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To Kill A King Interview & 'Family' Video Exclusive

posted by on 30/09/2011

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Ralph Pelleymounter who is 1/5 of new folk/rock band To Kill A King. As well as reading the below interview Yin & Yang has an exclusive first showing of the 3rd video to be taken from the bands ‘My Crooked Saint’ EP, ‘ Family’. The video follows on from the previous two singles ‘Bloody Shirt’ and ‘We Used To Protest/Gamble’ which you can also see here. The videos are a must watch from 1st to 3rd as they make up for a mini series which is to be concluded with the fourth video for ‘Wrecking Crew’ coming soon.

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Brady: How did the 5 of you get together?

Ralph: Three of us met at university in Leeds, that’s myself, Josh and Ian and then after the band we previously were in fell apart we got in two other players. One was a friend that Ian knew from back home, and the other was a guy from York Ian knew but not so well at the time called Ben. At the time he was actually was working in a big studio, so he managed to get us into the bigger studios where we recorded, so I think he had it in his mind from then on that he wanted to produce us and in actual fact that’s what he’s doing now as well as being in the band.

Brady: Your E.P. ‘My Crooked’ Saint’ is out on the 17th of October. Is there more a sense of excitement or nerves, or a mixture of both?

Ralph: I think a mixture of nerves and excitement would sum it up. We haven’t been gigging much this summer as we’ve been stuck away recording the E.P and the album and you forget that you have to play to so many people and I think that’s where the nerves comes in, but we’re pretty confident that it’s a good bit of work and hopefully it will get a good response.

Brady: Tell us about the story in your new video for Family?

Ralph: Well this one is my favourites because by this point you’ve already got the first two videos. The first one was the hardest as we had to set up all the characters, as well as the plot, whereas this was the climax. The fourth video will basically be a recap and go back to the beginning to end. Putting it all together. Filming was really interesting as it was all done in one take, so we had to keep rehearsing it over and over until we got it. We filmed it in Bradford and we got the locals in to be extras. We got them in by bribing them with beer, but we had people coming in and drinking and then leaving, so we had to keep feeding people beers. Also this is the only video you can see me in the background, just playing a game of chess.

Brady: You’ve created a series through your videos including your latest offering ‘Family’, what made you go with this approach?

Ralph: It’s because the songs all have strong narratives and we wanted to bring that out in the videos. We thought as it’s our first E.P rather than spending a lot of money on making a big pop video with lots of people dancing etc. let’s create a series in which we could tell a story as I think its hard to in just 3 minutes.

Brady: You recently played at Hoxton Bar & Grill (Thursday 22nd September) what kind of reaction did you receive?

Ralph: The crowd were great and it was a sell out which was fantastic! We debuted all 4 videos before the performance and they went down really well. It feels like a good time to be in this band and gradually the gigs are getting bigger and bigger. You can spend years and years playing the same gigs to not so many people, and I think the last 3 or 4 gigs have all been sell outs in London, so it’s been good.

Brady: You’ll be going on tour and this is starting in October, with Wakey Wakey. I take it your looking forward to it?

Ralph: Yeah that’s right! It’s going to be really good and this is the first time for us to tour the UK, we’ve played a few gigs here and there, but this will be a proper tour. It will mark the end of 2 or 3 months of just being in the studio, now we can actually take these songs and play them to people.

Brady: What inspires you to write your own music?

Ralph: Well I’ve always been very interested in folk music and storytelling, so we try and take the storytelling aspect. It’s also the people I meet and things that have happened to me. I find it quite therapeutic when writing about things that have happened to me as I get it all out, and then it’s gone.

Brady: What sets TKAK apart from others in the genre?

Ralph: The big dynamics play a big part as we go very, very small and then really, really big, it’s a lot rockier than a lot of the new folk that’s going on and it’s louder. Also, we hope people can see the quality of songwriting we have, not that other’s don’t.

The bands EP ‘ My Crooked Saint’ is out on the 17th of October and you can purchase it here.

Check out the first two videos, ‘Bloody Shirt and ‘We Used To Protest/Gamble’ from the EP below.