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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane […]


posted by on 31/10/2011

We are back once again with the next instalment of Eargasms, again apologies for the later than usual reveal but in the words of Daley “good things come to Those Who Wait” (as a bonus listen to Daley’s Those Who Wait here). We almost never produced Eargasms this week but then I thought that it would be a shame not to so I took over and selected all the songs myself. I’m not gonna lie, i’m not in love with every track but they are all tracks that will be lodged into my iTunes library. Head on after the cut for some musical goodness. 5 tracks to start your week off the right way.

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Christmas Eve

Let me start off by saying that this song was written by Chris Brown. I bet now that I have told you that, you’ll be able to imagine Browns vocals all up on this track. It’s obvious that JB has simply gone into the booth and laid down vocals to resemble Brown (probably taking lead from the demo Chris recorded). That being said this song is actually pretty good. It’s refreshing to hear a Christmas song that has more than the novelty appeal, a song that could be played all year round without feeling outta place. To often people throw sleigh bells over a beat to emphasize its Christmas link, this song doesn’t do that and for that reason I really like it. Plus JB’s vocals sound more matured which is a bonus.

Justin’s new Christmas album Under The Mistletoe hits stores today (31/10/2011)

Selected by DJB



Let’s Roll

Kid Rock is the reason I like this song. He vocals on the chorus are just so good. I’m not saying that he is sanging on the track like he’s at church or anything but his tone for this particular hook matches really well with beat and the whole vibe of the song. Yelawolf is not too bad but for me he plays second fiddle to Rock on this one. This is the latest single taken from the often-delayed debut album from Yelawolf (which is now slated for a November 21st release)

Selected by DJB


DAY 26

Made Love Lately

Many would have thought that Day 26 had sung there last song but this newly leaked song proves otherwise. Now performing as a quartet, the group are no longer guided by Diddy and his Badboy Record label and instead call Atlantic Records their home.  The song is cool, as expected the lyrical content is all about making love to a certain female but this song doesn’t offend so its all good. It’s good to hear the boys back on top form because behind all the drama that seems to surround Diddy and his manufactured groups (this includes Danity Kane) the groups actually work well together and have huge talent.

You’ll be able to see more of Day 26 when they reintroduce themselves by way of a new reality show call Day 26 Presents: A New Day

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Hustler Girl

The last time I saw or heard something from Lil Mama she was crying during an interview with The Breakfast Club on Power 105. A certain member of the Breakfast Club (Charlamagne) basically told Mama to shut up talking about how good she is and get in the studio a prove to the world just how good she is. Well it seems she has taken his advice because this new song ‘Hustler Girl’ was leaked earlier this week.

The song has a nice beat and the hook is pretty catchy however the song is in no way shape or form a track that is mind blowing. Mama delivers on the track with a decent flow reminding her haters that she actually has some kind of talent to go with her humongous mouth and over confidence.

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Mr. Wrong

Simple mid-tempo track that honestly could have been taken from her last couple of albums, it just doesn’t sound that new to me. The song isn’t anything new or refreshing but as usual Mary sounds great, as does Drake. This song is neither crap nor great, it is what it is.

UPDATE: Having listened to the track a couple more times I feel like I need to write something positive about it. It’s actually grown on me in a short space of time and now I really like it. Rico Love is the man who penned this tune so it’s no wonder why I now like it because he seems to be writing nearly every track that I have or still do love in the last year or so (Think Usher‘s ‘There Goes My Baby‘ + many more)

Selected by DJB