, tastes delightful with all the fresh fruit trimmings.

Mango Pudding: “MADD’s awesome mango pudding & fresh mangoes, dressed with a mango raspberry coulis combo” – glad to know that they’ve pulled off a new and improved version. The delicious mango richness has intensified in this one.


MADD Smoothie: “Refreshing blend of fresh mango, coconut cream & yogurt, sweetened up with touch of honey” – there was a definite after-taste of honey in this uniquely blended smoothie, MADD aims to make the ingredients easy to recognise for dessert-savvy lovers. How thoughtful!

Mango & Passion Fruit Smoothie: I prefer more fruit pulp in my smoothies but that pretty much defeats the point of a SMOOTHie. By the time I had a sip or two of this, I think I was just so mangoed-out.

The fantabulous mango is undoubtedly the best superfruit ever. Such an excitingly original concept. Who knew you could do so much with this conveniently versatile fruit? We ate so much that date night, it was insane. Utter yellow MADDness. Their entire one-of-a-kind dessert menu is nothing short of impressive, and then some.


On point. Informative and suggestive about the food they have to offer. As we’ve been tweeting Jon and Ralph for a while, they came out to greet us and tell us more about the MADD story. I expected them to be two 40 year olds for some reason but to my surprise, they’re both only 23. My age! :-| <- that was my reaction too. Although I’d never start a dessert joint, talking with them inspired me a great deal. The fact that they’re so young and already have the courage to start such a business, turning any vision into a successful venture is incredible. I want to do that one day, still trying to figure out what to do but it’ll come to me in due time.

In terms of service, their staff is friendly, informative and polite. What more can you ask for? They actually take time to greet as many of their customers as possible, which is nice. I don’t know many owners that do that in London anymore. Nothing beats a good conversation over some great food.


If you’re a Mango lover then MADD is your equivalent to heaven on earth. For someone with a strong opinion on everything, I actually have zero complaints whatsoever about this restaurant. Head down this week as they’ve teamed up with Europe’s prestigious Raindance Film festival as its official café. Click here for more info on that.

53 Rupert Street

Mon – Thur – 11am to 10pm, Fri – Sat – 11am to midnight, Sunday – 11am to 8pm

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